Happiness Often Sneaks in a Door You Did Not Think Was Open♥

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you all are enjoying the first sights and sounds of Spring which seem to be popping up all around us these past few weeks. There are flowers blooming in neat little rows around our houses, warm breezes rustling our perfectly curled hair, and brightly colored shorts showing off our tanned legs. Girls are lined up in the backyard of every house attempting to get a decent tan before summer hits and boys can be seen speckled across parks everywhere as they toss around their favorite sports balls.

As soon as spring break started, I replaced my spicy sandalwood scented perfumes with floral citrus ones, tossed all my boots into a donation box and replaced their empty shelves with colorful embellished sandals, and pulled out all of my favorite floral tops, dresses, and accessories. Nothing makes you feel more refreshed than an updated wardrobe (:

The Pretty Committee started off spring break with our Fast Forward to Summer party with the most ahdorable nautical theme. The entire pool was decked out in anchors, stripes, and splashes of red and the girls and I spent most of the day decorating, styling, and pre-party dancing. By the time everyone arrived, we were practically on cloud nine. With everyone splashing around in the cutest swimsuits, eating the most delish anchor decorated cupcakes, and hundreds of chirpy voices filling the pool room’s usual soggy air, I could practically feel summer around me.

Now, I’m sure plenty of you are curious about the prank I mentioned in my last post, and I have to say it went off swimmingly (; The cheer girls had obviously heard about my party and assumed they would be getting a gorgeously printed red, white, and blue invitation in the mail any day. As the days ticked by I could see the worry in their faces as they wondered why they weren’t invited. Finally on Friday, the last day of school before break, they confronted me in the cafeteria, obviously upset. I simply asked, “Wouldn’t it be awkward? Since you obviously heart our crushes, I thought it would just be cruel to invite you to a party where we would be as couples.”

Of course, they instantly denied anything of the sort but after a bit of convincing, they spilled everything. After a long heart to heart, lots of tears, and a promise to forgive and forget, they asked if they were allowed to come to the party. The Pretty Committee and I just chuckled and told them no. “We may have forgiven you but that still doesn’t mean we trust you. You’ll just have to think of a way to earn that back,” I said as I dismissed them from our table.

While our “prank” didn’t include humiliation or a big blow-out fight, it did solve our problems. After all, silence is the most powerful scream.

Alright girlies, I’m going to be fairly honest with you. I am quickly loosing time to blog. As you can tell, I haven’t posted in forever and I haven’t commented around in ages.  Apparently my teachers have chosen April to be the month from hell. I have been swamped with homework, extracurriculars, and social obligations. I am very sorry for being gone so much and not giving your posts the recognition they deserve. I’m not sure when I will post again but I promise once I gain some of my free time back, I’ll make it up to you guys (:

I want you to welcome my new Dylan! She is absolutely fabulous so go check her out!

My shout-out list is going to be super long but I have to say thank you to the ahamazing girls who still keep up with me instead of writing me off because I haven’t had time to return the favor. Thank you for commenting because you enjoy WordPress, not because you only care about views&comments. It’s girls like you who keep WordPress going, and make me want to stay 🙂

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Stay Beautiful,


22 thoughts on “Happiness Often Sneaks in a Door You Did Not Think Was Open♥

  1. Hey Massie,
    It sound like your new wardrobe is pretty ah-dorbable and I have to say I have done the same!
    Your party sounded so fun x100!I love the theme.
    Those cheerleaders totally deserved a rejection from you!
    Your new Dylan is so cute and she proudly took my beloved place.
    Thanks for mentioning me as a WordPress alpha!Second one after Karen!That means alot.
    Great post girlie and I hope you have more time to post in the near future.

    Your Queen Bee,

  2. Massie,
    I am also super excited for Spring!
    I need to get a tan AY-SAP.
    I traded my Winter wardrobe for a new Spring-worthy one(:
    I went awn a huy-uge shopping spree over the weekend!
    The Fast Forward to Summer party sounded like so much fun!
    I heart the nautical theme. 😀
    Congratulations awn getting a new Dylan!
    I am toe-tally going to check out her blawg & comment(:
    Thanks for calling me an alpha, it means a lot to me knowing that people enjoy my blawg!
    Chin up beautiful,
    Alicia Rivera
    PS: I have a new & important post up, could you puh-lease check it out? Oh and also, check your email ay-sap!

  3. MassieBlockLove,
    Thank you for updating, finally, I didn’t ever see that coming 😉
    Nauticals will always be my true love, haha.
    My tan is retaining but slowly fading unfortunately.
    I’m so jello that you guys almost are into summer 😦
    I’m so thankful for you putting me at the top of the list, ILY!

    • Haha, I know, right? Strange… 😉
      Lol nautical is my goal style for Summer. Everything about is perfect!
      Haha isn’t it crazy? It’s like 2ish months left until school is over! Are you back at school yet?
      Your welcome, girlie 🙂 LY!

  4. Hey Massie 🙂 You’re so lucky you’re on Spring Break girlie! Mine ended a little while ago! The Fast Forward To Summer party is the perfect way to introduce Summer coming back again. The revenge sounds like it was perfect. Nothing too dramatic, but you still got back at them. Thank you so much for the shout out girlie, I really appreciate it 🙂

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  5. MBL! I’m glad you posted 🙂 The party sounds like it was a huge hit. Where I live, it’s still windy and rainy out, but April Showers bring May flowers 😉 That was a great way to get back at the cheer girls. I think it definitly had bigger impact than some prank! Don’t worry, everyone’s been busy lately, but we appreciate the times that you can post! Thank you for the shout out. It means a lot! But for next time, I just want to let you know that I quit my RP blog and my Fashion and Beauty blog is the only one active now.


  6. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    I love how quickly Spring came around, I have to say it is most definitely my favourite month. The form of new life branching from blooming flowers of little lambs in the fields, what’s not to love?
    The Fast Forward To Summer party sound fabulous, the perfect way to brighten everyone’s Spring Break and get them prepared for a Summer full of pool parties!
    Although the “prank” wasn’t all that humiliating at least it taught the girls a lesson that they will hopefully learn from.
    Hopefully you’ll find time to blog a lot soon!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  7. Hey Mass,
    I love the Spring. I’m so glad it’s finally here. You know I did actually noticed you’ve been quite missing but I’m so glad you have a new post:) I will totes check out your new Dylan! PS:am I your Claire?

  8. Hey MBL, your party must’ve been tons of fun. I could totally get used to the nice spring weather! I’m so glad you’ve updated 🙂
    Congratulations on your Dylan, and thanks for the advertisement.


  9. heyyyyyy,
    awesome post!!!
    i love it!
    i know i love spring and knowing that summer is around the corner, i upgrade my wardrobe!!!
    yeah, april sucks!!!!
    i have exams in april 😦
    oh and ur party sounds awesome!!!!
    wish i was there 😉
    congrats on ur dylan!!!
    thnx soooooo much for the shoutout/WP alpha!!!
    i really appreciate it!!!!
    thnx! 🙂
    much love,
    annie ❤

  10. Loved the post! Sounds like you had a fun spring time! Nice prank! I totally love spring it is like my favorite season, whats yours?
    Yea, school does take up my blogging life. I agree AUGH HOMEWORK. I hate it so much. Well, I hope you find a little time for blogging! You are one of my fav Massie blogs on wordpress!
    Thanks for the shoutout!

    Smile, your beautiful ❤

  11. MBL,
    Adorable post!
    It sounds like you had a bunch of fun at your party!
    I agree with what you said; you don’t have to play a huge prank to get your point across. Wonderful idea 🙂
    You’re such a lovely writer!
    Ugh, school takes up so much of my time as well! I can’t wait for the freedom of Summer.


  12. The party sounds fun! I think themed parties are so neat and the best to attend. I’m sure you and your PC looked gorgeous in your nautical inspired outfits and I think you handled the situation with the cheer girls with great maturity. It shows what a real alpha you are.
    All in all, I loved the post and look more your future posts.

    ♥ Madeleine

  13. Massie,
    Great post! It’s great to hear that your prank went well. Even though it wasn’t public humiliation for them, I’m sure y’all felt great and accomplished afterward, haha!
    The party sounds like it was super fun. I LOVE the nautical theme. Nautical is super adorable.
    Thank you for the advertisement on your alphas list!
    It’s totally understandable that your school work is keeping you busy.
    Looking forward to a new post! (:


  14. your new spring wardrobe seems super cute, it’s always fun to shop for spring clothes 🙂
    I wish I was there to see the cheer girls begging to come to your party, lol.
    I wish I actually tanned instead of getting burnt. 😛
    Definitely gonna check out your new Dyl.

    <3333 ZCL

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