Hey girlies,

Today I am feeling refreshed as my blog has been completely renovated! Every page has been modified, new pages have been added, every post has been deleted, and every comment has been erased. Except on WAL and OCDO, for obvious reasons. Fall is approaching quickly, and changes are in store for me and my blog. I’m not going to spill just yet, though. You guys will just have to wait and see!

Today the OCDO girlies and I, went shopping at The Westchester! After pouring over Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Cosmo Girl for Fall 2011 trends, we drove to the mall with a stop at Dr.Juice, ahv-course.

What I bought:

Shopping With the OCDO Girlies

You like?

To see what everyone else got, take a look at the OCDO blog tomorrow.

Tonight the crushes will be joining the Pretty Committee and I at my pool for an evening swim! The theme? Beautifully Beachy.

Swimming with the Crushes

Then the Pretty Committee is spending the night, as always. We are cleaning out Claire’s in hopes of finding her an AW (appropriate wardrobe) for High School. Wish us luck! Were going to need it!

Onto Writing A Legend!

Sorry I am late in posting the winner, but my blog was down for the makeover!

Now, before I announce let me get something clear. The winners of the challenges have a very small effect of who actually wins WAL. In the end, I will be judging all of your works combined instead instead of picking the person who won the most challenges. A girl might have been the most consistently good writer throughout the competition where other girls will start strong and fizzle out. Keep this in mind as I am picking winners of each of the challenges and as the end of the competition draws to a close.

The winners:


Diamonds & Candy/Christina’s entry:

Under the influence. Never. While other girls were out partying on their Saturday nights, I alone stayed home in a quiet study with stacks of textbooks threatening to rain down on me with pressure. What compels me to do this to myself? The SATs are two years away and I think I’ve bought every book that covers it in Barnes & Noble. Back to that question, what is that one golden item shimmering before me like a donut before a woman who has been on the treadmill for hours? Success. Just that one word makes me forget everything I never got to do. I never got to hang out with the cool girls and was always classified as “the smart Asian”. The girl that could do your homework, famous for her brain not for her looks. And that brings me onto my looks which really isn’t all that bad. (If I do say so myself) Thick coffee-beans colored hair covers my brain and was recently chopped to an angled bob. Chocolate eyes that are sadly constantly made fun of because of their size are widespread and both point to the family nose. A bit wide, but not too bad. My favorite part of my face are my lips which were born a natural looking plump. Not Angelina Jolie sexy, or thin lipped or (Thank goodness) plastic-surgery-gone-bad-sausage-lips. But in terms of looks, I’m no Alicia Rivera but I’m normal. Just normal. Peachy. Just peachy. Now that we’re wrapping up with the “looks”, I guess we should go beyond the skin deep thing I call beauty.
Although I haven’t been through that rough of a past my parents have. My father was a college professor (Physics) and my mother was a vice president in the local medical school. They lived in a nice, spacious home with plenty of friends and family around them. But that didn’t last… When my older sister was only in third grade, my father (Daddy!) risked it all to go to America. They embraced a world of nothing. Their spacious home was suddenly a small apartment in a bad district. My dad worked too many hours a day and my mom, well, my mom was having troubles of her own. She was pregnant. With moi. I came into this vast unknown world on a day when a blizzard was in full swing. We could barely afford food and they were scratching off corners for me. And who knows when, but dad’s business started picking up. He traded the Toyota for a Mercedes, the apartment for a small mansion, and a small baby for a young adult. We’re on the touching subject of family, but what about my friends?
So I’m in a clique. But the thing is, there’s no Alpha or Beta and all that jazz. We’re all equal and there’s five of us. And honestly? We just “clique”. So there’s the bubbly Selena that you cannot be mad at since she’s so adorable, a definite Claire. Then there’s Neha, my best friend for life. She’s a bit of a drama queen, but when she’s in a good mood, she has to be the greatest girl you’ve ever met. I must G-chat with her 200 times a day. Then there’s the tricky Navina who has a little tiny temper. (And by tiny I mean explosive) but would do anything for you and Simran, the goody-two-shoes. We’re all of assorted heights, weight, nationalities, and backgrounds. Which is what makes us, us.

Now we’re moving onto myself. Yippee, I just love talking about myself. Can you just feel the sarcasm floating in the air? I mean, email air? My Clinqiue Rose Taffy covered lips are pursed, thinking about how I should put this. A “Strength” and “Weakness” chart is a bit tacky. So I’m doing it the old fashioned way which is writing a paragraph and somehow weaving it into the lines. Here I go. Wish me luck.

First off, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. No, I take perfection to another level. Seriously if there’s one small unnoticeable stain on the back of my shirt I have to scrub it up even if it means ruining my manicure and doing it all over. And if my French average was a mere 95, I went to Madame’s office for extra credit. Of course she shooed me away with a hearty, “What? You have an A!” But I’m also a bit lazy at times. Once I settle down and jump onto my bed, don’t expect me to do anything for you too soon. Like seriously, wait until tomorrow. And I have a temper. Don’t show it in blogging but I really need to control the “Tiny Tempah” and I’m trying to change it. If I’m in a bad mood because of someone else and you just happen to be hovering around me, I’ll take my anger out on you and what do we get? Two very angry people, so to avoid this problem, I’m going to control my temper with my favorite things like art, piano, reading and blogging.
Talking about your strengths is tricky business since you can’t sound too conceited while still telling people about how awesome you are. Hmm. Starting out with my family. They make me who I am and I’m proud of them as they are proud of me. Although my grandfather is gone, and as tacky as this sounds, he’ll always be in my heart. Dragonfly catching, shoe sitting, and many more glorious memories flood my brain. I guess I would say I’m loyal to my family. Don’t you dare touch them. :)  I always think I should live life to the fullest which is what I’m supposed to do. Rules and regulations may be in my way but I push ahead which makes me stubborn huh?(in a good way). I stand up for what I believe in so don’t try to cheat me or my friends. I’m pretty open to everything and I never act more superior to someone else because they’re not popular or if they don’t have as much money. That’s actually pretty rude, judging someone based on their clothes, looks, etc.

Do you know what I love? Fashion, food (cupcakes especially), blogging, reading, and just what normal teenagers love doing. I actually enjoy cooking with family and friends and little get-togethers. The generic answer of “Friends and family make me happy” is so boring you might as well stamp a sticker on my forehead with “CLICHE” written in gigantic blood-red letters. I love Chanel, she’s my idol and so is Audrey Hepburn and my grandfather. He may be gone physically but he remains in my heart and always will be. You know what else makes me smile? The small simplistic things in life. Like a mom in the kitchen making your favorite food or your dad working so much just for you and how your sister had to cancel her plans to go and buy you a birthday present. Making me smile is fairly easy, since we all know that I laugh at the randomest times. So if you see me starting to get a bit out of control just tell me to make a Polyvore. Since that’s actually really stress-relieving. Speaking of fashion…

My style is flirty-chic with a twist of the latest trends. And Chanel’s my favorite designer but usually on budget-friendly shopping, I love Club Monaco, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, etc. On those ooh-my-credit-card-will-be-in-pain shopping trips, I hit Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, and Vera Wang. I have a thousand Polos and a pair of cute wooden Ralph Lauren sandals so my style’s random-chic. That’s a new one.

That concludes my first challenge and I must say, as tiring as this was, it was wonderful to fill out my life story into a few simple paragraphs. Oh no, I haven’t mentioned my future! Lawyer. Len Rivera status, here I come! Okay, stop with the cheesy Clique remarks. Gosh. I’ve had my life planned out and… Oh well. That will all wait for next time. Until then…..

It was ah-mazing, right? She fulfilled all the requirements and I honestly loved the way she wrote this piece. Good job Christina!

Want to see the other entries? Want to vote on who you think should have won? Check out this page!

Alpha worthy blogs



33 thoughts on “Refreshed!

  1. Eep! Yay! OMG!!!! I will definitely continue my strong start! Eep! Love the blog makeover and the stuff you bought at the mall was gorgeous!

  2. …I would’ve commented sooner but I was spamming Anji and someone else’s Facebook wall. -.-
    Have I told you I just loooove the makeover?? (; I think I have!
    You’re outfit and clothes you bought are gorgeous. I love that black and peachy pink skirt.
    Congrats to iMassiekur and Christina and I’m glad I got 3rd xD

  3. I luh-v your new makeover so much!! Especially the background 😉 Sometimes it’s nice to just refresh your blawg. Your day with OCDO sounds ah-mazing. Beautifully beachy? Sounds so cuh-yute 🙂
    I really liked her entry!! She’s such an ah-mazing writer. Agreed, she’s no alicia rivera. But i’m sure she’s still gorgeous 😉
    Nice blog post mass!

    I heart you!

    • Thanks Alicia! Haha I thought it was very cute 🙂 Thanks! We had so much fun and I am hoping the fun continues tonight at the pool! Hahahaha! She is definitely a talented writer!

      XOXO Mass

  4. AMAZING JOB<3! wow you really put a lot of effort into your blog..i can see where all the views come from! really good job, i cant wait to read all the new pages!:)

  5. Hey Mass,
    Love the blog! Check out mine too 🙂 I just started it and I dont have any viewers yet, do you think you could make a post to all your fans ? Thankss<3

  6. Beeyond Bee-yootiful sets Mass 😀 I apologise from the bottom awf my heart. I know I joined but then I kinda got pre-occupied with outta-blawg stuff and awlso I gawt writer’s block awn the first challenge anyway (lawl :)) Defs follow through next time you have a comp! xx

    • Thanks Alicia! And that’s alright! It’s a hectic time for everyone 🙂 I will definitely be having another contest popping up in the next few days and this one will be much easier!

      XOXO Mass

  7. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Sounds like you had fun shopping, what you purchased and the outfit for the pool was beyond cute.
    I really want to participate in the W.A.L.T. contest but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get challenge two done. I am packing all day today and sorting through things tomorrow which leaves me no time to write a short story): This really saddens me and I don’t know what to do…
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

    • Thanks! I thought they were all perfect for fall 🙂 Yeah, I definitely understand! If you wanted to, you could try to write something quickly and email it to me that way if you wanted to participate later, you wouldn’t have a missing entry. Let me know what you decide And have fun on your trip!

      XOXO Mass

  8. Luhv the makeover, gurrlie! And thanks for subscribing 😉


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