Kiss the Summer Goodbye

Mes Cheries,

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To hear about our day yesterday, check out Alicia’s blog as well as the OCDO blog.

In exactly 5 days the Pretty Committee will be walking up OCD High’s steps and making our way to new friends, new memories, and that wonderful world they call High School.

Can you say nervous, much?

We have been prepping all summer with multiple spa trips, outfit choices, and hair styles by Jackob and I still feel unprepared. The next week of our lives will be dedicated to High School prepping… and a back to school party of course 😉

This Sunday night the OCDO girls and I will be hosting a Kiss the Summer Goodbye Party!

Here are the invitations

Do you guys like them?

After hand delivering the invitations this morning to some Freshman as well as Upperclassmen, the Pretty Committee and I will be shopping at the Westchester to find a perfect party outfit as well as some more possibilities for the first week of school. A girl’s gotta have options, you know 😉

Now, most school supplies are drab and dull so why not spice up your tote bag with some cute back to school stuff?

Ever heard of Target? This store is literally the key to every problem. Nothing they have is dull and boring, and there stuff is always affordable!

Target Folders

Target Folders

Target Binder Seperators

Target Binder Separators

Target Binders

Target Binders

Designer look-a-like school supplies look ah-dorable without costing a ton of money!

Thanks to all the girls who added me as contacts on my Real Life Polyvore as well as commenting and liking all my sets! I really appreciate it guys 🙂

Also, check out A Key to Kelsey and Becoming an Alpha because I have new posts up as well as makeovers!


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47 thoughts on “Kiss the Summer Goodbye

  1. Hey Mass!
    I’m sure we’ll do fine in High School. And the party is going to make us legends at OCD High! I cannawt wait to go shawpping with my girls(;
    Thanks for my shout outs(:
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. Hello Massie,
    I’ll be sure to check out Alicia’s post. (Lmfao.) You’ll all do great in High School, I’m sure of it. The party sounds like it’ll be fun. I can’t wait to read more about it. Cute back-to-school supplies.
    New post(:
    Eternally Forever,
    Rosalie Hale

  3. Hey Mass! Yippee, partying is right up my alley. So is party planning. 🙂 I think TPC bought the entire Westchester Mall! I’ve bought so many girlie notebooks! We’ll be fine, we have Kristen as a personal Hermione Granger.

  4. i love ths party idea ! and the invitations are gorgeous ! (:
    and i have been looking around for some binders also, i think im going to go to target (:
    love this<3

    ~ alanna :*

  5. Love the post! What are some good back to school outfits because I was going to the mall this weekend and I really want to know(:

  6. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Adorable invitation for the back to school party. Cannot wait to hear the details on how things go.
    Cute school supplies are a total motivator.
    Thank you for the shout out<333
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  7. M-
    Fantastic makeover!
    Can’t wait for the party! The invitations are fabulous.
    Target does have amazingly cute school stuff; did you know that Missoni is doing a collection for them?

  8. hope you have an amazing time as a freshman, Massie~
    I love Target for back-to-school stuff. I haven’t done my school supply shopping yet because I’m waiting until after school starts so I know what I need, but I know I’m definitely going to Target ^_~

  9. Amazing Post Love(:
    I’m starting high school too this year!
    Kind of not looking forward to the same routine over again but oh well. Totally agree with you on the Target School Supplies!

    Estella ♥

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