This Is Our Fate, I’m Yours.

Hey Lovelies,

On Tuesday morning I sleepily fluttered my eyelids, attempting to pull away from sleep. As I looked at my bedside table, I noticed something different, something out of place. I blinked as my eyes focused in on the vase that was filled with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I reached over and lifted the card.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Massie. I love you, Derrick.”

A smile crept across my face as I wondered how he had gotten them to me before 6:30am. I quickly grabbed my phone and fired off a text, thanking him and reminding him I loved him. After pulling on a ruffled skirt, beaded tank, and a fitted blazer I grabbed a Luna bar and hopped into the Range Rover. On the way to school, I listened to the girl’s gag-worthy Valentine’s mornings. Claire was surprised with a singing e-card with Cam’s recorded voice, Alicia received a few bouquets from her many suitors, Dylan received a box of chocolates from Renny, and Kristen received flowers from Ian.

The school day was quite uneventful other than Lunch and the receiving of the roses. OCDH has a fundraiser every Valentine’s Day where you can buy a rose with a card attached and have it delivered to your crush, your boyfriend, or even your BFF’s for Valentine’s Day. They hand them out at lunch and by the end of it, the entire place looked like a flower shop. I had received 9 in total from Derrick, the Pretty Committee, and various other friends. Our lunch table was quite beautiful as it filled with roses and spilled over into our lunches, but no one was complaining (;

After a long afternoon of classes, I was fidgeting in my seat, anxious for the night to begin. Derrick hadn’t spilled a word of hints on what our evening would consist of. As soon as I dropped off the girls, I rushed home to get ready for my surprise date with Derrick. I changed into my already picked out Valentine’s Date outfit and changed my makeup into a smoky evening look.

Valentine's Day Date

At half past 5, Derrick pulled up in the driveway in a rented black limousine. I flounced outside and planted a kiss on him as he pulled me inside the limo. As we pulled out of my driveway, I begged him to tell me where we were going but he just kept shaking his head. We finally pulled up to this quaint Italian place. Inside we were led to a table for two in the back of the restaurant. After we were served dinner, Derrick and I dug in. The salad and pasta I had was so amazing I almost forgot I was on a date haha (:

After we ate we talked for half n’ hour and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was all we were going to do. Finally Derrick payed for dinner and we were back in the limo. “Where to next?” I asked. He just smiled and told be to be patient and at this point, I was about to jump out of my skin with anxiety. After ten minutes, we were still driving and I was becoming less familiar with the area. Finally, we pulled up to an older brick building that I had never noticed before.

I raised my eyebrows at Derrick and he just laughed at my scowl as he hopped out of the limo. I stepped out carefully and took in the street around me which was almost empty at this time of night and there wasn’t a decent looking store in sight. Derrick grabbed me by the hand and led me up to a door on the building closest to us and turned the handle and pulled me inside. I was frozen in shock until the noise hit me. As I glanced around, I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. From the outside, the building looked like an old factory or maybe an abandoned office but on the inside, it was apparently one of the hottest dance clubs in Westchester.

All around me there were people swirling and twisting to the beat that was blaring over the speakers as the DJ danced in his booth. As I looked out onto the dance floor, all I could see was a wave of movement. I looked up at Derrick with wide doe eyes and he shouted “Surprise!” in my ear. I couldn’t help let a smile creep across my face as he pulled me onto the dance floor and swept me off my feet♥

I hope you girls all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day whether you spent it with your boyfriend, friends, or your family. Even if you didn’t have special guy to spend it with, remember that your day will come. I know I heart you all (:

Everyone needs to go to AMB’s blog right now and tell her goodbye. She’s quitting WordPress and I know that I will always miss her as a blogger. AMB, your blog is so gorgeous and your posts were always flawless! You will definitely be missed around here. You better come back with a life blog or something (:




30 thoughts on “This Is Our Fate, I’m Yours.

  1. Hey Massie! Great post!
    Derrick is so sweet ❤ Glad you had a great V-day =)
    I loved your outfit, and I remember when I'm yours was so popular!
    Haha loved the post and thanks for the advertisement =)

  2. That’s great that you and Derrick had an ah-mazing date. You two are so cute together. ♥ Your Valentine’s outfit is gorgeous!! I want it. Haha, overall luh-ved the post.
    Hearts, Leesh

  3. Ah-mazing x 10 Valentine’s Day.
    Derrick is sooo cute!!! Thanks for the advertisement girlie!! And the song is soo cute even though I haven’t heard it in like forever.


  4. Your V-Day sounded AH-mazing.
    Claire’s card sounds a little too sickly sweet.
    I love the lace dress you wore, it’s so pretty and feminine but the blazer toughened it up.
    xx Karen.

  5. Amazing post! Sounds like you had I great V-Day! By the way I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! You’ll see it if you go on my blog.

  6. Hey MBL,
    Lovely post! Your Valentine’s Day sounds amazing! At school and on your date with Derrick! I a b s o l u t e l y love your dress! It’s so gorgeous! And that was such a sweet surprise of Derrick to take you to that dance club! I hope your VD, Kelsey was amazing with the boyfrand(:

  7. That’s so so sweet what Derrick did for you! First the flowers, then the dinner and then the nightclub! Your Valentines Day must’ve been super fun! 🙂 Your outfit is super cuh-yoote! 9.8 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  8. AWEE!!
    I love it how you put it that he “swept you off your feet.”
    Dinner and dancing. It’s so romantic and cute. Sounds like you had tons of fun.

    ♥ Madeleine

  9. Hey chicka! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Go read my latest post to find out more 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  10. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Your Valentine’s Day sounds like it went fabulously! From morning to evening! It was very sweet of Derrick to sneak into your room and leave you flowers and a card to wake up to.
    Your outfit for the day sounds very cute, casual but still stylish. Especially the ruffled skirt. TPC’s mornings sounded like they started out just as brilliantly as well!
    The delivering of roses to the person of your choice sounds like a very cute idea, I am sure you were delighted with the amount you received.
    Isn’t it annoying but great at the same time how boyfriend’s refuse to let you in on their little surprises?!
    The dinner at the italian restaurant was a very nice sweetener for the surprise of the old brick building being turned into a dance club! That was very creative of Derrick. It sounds like you both had a wonderful night together there.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  11. Hey MBL!
    It sounds like you had a great V-day.
    Derrick is soo romantic! The dance club sounds like lots of fun.
    Your outfit is adorable x10!


    P.S. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award, so check out the post when you have a chance!

  12. Hey Mass!
    Im new to wordpress!(Check out my blawg?)
    I love the post and the outifit!your blawg is ah-mazing!
    So happy for you and Derrick!

    Your Queen Bee
    Massie ❤

  13. That outfit is the absolutely cutest thing ever. I would love to wear it for a date night. Especially that Chanel bag.

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