Congratulations Natalie!

Hey girlies,

I am finally back from NYC! I had an ah-mazing time but I need to catch up on my beauty sleep so this post will be short and sweet. All the lengthy details will be posted sometime over the next few days on A Key to Kelsey.

Congratulations to Natalie for winning Challenge 2 of Writing A Legend!

The winners:


All the entries can be viewed on this page.

Don’t forget to send me your entries for Challenge 3 which is due on August 12th, this Friday!

Also, I will be posting the next roundΒ of polls for The WordPress Awards sometime tomorrow or Friday so if you haven’t voted on the first round, make sure you do so on my last post!



16 thoughts on “Congratulations Natalie!

  1. Cute post as usual =)
    I hav a? Can u advertize for ppl to vote 4 u in the WP awards? Or will we be disqualified or something?

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