We’ll be Young Forever

Mes Chèries,

With Cheer State being less than one week away, the school is abuzz with school spirit. Everyone is either preparing to go to NYC or preparing for the numerous parties that are being held to watch the cheer team perform on our local television station.

Last year the cheer squad took 2nd place in the State competition and Monica is determined to get 1st and move onto regionals. Which, of course, means a week of hell.

This past weekend we had cheer practice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday evening we went straight from practice to the Friday night sleepover. Then on Saturday we woke up early and met Monica at her home gym. After 5 hours of practice the girls and I went home to shower and got ready to meet the crushes. As soon as dark rolled around, we went to Derrick’s house where he and the guys had built this huge bonfire in his backyard.

We ended up making s’mores and playing truth or dare. Some of the dares included prank calling Landon, ding-dong ditching Derrick’s neighbor, and a few of us had to get makeovers by the guys which led to some pretty interesting eye shadow colors 🙂 We also learned through a juicy truth question that Strawberry had kissed both Chris and Kemp at the Homecoming dance! Crazy, right?!

One of the best parts of the night was when we found out all of the crushes were coming to NYC with us and would be staying down the hall from the cheerleading squad in our hotel! I know we will be super focused on winning, but there’s always time for fun!

Now with winter approaching, a new set of Fall trends have approached and I am currently hearting one of them.


Whether it be shoes, bags, clothes, eyes, or jewelry, metallics are popping up all over the place this winter. Our favorite celebs are wearing them and now it’s your turn!

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Sorry for being so MIA lately but I have been super busy. I promise I will be commenting on all your posts and responding to all your emails as soon as I get some time! It should be soon but I promise I’m not ignoring your guys 🙂












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22 thoughts on “We’ll be Young Forever

  1. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    You have to love Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, it’s just one of those songs.
    Sounds like you, TPC and the rest of the cheer team have been working so hard. Good luck!
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. Hey mass!
    Im so excited for state! yayy 🙂
    But all the work-outs are leaving me sore 😦
    So happy the guys get to go.
    I love metallic’s as well, we are going to need to have a shopping trip to find some!
    Thanks for the shout-out, im almost at 1,000 views! 🙂
    P.S.- i love how you put music videos at the beginning of posts. I always listen to them when im reading your post. very original. heart it
    Classically claire

    p.s.s.- i sent you an e-mail 🙂

  3. Hey Massie! I luh-v your new background & header, it’s really sophisticated and pretty! Ehmagawd that is so sweet that the boys are going to NYC with you awl, good luck awn your cheer competition 😉 Metallics are ah-dorable x 10, going awn a shopping trip this weekend with TPC!
    I heart you,
    PS: I IMed you ah-bout something important, check it ouwt when you can? 😀

  4. Hey Massie!
    You probably dont remember me, but im Abi’s friend. Ya know, abixinxwonderland?? Remember her? she quit blogging a while ago? Well, yea, I just remembered about my blog, and I want to try and get more veiws, comments, likes, and subscriptions. And I could really use the help! I was wondering if you could advertixe my blog, or mention me in a post of two? I would really apprieciate it!

  5. Hey Mass,
    Long time no talk! How have you been, I see your more popular than every! Hearting you post I miss you! Haha just thought about the first time how we were freaking out about getting 50 views ahh good times! Love you!
    Leesh ❤

  6. Hi Massie,

    My name is Coco and I am new to the blogging world on WordPress. I have recently found your blog and love it! That nail polish is stunning.

    I will be posting my first post soon and would love if you could join me in my opening!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Much love,

  7. Hey, M. Haven’t checked your blog in a bit too long! I love the new makeover, totally adorable. 🙂 I also agree with metallics being a fall trend. Love it!


  8. Hey Massie,
    The blog looks so pretty(: All of the practicing does sounds like hell 😛 The bonfire with the crushes sounds so fun! I really love metallics, they’re so pretty!

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