Keep Your Faith.

Hey Lovelies,

I am officially exhausted. There is not enough Starbucks in my pink polka dot Kate Spade coffee mug to relieve the heavy bags under my eyes. It’s 8am here in Westchester, New York and I haven’t slept a wink all night long. No, I wasn’t having an all night text-a-thon with Derrick and no, the girls and I were nawt up all night trying to find the perfect outfits for Valentine’s Day. We’ve had those planned since Monday (;

I am exhausted because Isaac dropped me off at home less than ten minutes ago after helping wrap up the Relay for Life event. That’s right girls, the event was last night and it was a complete and total success! Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten the final numbers for how much money we made but considering how many people showed up, I’m sure it’s going to be enough to break the school’s past fundraising records! Until then I will be glued to my phone as I wait for the email, fingers crossed.

Friday night the Pretty Committee decided to invite the OCDO girls to the sleepover and we spent the night baking Valentine’s themed baked goods to sell at our booth. Since the Pretty Committee and I would be busily working the event, we had the OCDO girls set up a gorgeous Valentine’s Day themed booth to help make some money as well as get the community into the V-Day spirit (:

Saturday morning the girls and I woke up super early and had Isaac drive us over to the High School so we could start helping set up. After a really long day of directing, organizing, and heavy lifting everyone was finally set up and in the correct placement. The girls and I quickly changed into our matching outfits and started enjoying it!

Relay for Life

After we walked a few laps and had some of the delicious food from the booths, everyone finally started showing up. Every time we walked past the OCDO girl’s booth it was completely packed with people! The girls and I practically spent a small fortune on the ahdorable Pink gear, raffle tickets, games, and donations!  It was completely worth it though (:

Around 10pm everyone hushed down as they read off all the names of cancer survivors and people to be remembered. Watching all of the families and friends who had been affected by cancer or had helped a loved one through cancer was so touching. It’s amazing to think about all of the people who’s lives have been drastically changed and how for one night they all come together and pull for a common cause. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Just knowing how much money we were raising for life changing research warmed my heart.

Almost every school or community does a Relay for Life or cancer awareness event like this. I encourage all of you to go to yours and participate, donate, and support those who had to deal with such a tragic thing. Both my grandfathers died of cancer, my uncle survived cancer, two of my aunts survived cancer, and two of my neighbors are currently fighting cancer. This is such a prevalent thing and any help you can give is worth it. Just think about how every dollar you donate could help save a life one day.

Look to your right and you’ll see a new widget on my sidebar. The Social Vibe widget allows you to choose a charity and people can participate in a small, free activity (less than five minutes) and the advertisers who support this charity will donate money every time someone clicks on that button. Take a minute and click on mine and help me raise money for the Stand Up 2 Cancer fund. Add the Social Vibe widget to your sidebar and encourage your readers to help you raise money for your favorite charity, too! Currently the widget is undergoing renovations but it will always be up there so come back and try it again (:

I hope you all heart my new Valentine’s themed makeover! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments (:

Since I’ve received a few emails asking for advice about the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, I made an entire page dedicated to help you find the cutest outfit, no matter the date! Click on Under the Crown to see the outfits!




24 thoughts on “Keep Your Faith.

  1. Hey Gurl could you maybe advertise for me in your next post i would totes appreciate it x5
    P.S i think its sweet the way you have the relay for life image at the end , very meaning full
    Heart the blawg

  2. Hey Massie,
    I love this post! That’s so amazing that you spent all night doing the relay for life fundraiser! I seriously haven’t heard anything about my town or school doing anything for relay for life or something like that, which kind of bugs me. Hopefully they’ll have something like that soon so I can help out(: That’s really great that you have so many survivors in your family..well it’s not great that they once had cancer but it’s just great that they beat the battle. Ah, word vomit, making everything awkward since 1988. Anywayss, I have a distant relative that my mom talks to basically daily, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I hope he can be apart of the survivors.
    I love the VD outfits from Under The Crown, especially the black flowy dress!
    Thanks for the advertisement, m’dear(:

  3. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The Relay For Life event sounds like a total hit and it sounds like you and the girls had a ton of fun doing something for such a wonderful charity. I am certain in you, that with your determination you will have most definitely broken the school’s past fundraising records by far!
    The Friday night sleepover with the Pretty Committee and the O.C.D.O. girls sounds like so much fun with the baking of Valentine’s themed goodies. Delicious!
    Your and the girls matching outfits are so cute! They may not be Ralph Lauren, but still, you made it work!
    It’s so wonderful every school does an vent like Relay For Life or Cancer Awareness, that’s definitely something you should be proud of for being part of it and putting your spin on things.
    The Social Vibe widget is such a wonderful idea!
    I heart your Valentine’s theme makeover! As your blog page loaded I literally froze as I admired it’s new look, gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you don’t post beforehand!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. Hey massie,
    Great post! I love how you always have meaningful things to blog about. Cancer is every where and people all over have lost loved ones from int. ( myself included)
    I’m glad the relay was a success! And its sounds like it was great.
    I also love your make-over and how you have the widget, i used to have one, but after 2 months no one ever just took 5 minutes out of their day to earn money. I will def. click on yours.
    Check out my blog? New valentines post

  5. Thanks for the shoutout!!! My grandmas, grandpa, and aunt have cancer. My aunt is going through chemo right now but its so sad, but it gives you hope because these ppl are going through something so terrible and they’re living. I’ll check out under the crown ay-sap!!


  6. LOVE the post! I’m so thrilled to hear that the Relay For Life fundraiser went well. Seeing as you planned it, I’m sure it will break the school records.
    I’m so sorry about you grandfathers, but I’m praying for all the people who have cancer and are bravely fighting it and for a cure.
    I love the Valentine’s day makeover. You always have the prettiest backgrounds.

    ♥ Madeleine

  7. Thats guh-reat that the Relay for Life went well!! I can’t wait to hear how much money you made! 🙂 This post was very meaningful because my great uncle has cancer quite badly and it’s so generous ahv you and the Pretty Committee and the OCDO girls to do that! I also heart the new makeover!
    Hearts, Leesh

  8. Hey M (:
    Wonderful post girly.
    It’s so inspirational that you took the time to help with this amazing charity event.
    I’ve never heard of Relay for Life, but I’ll keep an eye out for it so I can participate if my school holds something like that.
    Under The Crown sounds like a wonderful page, I’ll definitely check it out.
    Thank you very much or the advertisement girly.


  9. That’s so ah-mazing that you and the Pretty Committee helped out with the Relay For Life event chicka! Seems like it was a big success and I’m sure you guys broke the record for most successful OCDO fundraising activities! Your new page is something I was looking around for online for a while so I’ll be checking that out right after I comment awn this post 🙂 Super cuh-yoote Valentine’s Day makeover btw!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  10. Hey Massie!
    I’m glad your up-all-night-ness is all for a good cause (:
    I love your makeover, glad you’re putting the photos into good use!
    Thanks for the shoutie.
    xx Karen.

  11. This post was really truely inspiring… At Alpha Academy the scientist and inventors are trying to figure out cures for cancer, but in the mean time raising money and awarness for the cause is soooo generous and ah-mazing, plus the shirts are ah-dorbs (-;

    Rise Above Them All,

  12. I’ve never heard of Realy for Life but it’s really nice of you to participate for an amazing cause? Have an awesome V-day and great post! 🙂 ❤

  13. Massie! I la-la-love the post! And I hope you’re having a wonderful V-day. ❤ You and your girls sound like you had fun. =) I have to google Realy for life now.

  14. Hey! Wow great post!! Love those outfits! 🙂
    Hope u get ur sleep back soon…Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and I totally heart ur background and header!! So cut-yootee!

  15. Hey Massie!
    I get that exhausted feeling – happens like every single morning :/
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Haha!
    Such an adorable outfit!! Relay for Life? They don’t happen here where I live, unforch. Well, maybe they do, but I never heard of it.
    By the way, I changed my page separators (:

    Could you stop by my blog, and check out my new post? (:


  16. Loved the post. Sounds like you worked really hard on the evnt, but it sounds like it went ah-mazingly!
    New post, check it out? Thanks!

  17. Ah-mazing post, MBL! I’m glad Relay for Life went well. Such a great cause!
    I also used to have the SocialVibe widget, but then they said that they have no more activities left or something, so I deleted it. Thanks for reminding me, I should really get that back up!

    ❤ Leesh ❤

  18. Ah-mazing post, Mass!
    Aww, raising money for cancer is so sweet of you!
    And the widget on the side of your blog.. Aww! So thoughtful and sweet of you!
    New post awn my blawg, come check it out? 🙂


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