Would you go along with someone like me?

My Darlings,

The dull grey mornings have slowly been getting warmer and sunnier as we’ve moved into February, and I can’t deny that I’ve loved breaking out my ahdorable wool skirts, sweater dresses, and colorful tights this past week. It’s been about a month since we’ve been back at school, and I can already feel that this semester is going to be even better than the last.

I’m very delighted to say that I have stuck to my New Years resolutions while everyone else seems to be considering theirs an after thought. The Pretty Committee is as close as ever, Derrick and I are doing delightfully well, and next weekend is OCDH’s Relay for Life and I have spent the past three weeks planning it.

One of my favorite resolutions this year was to truly make a difference in other people’s lives. I don’t mean writing out a check or liking a charity  on Facebook. I mean truly working hard and trying to change this world for the better. So obviously the second I heard we were having a Relay for Life event, I volunteered myself and the Pretty Committee to plan the entire thing. We’ve organized a committee of about 25 people and we’ve been spending every spare moment trying to make this the biggest and most charitable Relay for Life our school has ever seen.

The day before Relay for Life, the OCD girls and the Pretty Committee will be spending the day baking ahdorable Valentine’s Day themed baked goods to sell at one of the booths! Inez has been researching the most delicious recipes and I’ve bought a few of the cutest heart shaped pans!

I would divulge some details, but as you can imagine I would be talking all day. You’ll just have to wait to see for yourself (;

Besides that, I have been organizing Cheerleading practices, Pretty Committee shopping trips, and dates with the crushes. As you are all aware, Valentines Day is only 2 weeks away, and the girls and I have spent countless hours at the Westchester trying to find the perfect outfits to make our crushes swoon (;

Derrick hasn’t told me what we’re doing yet for Valentine’s day, and I haven’t been able to guess! The girls and I have multiple ideas but I’m honestly clueless. At least I know he’ll love the gift I got him, a Ralph Lauren wallet filled with gift cards to his favorite stores and restaurants (:

As some of you may have been wondering, Monica’s ankle is almost healed! She only has a few more weeks in her cast and then about 6 months of physical therapy ): She’s been unbelievably helpful these past few weeks as I’ve been trying to lead the squad. I thought leading the Pretty Committee was hard, but nothing can compare to trying to get 25 girls to do the same routine ten times in a row after a horribly long school day. Without Monica’s constant help, I would be lost.

Have you girls been watching the new episodes of The Lying Games? I have been totally addicted! Ethan is such a hawtie! Him and Emma are ahdorable together (: If you haven’t seen the show yet, you definitely need to! In my opinion it’s better than Pretty Little Liars haha

I hope you all are enjoying your first month back at school! Good luck finding the perfect outfit or the perfect date for Valentine’s Day!

As you can see, my blog has undergone some serious renovations. With the new year upon us, it felt right to change things up for the better (: Besides the makeover, all of my pages are new as well. The five pages you see above are it. I’ve decided to simplify things a bit and instead of having many pages, I’ve chosen to focus on a few that I will update more often. I hope you all love the changes and take a moment to look around!

Thank you so much for all the amazingly sweet comments on my last post, I really appreciate everything you guys said (:

Also, I know I haven’t been commenting much lately but after my Math test on Thursday I’ll make sure to read all of your fabulous posts!













26 thoughts on “Would you go along with someone like me?

  1. Loved the post, Massie. The relay for life event sounds amazing. Good luck! I will be sure to check out all of your updated pages. 😉 Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Hey Massie,
    I love the song in the beginning, but the music video is kinda creepy. Ahah.
    That’s so amazing that you girls are planning a huge Relay For Life.That’s such a great organization! I really wish I could help out like that with an organization where I live. :p
    Gosh, I have totally neglected watching my favorite TV shows lately. lol I’ll have to watch episodes of The Lying Game that I’ve missed and this past week’s PLL on Hulu this weekend. :p
    Good luck on your math test, I’m sure you’ll do great, m’dear! (:

  3. Ah-mazing post!
    I love Relay for Life! As much as only walking around on a track goes,its soo fun! I’m sure you will do ah-mazing on your math test! I missed the Lying Game/PLL too!! I was studying for a Social Studies test! But its great that Monica has been helping you out! And its good that she is almost better. I only wish that I had someone to give me a rose on Valentines Day. They sell them at my school <333.


  4. Hey M (:
    I loved the post girly.
    The Relay for Life event sounds like it’s very helpful. It’s so sweet of you to help out.
    Good luck leading the cheerleaders are coach.
    The updated pages sound wonderful. I’ll be sure to check them out.


  5. Seems like your doing a guh-reat jawb as cheerleading captain! That’s really nice that Monica has been there to help you ah-long the way 🙂 That’s so nice that your helping out with charity work and trying to make the world a better place! I definitely ah-gree ah-bout simplifying everything! I might do that awn my blah-g soon too 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  6. Hey massie! Great post
    I love the young folks song 🙂
    That’s great that you are doing charity! I think more people should, i congratulate you
    Valentines im sure will be amazing! What ever you do, i hope you have fun!
    Good job on running the cheer team. Im sure you did a great job and its good to hear that monica is getting better.
    Love the blog makeover.
    Good luck on your math test!
    Check out my new post?

  7. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness post!
    Heart the makeover! The colour is such a mature sophisticated colour which fits the theme perfectly, well done!
    Also well done for sticking with your resolutions! Around the time of my exams they were slipping a very little bit for me but I soon got them back on track fortunately.
    The Relay For Life sounds like a wonderful idea and I am beyond sure you and the pretty committee will be sure to make it a very memorable Relay For Life!
    Sounds like Cheerleading practices have been keeping you and the Pretty Committee busy as well as shopping trips and dates with the crushes.
    Love you,
    Natalie x 🙂

  8. Hey MBL.
    I was going to watch the video but it’s not available in my country, darn it 😦
    Your Valentines day charity idea sounds cute, at my school we’re doing flowers and puppy love song karaoke, haha!
    I think I’ll start watching The Lying Games soon, hopefully it’s not as freaky as PLL but who knows I am such a wimp anyways.
    xx Karen.

  9. Great post, and I love what you’ve done with your blog, I looks amazing!!!! By the way thanks for putting me up there 🙂

  10. Sorry about commenting twice. But, I wanted to congratulate you on getting the Versatile blogger award. Visit my blog for more info.

  11. Hey MBL,
    Gorgeous post!
    I’m glad Monica’s ankle is healing! Hope she gets well soon. ^.^
    The Relay for Life sounds pretty interesting!(:
    Love the makeover, btw. (;
    P.S Check out my new post?

  12. Being the cheer leading captain has been my dream. Next week they are voting who will be cheer leading captain. Hopefully it’s me. The relay for life sounds fun! Thanks for giving me and my friends shout outs. New post check it out?

  13. I Heart that song!! I’ve actually known it for a while, but nobody ever knows it so I’m glad that I saw it awn here. (: I hope cheerleading stays good for you chickas, but that’s too bad that Monica broke her ankle!! Hope she gets better!! Oh, and I heart the new blog makeover.
    Hearts, Leesh

  14. Thanks for the shoutout girly! Loved the post, new post on my blog! Also, I need to learn how to waterfall braid like the girl in the photo! gahh! ❤

  15. Hey there MBL!
    That’s great that you’re sticking to your new year’s resoulutions! Most people aren’t strong enough to do that. It sounds like you’ve been really busy, and the fundraiser your doing is such a great way to help the world! Oooh, I’m sure whatever Derrick has planned for V-day must be fab! He sounds like an ah-mazing BF. I love the gift your getting it! I think I saw that in Seventeen mag lol 🙂 Well if I get a boyfriend by V-day then I’m stealing your idea! Hahaha. Derrick will for sure love it! It sounds hard without Monica but I’m sure your doing great!
    I love your new blog look girlie!

    ❤ Leesh ❤

  16. Hey Massie!
    I loved all your New Years Resolutions.
    Fundraising is def good karma (haha, I’m Buddhist) but the prob is that I’m always busy. :/
    It’s nice how Monica’s ankle is healing.
    I love that picture at the end. Is it from Tumblr?

    Anyway, thanks for the shoutout! Could you check out my blog? New post!!


  17. Hey MBL!
    I love your blog look. It’s so sleek and professional. 😀
    Baking Valentine’s Day sweet treats with the girls sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, and for a wonderful cause. I’m sure Relay for Life will be a success!
    Keep us updated on you and Derrick’s plan for Valentine’s day. I’m sure he has something special planned!

    ♥ Madeleine

    New Post! come visit soon if you can???

  18. Hey MBL!
    Cute new look. 😉
    Aww, the Relay for Life sounds like it’ll be amazing! Be sure to let me know what happens!
    I’m sure Derrick has something super excited planned for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Great to hear about Monica’s ankle!
    Also, yes. I have been keeping posted on the Lying Game! J’adore Ethan [especially the books!] I can’t wait to see more episodes!

    — Ava ♥

  19. Hey Massie Block, the video was pretty chill, I enjoyed watching it 🙂
    Love your makeover girly the background is very chic!
    BTW the relay for life sounds really fun!!! I can’t wait for V-day too, it’s so exciting!


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