Because I Really Fell For You ♥

Panera Bread
3:55 pm

 “You have gawt to be kidding me,”  Massie said with an eyebrow raised at her best friend.

“Ehmagawd, I swear! The date was horrible,” Alicia sipped at her iced caramel latte.

“He was practically begging for your phone number after you guys stopped dancing together at Monica’s party. You probably kissed him on your first date and now you’re too embarrassed to tell us!” Dylan teased Alicia.

“Ehma-don’t-even!” Alicia squealed and buried her face in her hands as it turned beat red.

“Alright, enough about Alicia and all the boys who love her. We have things to discuss today!” Massie commanded the girls attention back to the iPad2 sitting at their table.

“As you can see, no one has planned a graduation party for the senior cheerleaders yet. I assumed Monica would’ve been all over it but apparently nawt,” Massie didn’t even attempt to hide the bitterness in her voice. Monica had repeatedly reminded her about how the graduation party was the pinnacle event of the year – besides state, regionals, and nationals of course – and it had to be ahmazing. However, instead of offering some advice or even telling her ehxactly how to plan this ahmazing party, Monica had disappeared without a word to enjoy her last summer as a highschooler.

The Pretty Committee had exactly a week and a half to come up with an ahmazing theme, decorations, and presents to give each of the senior cheerleaders. Since the party had a CMO rule – cheerleading members only – they didn’t have to worry about guest lists or including the boyfriends/friends of the entire squad.  Massie pulled up the list of graduates on her iPad2 to try and determine the perfect present that every girl would love.

 “I know! What about bracelets with an engraved band? Something like, ‘Cheerleading Love’?” Claire suggested.

“Yes Claire, because nothing says loser like a college girl who is still obsessed with her high school cheerleading squad,” Alicia said with a sarcastic giggle.

 Dylan and Kristen giggled at Alicia’s jab while Claire stared into her Strawberry Poppy Seed and Chicken salad.

Massie waved away the request with a flick of her charm bracelet, “No, no. It has to be more sophisticated than jewelry…”

“Monogrammed bags?” Dylan suggested as she bit into her double chocolate brownie.

“Closer…” Massie smiled.

“OH! We can get them matching monogrammed laptop cases and fill them with gift certificates to places like Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and some other fun stores to buy stuff for their dorms!” Kristen squealed.

“Ehmagawd that’s perfect!” Alicia’s eyes grew wide as she envisioned the shopping spree ahead.

The four girls turned their heads to Massie who would make the final decision to pass or fail their idea.

Massie squinted her eyes as she pretended to think really hard. She was trying to decide whether Kristen’s idea was cheerleader-worthy or if she should try to come up with something better and more innovative. After a long sip from her frozen strawberry lemonade, she let a smile play upon her lips.

“I love it!” She decided.

The girls screamed with excitement at Kris’s ahmazing idea and Massie felt a twinge of jealousy.

Massie’s hand dove into her Longchamp bag and fished out her mini-notebook to jot down the winning idea. After adding a list of possible gift cards, she slipped it back and suggested the girls go back to her house to get ready for the date with the guys. After all, it had been an entire week since Monica’s party and Massie hadn’t officially announced that Derrick and her were exchanging the L word.

There was still plenty of time to tell the girls before their group date, right?

Massie’s Bedroom
5:45 PM

“Can you pass the mascara?” she half-yelled-half-giggled at Claire who was hogging all of her YSL “Shocking” Mascara as Massie had a thick layer of eye lashes clamped between the metal prongs of her eye lash curler.

Claire finally stopped making kissy faces in the mirror as she tossed the mascara onto Massie’s vanity table and sauntered over to Dylan.

“Did you hear that Chris and Cam are making some soccer video? Apparently they are going to use it to get more guys to sign up for the team.” Claire asked Dylan who was trying on top number 15 even though the first 10 were super cute.

“Yeah I did. Did you hear who’s filming it? Skyeeee” Dylan pretended to throw up all over Massie’s mannequin.

“Seriously, what is her problem?” Kristen asked the girls with a disgusted look upon her face.

“Apparently directing movies is considered an art, just like dancing is,” Alicia said with an over-dramatic pirouette.

The girls laughed at Alicia’s perfect imitation but all Massie could muster was a fake smile. She knew she only had 15 minutes to tell the girls but she was still trying to decide how. Would they hate her for keeping it a secret? Would they feel left out because only Massie and Claire had ever received an “I love you”? Would they expect her to say it in front of everyone tonight?  Massie’s stomach flipped and flopped at the idea of saying those precious words in front of her best friends as they all watched, wide eyed and jealous. She tried to force her mouth to form the words but they just wouldn’t.

She quietly slipped into her closet to change but instead she sat down on the chaise and took a few deep breaths.

“These are your best friends! You’ve always shared everything. Just tell them!” She whispered to herself as she ripped a coral Oasis sundress off it’s hanger and slipped it on.

“Tell us what?” She heard a voice whisper behind her.

Massie turned around so fast, she thought her whole closet was upside down for a second. Once her amber eyes refocused, she noticed Claire’s blonde hair and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

“Ehmagawd, Claire! You scared me. Get in here,” Massie pulled her friend inside and quietly shut the door.

 “What’s wrong?” Claire asked.

“I have a secret. A big one,” Massie started as she bit her lip nervously, no longer caring about her perfectly applied Summer Strawberry Glossip Girl.

“Spill!” Claire demanded, curiosity overtaking her normally calm face.

Massie looked at the ground as she considered what she was about to do. She thought about making something up but she just couldn’t hold it in anymore, a part of her was excited to spill about her and Derrick’s ahmazing relationship.

“Me and Derrick said ‘I love you’,” the words tumbled out.

“Awwww! That’s so ah-mazing! Congratulations!” Claire said as she enveloped her friend in a hug.

Massie tried to smile back but she knew the other girls wouldn’t feel the same.

“You’re scared the others will be jealous or something, right?” Claire asked, knowingly.

“Yeah… I don’t want them to think I’m leaving them behind! You and I are the only ones in serious relationships, what if they think I’ll be too busy to hang out and do normal Pretty Committee stuff?” Massie asked.

The doorbell trilled from downstairs as Massie heard Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan shriek.

“Just announce it tonight after our date!” Claire said as she hurried out of the closet to grab her bag.

Massie slipped on her brown leather wedges, grabbed her clutch, and swiped her phone off her desk as she followed the girls downstairs. Everyone was saying hello and hugging as Massie awkwardly joined the group. Derrick wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her forehead.

“Hey Block,” He flipped his brown shaggy hair to the side as he smiled into her eyes.

“Hey,” Massie whispered nervously.

“Awww you two are so cute together!” Alicia teased Massie with a smile.

Massie laughed nervously as she glanced at Claire who was giving her a reassuring smile.

Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad?

Hey girlies! Thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post, I’ve decided to change my blogging style! As you saw on my last post, I will now be writing in Clique novel format rather than normal blogging. Writing this way is easier for me and adds something a little extra in my opinion (: I hope you guys like it!

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 I’ve also added a new widget to my sidebar that will consist of updates in between posts. I will be posting shout outs to bloggers, alerting you guys of newly updated pages, and spreading important information I want all of my lovely followers to know!

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16 thoughts on “Because I Really Fell For You ♥

  1. Hey MBL 🙂 I love the new writing format! It reminds of when I read the Clique novels! I get what you mean, it’s confusing to know if Alicia, Dylan and Kristen will be happy for you or jealous, but I think you’ll have to to tell them. If they’re your real friends, they’ll support you through anything. Wonderful post, looking forward to the next one! And thanks for the shout out girlie!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Love the song girlie! And such a gorgeous post! I would tell Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan because they’ve gotten boys when you were single before. They will understand and be happy for you if they genuinely respect your friendship. Thanks so much for the shoutout girlie!! The picture is gorgeous! I love the flowers in it! And I think all of the ideas for the cheerleaders were amazing! I would’ve loved every one of them, personally. Amazing post girlie!!


  3. Hey Massie,
    Love love love the way you are writing now.
    I remembered you used to do theclique fanfic before? Could you like that to me on facebook and I’ll link this other amazing fanfic i read last year too.
    I love how you’re taking the pretty committee and putting on such a mature twist to it now. Remember when Lisi Harrison was all ‘crushes’ and ‘lip kisses’. Haha. – Karen.

  4. Hey MBL,
    I love your new writing style. It’s definitely very unique and makes your blog seem to be a missing page from one of Lisi’s books. I love it!
    That’s so sweet about you and Derrick. But then again you guys were always the perfect couple.

    ♥ Madeleine

    p.s. Love that song by Train!

  5. MBL,
    I love this post! I agree with Karen, I love the way you’re writing your posts now. The idea of the cheerleaders is a really great idea! I’m sure they’ll love it. I’m sure the PC will be thrilled for you and Derrick.


  6. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Heart the new format of your posts, I definitely agree that it gives your posts a little extra. The party sounds like its going to be a blast! Lets hope Massie musters up the courage to tell the girls after the date!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  7. Hey girl!!!! Long time no talk!!! It’s Claire from missclairebear 🙂 I just dropped in to say hi and how I absolutely love the blog look and that I’m trying to reunite with all my old WP friends 🙂
    I also made a new blog about the real me, so help spread the word? Thanks love 🙂

  8. Oh-my-gawd… Your blog is ah-dorable! Talk about make-over experienced… 😉 So nice to see you’re still around love, and can’t wait to read another grand story from you.


  9. Hey Massie! I love your blog. I remember reading books about you when I was in grade 6 or so. Lovely blog and I will definitely come to see your next post! I just started to blog, today actually! See you around!


  10. Hey Mass, don’t forget to give my blog a shout-out. And to anyone who’s reading this, I’d luh-v it if you could help me out and create a blog for Leesh, Dyl, kris, or Kuh-Laire and complete my PC.

  11. Hey MBL,
    I just heart this weeks post! I hope that you can figure out if you want to tell the gurrls or nawwt. I totes know how difficult it can be to make a decision like that. And Kris’s idea sounds totes ah-dorbs! Hope you can come check out my new post!
    ~Leslie Lynn Rubin~

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