I didnt like last seasons Louis Vuitton patchwork bag, either, but that doesnt mean I wanna see it all over town on Jenny Humphreys arm –Blair Waldorf

Mes Cheries,

First of all, Congratulations to the winner of the Best Massie in The WordPress Awards!

Congratulations girlie! Make sure to spam her blog with love πŸ™‚

Warm summer days have sadly dissipated and left us with stormy cold skies. Has anyone else realized it’s rained almost everyday this past week? The only exciting thing about Fall is all the fashion that comes with it! I’ve put away my floral skirts, short shorts, and strappy sandals and brought out my skinny jeans, edgy jackets, and cute boots.

Ah-lot has happened since I last posted, so I will try to catch you guys up.

Last Wednesday, Derrick, the current crushes, Landon, and the ex-crushes practiced soccer after school on OCD High’s soccer field but the Pretty Committee just happened to show up. Oops! πŸ˜‰ After practicing soccer and intercepting all of Landon’s attempts to get closer with the current crushes, we went home exhausted, but happy.

Friday night, the Pretty Committee attended the Cheerleading Social at Monica’s house where we were treated to delish appetizers, plenty of stories, and past cheerleading competition videos. All of the girls seemed super nice, but, were not sure we want to do it. Cheerleading takes up ah-lot of time and everyone wants to do their own clubs. Were still calculating the pro’s and con’s even though Monica has been hounding us to join before all the spots are taken.

Saturday night was the dreaded date. Monica and I had decided on going to eat at Sushi Samba and then going bowling. I was very surprised when she suggested bowling but with all the crowds, it was the perfect place to hide the Pretty Committee. This is what I wore,

Derrick and Monica and Landon, Oh My!

Cute yet casual, right?

Well, dinner started out great and it was decided that the Pretty Committee would meet us at the bowling alley so I had to get through this one alone. Landon was ah-noyingly ah-dorable with Monica, of course. He constantly complimented her and always opened the door for her and pulled out her chair. Seriously, how did I ever go out with him?

All through dinner he wanted to hear about her cheerleading accomplishments and kept innocently reminding me I had tried to cheearlead too, but my squad fell apart. I can’t even remember when I told him about that but he somehow remembered! Talk about embarrassing considering Monica wants me to join her cheearleading squad.

Once dinner was over, we walked across the street to the bowling alley. The Pretty Committee met me in the bathroom and agreed they were to be 100% invisible. I went back out and met up with Monica, Landon, and Derrick who were buying a few games. Once we got our first game started, I noticed Monica and Landon being awfully… close. He kept holding her hand and rubbing her back and it was completely awkward because, hull-o, were in public!

Then all of a sudden, he leaned down and kissed her! Like full on kiss! In the middle of a bowling alley! I’m sorry, but I thought Monica was wayyy classier than that! Then I realized what was going on. Landon was trying to show off his relationship with her to make me jealous/mad/whatever. Talk about immature. Even Derrick was snickering when he saw them going at it. Thank gawd I have a sensible boyfriend.

The rest of the night was completely ruined by their awkwardness. Even the Pretty Committee had seen what happened and texted me about it. Apparently some other people from OCD High were there and everyone thought they were together. Even though I’m totally over Landon, my idea of a fun Saturday night didn’t include watching him make out with the girl who holds my cheerleading future in her manicured hand.

Finally, it was time to go home and as soon as Isaac dropped everyone off the Pretty Committee came over and spent the night to plan our outfits for our first High School dance, Homecoming!

It’s next Saturday and the theme is “A Starry Night” and we have already been asked by the crushes and now all we need is the perfect outfit! I, of course, have some ideas but you’ll just have to wait to see πŸ˜‰










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38 thoughts on “I didnt like last seasons Louis Vuitton patchwork bag, either, but that doesnt mean I wanna see it all over town on Jenny Humphreys arm –Blair Waldorf

  1. Your outfit is tres cute !
    Luhv the minty green blouse, and j’adore leather jackets, The two make a perfect combo of girly-rugged and def casual. Sorry to here about Landon, what a jerk ! And very immature… Nice post bee-tee-dubs girly ! πŸ™‚

    Hugs, Disses, and Hershey Kisses,

  2. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Congratulations to O.M.E.B.
    Your double date sounds okay, the whole thing with Landon and Monica sounds pretty sickening.
    The homecoming sounds so exciting!
    Love you,
    Natalie x πŸ™‚

  3. Your outfit is super cuh-yoote!! Seems like Landon made the date very weird for Derrick and you…… I hope everything works out!

    Seems like Landon made the date very weird for Derrick and you.

  4. Hey Massie,
    I l o v e the makeover!! Congrats to OMEB! I’ll have to spam her soon πŸ˜› lol I love your date outfit. Landon was immature indeed, the loser. Some cheerleaders fit their stereotype, and it sounds like Monica is one of those who do. But I think cheerleading would be fun! (: Homecoming!!! (: I can’t wait to post about that. Lmfao, that’ll be fun to write about, since I probably won’t go to my school’s. πŸ˜›
    Keep Strolling,

    • Awww thanks K πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I know me too haha! Thanks! Ikr? I was so shocked about Monica. Lol really? But homecoming is so funnnnnnn haha not really. I always want to go to homecoming so badly but it ends up being so crazy and hectic it seems un-fun


    Yaaaaaay! I won. Congrats to me πŸ˜› And thank you to everyone who voted for me! You guys are the best!
    Oh…what a strange date. Sorry to hear about that!
    Talk to you soon, girlie, and great post.

    Je t’adore,

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  7. Love the new makeover and your new icon (: So cute.
    Haha, well it definitely sounds like a weird night. Ugh, how did you ever date Landon -__- JK lol
    Beautiful writing in your post as usual…can’t wait to see more!

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