Friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close. –Allison Dilaurentis

Mes Cheries,

Today was one of the best and worst days of my life.

This morning I woke up two hours before Isaac was scheduled to pick up the girls to prepare myself physically and mentally for the day. I carefully applied makeup to give me a natural look by lightly applying Manga Ma Gawd pink lip gloss, Copper Mac Eye Pencil, Diorshow Unlimited Mascara, Lancôme Eye Shadow in Bikini Gold, Be Pretty Foundation, and Mac Blush in Other Wordly.

After getting ready, I got dressed in the outfit the Pretty Committee had decided worthy of a 9.8 rating.

Back to School Beautiful

Don’t you agree?

After giving Bean a kiss goodbye, I hopped in the Range Rover and picked up the girls. We stopped at Starbucks on the way to get our caffeine fix, I got a Tall Cafè Misto with a shot of Vanilla. On the way, I rated the girl’s outfits,

Alicia’s — 9.7

-& Don't You Remember

Kristen’s — 9.6

Option one

Dylan’s — 9.4

Dyla's First Day Outfit

Claire’s — 8.9

Claire's First Day Outfit

Claire’s First Day Outfit by massieblockluv 

Even Claire added some nice touches to hers with the help of Alicia and I’s closet.

As soon as we pulled up to the school, we hopped out and walked up the steps. No, not in formation and no, we were not walking to the beat of any song. High School is a place for new beginnings  and first impressions, and we are nawt going to be known as the synchronized losers.

As soon as we walked inside it was a chaotic blur, we were gripping each other’s arms just so we wouldn’t get separated. Everyone was walking and running all over the place and the worst thing was, I didn’t recognize anyone. After a few deep breaths, I put on a confident smile and lead the Pretty Committee over to the most crowded area of the commons. There was barely any room to stand but we formed a circle and talked like we weren’t about to pee our pants.

Finally the first bell rang and we split up and went to our classes. I had homeroom with Alicia and Kristen so we walked one way while Dylan and Kristen walked to their homeroom.

After four hours of classes, we finally had lunch. Before today, we snuck into OCD High and scoped out a lunch table. Off to the side, but right in the middle of a dozen lunch tables. My sources (Chris Abeley) told me that this area was the hawttest place to sit at lunch so, of course, we chose it.

As soon as the lunch bell rang, Claire ran over to our table to reserve it for us while the rest of the Pretty Committee went to our lockers to get our lunches and Claire’s. We hurried back to the table and luckily Claire was sitting there, trying to ignore the hateful stares from the overcrowded surrounding tables. We slid into place and continued lunch as we always had.

The girls talked about their classes, their teachers, cute guys, possible clubs to join, and people who went to OCD Middle School. So far we had made friends with a bunch of the upperclassmen, got invited to join a few clubs, and Alicia, of course, had been asked out on a date. No one had seen the guys, but Derrick texted me earlier to say he was enjoying his classes and he would be missing lunch to eat with some of the Junior Varsity players.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Landon, (yes, Landon) walking over toward our table. I kicked the girl’s under the table and we all leaned forward and pretended to be talking about something important.

“What are they doing here?” Alicia shreaked.

“I don’t know! Why aren’t they eating lunch at ADD?” Claire added.

“Not sure but looks like we’re going to find out.” I lifted my head up just in time to meet Landon’s eyes.

“Oh, hey Massie. I totally forgot you guys go here now,” Landon said as the ex’s slid past our table and sat down. At the table right behind us.

We heard cooing and kissing and Dylan leaned forward and started whispering in my ear.

“They have new crushes. They’re cheerleaders.” She said.

As word traveled around the table, the girls started to look scared. I knew I had to act fast and I saw my opportunity.

“Derrick!” I said in faux-surprise as he and the guys were walking past with some older boys in soccer jerseys. I invited him and the current crushes to sit with us in hopes Landon would get jealous and bite his tongue about all the terrible, awful, and embarrassing things we did in Middle School. After sitting and talking with the guys for a few minutes, I saw Derrick direct his attention behind me.  As soon as I glanced up I realized what was happening. Landon. Talking to Derrick. Right now in front of everyone. May-day! May-day!

“Hey dude, I saw you talking to Jake. Are you thinking about trying out for the soccer team?” Landon said with an innocent smile.

“Yeah, we’re going to the informational meeting tonight.”

“That’s awesome! If you need practice for the tryouts, give me a call or something. I played for the ADD lacrosse team and I can give you some pointers and stuff.”

“Yeah man, that would great!”

“Here, let me give you my phone num- wait, Massie has it. She can just give it to you. Call me sometime before try outs” Landon said and then he was gone.

“What’s his number, babe?” Derrick asked, those beautiful blue eyes staring back at me.

“Um, I’m not sure I still have it…” I responded as I flipped through my contacts at lightening speed.

“Wait, there it is. Thanks,” Derrick grabbed my phone and entered Landon’s number into his.

I could feel my life crumbling around me, my ex and current crush soccer buddies?! It was too much to handle. I made an excuse and got the girls out of there fast so we could work on damage control. The rest of the day was nothing but a blur. As soon as school was over Isaac brought us back to my house and we have been planning on what were going to do about the guys, outfits for tomorrow, and doing some research on the extracurricular clubs we were invited to join. But mostly, we were freaking out about the whole crush situation.

If I tell Derrick not to hang out with him, I look either suspicous or jealous. Somehow I’m going to have to interfere with that soccer date and look as natural as possible.

Operation Stop the Date has begun.



42 thoughts on “Friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close. –Allison Dilaurentis

  1. Your first day sounded almost perfect. And you girls look so adorable! Landon and Derrick, oh no, they shouldn’t even be in the same “planet” . Good luck!

  2. Heyy MBL~!
    Heart this post, your first day of school came out great, as usual. The outfits are totally cute! But I love your’s the best. (;
    Landon and Derrick? Must be kinda awkward for you, seeing them become friends. 😛
    New post!

  3. Hey Mass,
    We looked so gorgeous! (: Haha. I hate Landon so much. I can’t even begin to describe it! We’ll find a way to keep him and Derrick apart lol. And OOC, my HS was a chaotic blur too -_-
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

    • Heck yes we did! 🙂 Ikr? Talk about a disaster. I like our initial plan though, we’ll have to see about making that happen 🙂 Awww I’m sorry. It’s sad, but very true. Most people don’t realize how crazy the halls are and stuff when they get there


  4. Your outfits are gorgeous (: Yours is definitely the cutest, though!
    Landon and Derrick? Awkward and a tad bit stressful, no doubt!


  5. First of awll the quote is awesome! I think that one of my favorits from PLL and Allison’s quotes! Seems like your first day of high school went well! But the part about Landon and Derrington being soccer buddies is kind of…… weird. I’m sure youll handle it very well though since you usually do 🙂 P.S. Brand new post up awn my blah-g! Check it out?

    I Heart You!

  6. Landon and Derrick? Soccer buddies? Unbelievable! Stawp them! :O Haha, anyway, love the PVs. Gorgeous.
    And made a new blog, but no recent posts. 😦 There’s a page, but hahah check it out when you have time. ILY.

    Cindy♚ (

  7. Hey Massie, your outfit was my favorite one (no offense to Leesh or Kristen or Claire) but that must be uber bad!! Im sure you’ll find a way to stop this awkwardness!! Good luck!!


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