She’s fabulous, but she’s evil –Mean Girls

Mes Chèries,

The fashion show has come and gone, and ever since my inbox has been filled with applications for Designers. All in all, you could say the show was a total success 🙂

We started off Friday morning by heading to the salon and beginning our list of beauty treatments. However, even a day of ruh-laxing treatments couldn’t shake our nerves. As soon as 6’o clock rolled around, we headed to school with our handmade dresses in tow.

Finally 6:30 rolled around and people started arriving with their tickets in hand.

As soon as everyone was seated and the girls were ready, we were prepared to walk the runway!

Our outfits were gorgeous, right?

As soon as everyone made their walks, we all walked one last time as the crowd erupted in applause. The show was a total hit! We walked backstage and changed into our “after-show” dresses and started to mingle with all the lingering guests. There was literally a line of girls wanting to apply to Designers! Starting Monday, I will be handing out invitations to the girls who’s applications impressed me the most!

After the show, the girls spent the night and today we spent our morning practicing our cheerleading routines for our State Competition! Wish us luck 😉

Do you like my new blog makeover? I thought it was perfectly themed for Winter now that it’s getting colder out 🙂

Thanks for voting! I really appreciate your feedback!

Don’t forget that ANTB’s second challenge is due in 6 days!


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32 thoughts on “She’s fabulous, but she’s evil –Mean Girls

  1. Firstly, l o v e the makeover! (:
    Amazing, I’m so glad that the fashion show went great! Those dresses are super gorgeous(: G’luck for the State Championships, even though I’ll be there(; Hahaha.
    Keep Strolling,

  2. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    The fashion show sounds just fabulous!
    The trip to the salon on Friday morning sounds like the best way to calm you down a little even if you were all still nervous, nothing like a little pampering.
    The girls and yours outfits were beyond stunning! Beyond professional.
    Can’t wait to hear about the girls who’re accepted!
    Good luck with the State Competition, I’m sure you’ll all be incredible.
    Heart the blog makeover too, it definitely fits the Winter weather perfectly!
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  3. Lluh-v the makeover x100, it is soo cuh-yute! I will def need to contact you I need a good MO ay-sap. The fashion show looked like a hit! So sawrry I couldn’t make it, you girls looked gaw-juss, as awlways!


  4. Gorgous dresses!
    Sorry to put a damper on things but skyeastridhamiltonsofficialblog.wordpress totally COPIED my sign off/signature…! And when I tried to comment on one of her posts about it, she didn’t moderate the comment. Therefore making sure that nobody could see what an apple c’er she is . I’ve been doing the same sign off/signature since I started blogging in June and anyone can see that if they go to my archives.. Maybe I’m overreacting… But I will make sur ethat she’s done , done , and done.

    Hugs, Disses, and Hershey Kisses,

    • Hey Massie! My best advice would be to send her an email about it and keep the drama low. It’s always best to deal with WordPress dramas through an email instead of on a blog where the whole world can see. Good luck!


      • I tried to email her a few days ago.. And she hasn’t responded yet. But she’s still posting on her blog. I know we all get a little busy and we forget or don’t have a chance to check our emails sometimes.. But she’s still using it and she’s using the masquerade theme for her birthday party… Just like me. Maybe it’s a coinsidence … I dont know .

        Hugs, Disses, and Hershey Kisses,

  5. Absolutely love the dresses, especially Dylan’s! What a stunner 😉
    Thankyou for the advertisement MBL, you’re such a doll!
    Lovely header.

  6. That’s awesome that the fashion show was a hit!! The makeover is super cuh-yoote chicka 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  7. First of awl I would just like to say that I absolutely love the new makeover! How do you make your headers? I want to make some of my own but I don’t know how to! Sounds like the fashion show was toe-tally a hit, I think that your dress was the prettiest 😉 Good luck awn your cheerleading competition! I hope you guys get first place 😀
    I heart you,

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