America’s Next Top Blogger

Mes Cheries,

Do you like my new makeover?

Thanks girlies 🙂

Tomorrow is our traditional Friday Night Sleepover but the girls and I have put a new twist to it….  Monica and her 3 best friends will also be spending the night! Do you know why? Because we made the cheerleading squad!

Exciting, right?!

On Wednesday we officially accepted our invitations so this weekend will be filled with cheer stuff! We have our fittings for our uniforms, picking up our bags, buying cheerleading shoes, buying all kinds of ah-dorable cheer accessories, and getting to know our new squad members better! Exciting x 10!

Plus, we will be able to cheer in next week’s homecoming game and be in the pep rally! It will take ah-lot of work to memorize all the routines and be performance ready but Monica will be training us all weekend 🙂

Now, to announce me and Kaddie’s new contest!

Ever wanted to smile with your eyes the way Tyra does so well? Of course, who hasn’t!

In America’s Next Top Blogger, you can enter your own photographs which will be judged by me, Kaddie, and one other guest judge. We will assign challenges that are easily doable for everyone, and all you need to do is take a picture of your gorgeous face and submit it! We will eventually eliminate it down to one girl, who will be crowned the most photogenic blogger on WP!

Now, with this kind of contest there has to be some rules. The pictures have to be appropriate and you must be allowed to share photos of yourself online. You also must be okay with us posting your pictures on our blogs because how else will everyone get to see the winning photo!?

 To enter, comment your Name and Email! You have until September 30th to enter! Starting September 31st you’ll receive Kelsey Mail (Kaddie’s real name is Kelsey, too) announcing your challenge for the week! Good luck girls 🙂


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54 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Blogger

  1. I wuuuve the makeover(:
    Yay to us making cheer! …Well yay to my Alicia ego making cheer(: lol
    I can’t wait for ANTB it’s gonna be the bomb shizzle. Kai so I’m done trying to act cool now. I love the name ‘Kelsey Mail’ it’s perfect! Haha. And thank you for my shout out!! LY(:
    Keep Strolling,

  2. Brooke
    **I just got a new email to go with my new URL, so I’ll email it to you ’cause I don’t want to tell it to everyone just yet (:
    This sounds like a great idea you guys!

  3. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Congratulations on making the cheer team.
    Your weekend sounds beyond jam packed with cheer.
    The contest sounds so fun, I’d be sure to enter but I don’t live in America.
    Thank you for the shout out.
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. hey~!
    that’s a great idea~!
    I’m about to send you an email in a sec so check your inbox ^_~
    the makeover is stunning, of course~

  5. A unique contest idea. But then you always come up with one of best ideas for contests!
    Like karen’s question, I think I would have to see the challenge before I enter. So if you don’t mind, can I just enter, but only do the challenge if I am ok with it? If so, enter me in.


  6. I just entered for America’s Next Top Blogger on Kaddie’s blog, so I was confused. Do you need my name + email comment here? Haha, since no one was doing that I’m guessing not.. but oh well…
    I freaking love the makeover. It’s completely gorgeous! ❤
    Love ya,

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