“People like me don’t write books, we’re written about” –Chuck Bass

Mes Cheries,

With four days left before the Designers Fashion Show, the Pretty Committee has been a whirlwind of silk, chiffon, and taffeta. The girls and I spent most of our Friday night sleepover sketching our designs and picking out the perfect fabrics to compliment our skin tones.

With almost all of our Fashion Show tickets sold, all we have to do is take a Bad Sushi Day on Friday to spend getting pampered at The Haven spa. We will be getting our hair done, mani-pedi’s, body exfoliating scrubs, facials, and of course, makeup.

This weekend, Derrick and I spent our Sunday together. I went to church with his family and then I came back over to their house for Sunday brunch which was surprisingly delicious! Derrick’s mom made crepes, french toast, fruit salad, egg quiche and bacon and we had suchhh a good time! I really think his family is starting to heart me 🙂

First of all, I want everyone to welcome my new Dylan! She is an ah-mazing blogger so drop by her blog and welcome her 🙂

Now for the winner of the first challenge of America’s Next To Blogger!

Congratulations Evon!

“The Faces of Evon”

Now for the next challenge!

All you have to do is take a picture with your username. Feel free to be as creative as you want! For example, you can write your username on your hand or a sign or on your mirror with a dry erase marker. The only rule is, you can not add it by Photoshopping/Paint/any computer program. Good luck girls and if you want help or advice, email me!

Your entries are due Friday the 28th.









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19 thoughts on ““People like me don’t write books, we’re written about” –Chuck Bass

  1. MBL,
    Ooh, I wish I could’ve entered my pic, but I honestly had too much work to do, sadly! 😦
    I hope I can do the next challenge though. For the username, do you mean our URL? Because that’s what I’m gonna do…haha. 🙂


    • That’s alright girlie! You can definitely submit an entry for the next challenge! If you didn’t want to write as much you could do PAP since that’s your URL’s abbreviations. I’m doing MBL for mine so as long as it’s similar 🙂


  2. I cannawt wait to hear how the fashion show goes! I heart how you make the Kelsey mail!! 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  3. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Can’t wait to hear the details on the fashion show.
    Sounds like you and Derrick had fun on Sunday!
    Congratulations to Evon!
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. Mass! Im back!! Its been a while hasnt it! LOVE the contest and I am deffinately thinking about entering! I am about to do a halloween makeover on my blog so you deffinately should come check it out! My veiws have hit rock bottom so I could REALLY use your help to get me noticed again!
    Please and thank you!!


  5. Hey MassieBlockLove,
    Gorgeous post!
    I wish you the best luck awn the Fashion Show, I’m sure you’ll do ah-mazing. 😉

  6. Hey Massie!
    Ooh the Designer Fashion Show sounds like it’ll be totally awesome!! I feel sooo frickin’ bad! Like we’re supposed to be holding this contest together, but I’m mainly making you do all the work since I’m like MIA all the time. I’m sorrrrrry!! Congratulations to Evon and I’m excited that you got a new Dylan!!
    Keep Strolling,

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