I Tell Myself That I’ll Be Strong

The warm, sticky Summer evening left the tall oak trees slumped over, as if they were begging for water to uplift them out of the heat. The sky rustled overhead as dark clouds slowly collided with white fluffy ones, looking like large, puffy marshmallow next to their ominous neighbors. Massie Block’s amber eyes, rimmed with black MAC eyeliner, flicked over the sky and then back to the horizon as a lonely lightening strike shook the ground.

“Ehmagawddddd,” She tittered, her best friends tensing as the thunder vibrated the dry earth beneath their freshly polished feet.

“At least the party’s inside, right?” Alicia suggested, trying to make the situation seem brighter than the slowly dimming sky.

“I guess,” Massie cast a worried glance over her shoulder.

Not that she’d ever admit it, but thunderstorms frightened her as much as they did Bean. Massie would always curl up with her puppy, buried under blankets, in her basement as The Hills filled the room, hoping to drown out the thunderous claps. No matter how many times her mother reminded her their house was tornado proof, she couldn’t help but shake the feeling her house would collapse in on her, her beautiful clothes and shoes suffocating her slowly.

Massie shook her head and her amber hair, shining from recent highlights, bounced across her face as she re-focused on the pink glittered bags that were digging into her arms. The cheerleading graduation party was tonight and nothing could distract her from the task at hand; keeping thirty girls entertained with zero drama for the next five hours as the seniors were basically worshiped for their all their hard work. It was a goal bordering on the impossible, but Massie had to take it on as cheerleading captain.

The Pretty Committee slowly approached the concierge desk, their arms weighted down by the cheerleader’s gifts, freshly made food, and last minute decorations.

“We’re back! Girls will be arriving shortly so please direct them to our room,” Massie said with a sweet smile to a man in a black uniform sitting behind the concierge desk.

The girls trotted down the hall, anxious to drop off their overwhelming bags and double check all the last minute preparations. When the girls stepped into the made-over room, they let out a collective gasp.

There was a long table that donned a black and white damask tablecloth that was overflowing with h’ordeuvres, sparkling drinks, and flower arrangements. The walls were lined with rented vanities that reminded Massie of the backstage area of a fashion show which were lined with makeup, nail polish, and every facial product available. In the middle of the room, ottomans, chaises, and lounge chairs were arranged in small pods, allowing a perfect seating area for the girls to mingle. The pink, black, and white theme pulled the entire room together, splashed all over the food, balloons, and outfits of the soon-to-be-arriving guests.

“It looks perfect,” Kristen winked at Massie.

“You did such an ah-mazing job,” Dylan grinned.

“Thanks girls,” Massie said proudly. The girls had taken the room from zero to glam-chic in 72 hours and without Massie’s devotion, they would have never been able to pull it off.

Dylan ran straight for the food table, Alicia started choosing the best song to start the party with, Claire prepared her camera to take the best shots of arriving guests, Kristen obsessively arranged the presents for the seniors, and Massie stood back to take in her work of art. She took a long sip of her iced double shot caramel latte, hoping the caffeine would give her the energy rush her body was already craving. She was about to call down to the front desk to ask if they had a coffee machine when a light knock interrupted her thoughts.

“Hellooooo!” Ally screamed as she entered the room, six of the junior cheerleaders behind her. The group paused as they surveyed the room, Massie’s breath caught in her lungs, unable to escape with the success of her party riding on this very moment. The girls faces slowly turned to grins as one of the quieter girls screamed out in excitement.

“This place looks ah-maz-ing!” The five girls around her started chattering all at once, obviously overwhelmed. Massie breathed a heavy sigh of relief, pleased at their reactions.

“Well come on in!” Massie ushered the girls inside.

Slowly girls trickled into the party room, “ohhhh”-ing and “ahhhh”-ing as they arrived. Massie was practically beaming from the compliments and knowing that the seniors would arrive soon was just the icing on the cake. Once the older girls made their grand entrance, she took a huge sigh of relief, everything was about to begin.

“Are your ready for presentssssss?!” Massie screamed over “Lights” by Ellie Goulding, a huge grin on her face.

The senior girls crowded around, practically jumping out of their heels with excitement. Massie slowly handed one pink glittered bag to each girl, laughing at senior’s over-the-top grins.  Once all the girls had a bag in their hands, she shouted for them to open up. As each girl pulled out a monogrammed Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve, the shouts became deafening as glitter fell to a soft cloud at their feet. Massie could barely hear herself think as the girls all compared bags, obviously pleased with the ahmazing gifts. Monica stepped forward to the head of the room, ready to make her last speech as “Head Cheerleader” even though the position had been handed down to Massie over 6 months ago.

“First of all, let’s give a round of applause to Massie who planned this amazing party and got us all these amazing gifts!” Monica grinned as she gestured to the Pretty Committee. The girls smiled humbly and waved off the applause as if to say no-big-deal even though they had given up multiple dates with the boys and one senior’s 4th of July party to ensure everything would go perfectly tonight.

“Next I want to say how much I appreciate this squad. You girls have gotten me through the good and the bad, and knowing I’d always have you guys to count on made High School so much sweeter. I really appreciate all the hard-work you’ve given,” Monica said, a tear swelling at the corner of her eye, getting dangerously close to her mascara.

“I especially want to thank Massie for temporarily stepping in as head cheerleader when I broke my ankle. I love how well you did managing the squad when I was gone. I really hope you get re-elected next year because I think you truly deserve it,” Monica said, smiling at her.

Massie smiled back at Monica even though she was seeing spots and she could have sworn someone was sounding off an air horn less than five feet from her. Temporary? Re-election? She could have sworn when Monica handed down her position it was for the next year and a half… Before she knew it, Monica had finished up her speech and everyone had gone back to snacking, looking at the new laptop sleeves, or getting mani-pedi’s. Massie turned to the Pretty committee, seething.

“Bathroom. Now,” She hissed and stormed out.

Once she was poised over the sink, staring at her reflection while asking God what she did to deserve this, the Pretty Committee burst through the door, obviously running to keep up with her.

“Ehmagawd, I didn’t know you weren’t permannent!” Alicia said between breaths as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“I could have sworn I read in the OCDH Cheerleading Handbook that if a member steps up as captain in the middle of a school year, they are awarded the rest of the year as well as the next,” Kristen said, trying to think of a logical way out.

“Apparently nawt,” Massie growled as she speed-applied her Summer Smoothie lip gloss, the scent of pineapple tickling at her nose.

“What are you going to do?” Dylan looked at Massie, pity slapped across her face.

Massie stared at her friends, trying to assess the damage. Would stepping down from captain really be that bad?  Would she even want to be a part of the squad if she couldn’t lead? Could she really listen to another captain lead them into bad routines and poor outfit choices? Or would it be too much to handle, forcing her to quit?

Massie took a deep breath and turned to the girls.

“Let’s just go back to the party,” Massie said, her voice even and calm.

“Huh?” Claire’s brow crinkled into a tight V.

“Let’s just enjoy tonight and we’ll figure it out later tonight at my sleepover,” Massie instructed, picking up her Tory Burch clutch and walking out the door. The Pretty Committee exchanged a look and followed her, mustering up a few smiles and one grimace from Alicia.

Massie’s hands were slick with sweat as she made her way back to the party room, her mind racing as she tried to decide what to do. Her iPhone slipped out of her hand and crashed to the floor, her new brand new Amy Sia watercolor case flying off her phone and sliding down the hall. Massie couldn’t help but feel like she was loosing her grip on everything.

I rarely get mad when I see my things copyrighted, I normally just send a quick little email asking the person to take it down and they do. Most of the time, I like to think copying happens on accident with so many amazing bloggers out there with such great ideas. But then there are times, it’s hard to ignore the facts and not get beyond pissed when people refuse to give you credit for your idea. For the love of all things holy, if I see one more person steal my Clique pictures with the dates, location, and times I will seriously flip. This was my idea first, as says the date on my post, and for gosh sake’s give me credit when credit is due! I don’t care if Lisi Harrison does the same thing, I was the first to put it on a WP blog therefore it is my original to my blog. I do nawt want to see this on anyone else’s blog again and you can nawt deny it wasn’t my idea first. If you want to do it, that’s fine but ASK me first. Get my permission and I can help you come up with something unique and different that isn’t completely copyrighting my picture. Thank you x a million to all the ahmazing bloggers who actually give me as well as all the other bloggers, credit when credit is due. Thank you for being mature when apparently others are not.

Moving onto more cheerful things, check out The Beauty Bulletin and see Ryan’s Bulletin Board! Also, sign up to be considered in next months drawing 🙂

Since today is the 50,000 View Chat Party, I must say thank you so much to all the ahmazing people who helped me get to 50,000! It really means a lot to me and I can’t believe I finally got here. I really appreciate you girls and it’s ridiculous how much I’ve enjoyed my time on WordPress. Thank you to all the bloggers who make it so ahmazing! 🙂

Check out GMB’s new RL blog!  http://keepingupwithhailey.wordpress.com/

Lastly, Happy 4th of July girlies!

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Stay Beautiful,


10 thoughts on “I Tell Myself That I’ll Be Strong

  1. The party sounds like it was wonderful and absolutely fabulous! I can’t believe that you’re nawt officially head-cheerleader fornext year. But knowing you, I’m sure you’ll come up its an ah-maxing plan to get back on top where you belong. I understand completely what you mean about copying and I find it ridiculous and juvenile. I hope the person who copied your idea will take it down immediately and let you take credit for your ah-maxing idea like you deserve. Wonderful post and thank you so much fe the shout out!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Hey Massie!
    Super fun post!
    Your party sounded great! I would love a party like that! Monica is so gonna get served! How could she do that?Ugh im mad myself even though im not you! I hope you come up with some major plan! Im sorry about your copyright issues,it had happened to me in the past,and it soo gets on my nerves to see all your hard work go to waste. I hope you get it sorted out. Wonderful post! And would you mind giving me a shoutout? Thanks again!

    ~Sydney xx

  3. Great post as always MBL! The AIM party was so much fun, can’t wait for next weeks!
    Sorry to hear about the copy cats! Luckily that hasn’t happened to me, but I can imagine how ah-noying that would be!
    Love Always,

  4. heyyy, awesome post!!! 🙂
    i love it!!! ur story is super interesting!!!! ur so creative!!!
    i dnt know why ppl copyright, its so lame! but dnt worry ur awesome and stay that way!!!
    much love,
    annie :* i like ur background 🙂 xx

  5. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The décor for the party sounds beyond stylish and perfect for the occasion. Sounds like you and the girls had a total blast. I bet it was a total relief the girls liked their gifts so much.
    I would worry about the election for the head cheerleader, you’re guaranteed to get it again!
    Sorry to hear about whoever’s copying you, I hate when that happens. Hope it gets sorted soon.
    By the way, my blogs back up and running, please could you check it out?
    Much appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  6. Hey Massie,
    Amazing post + I love how the blog looks! I’m in love with the background.
    The party sounds great, although I’m sorry to hear about the cheer caption position not being permanent…hopefully you and the girls get that all worked out!
    I’m sorry that people are copying you lovely, originality is hard to come by nowadays. :\\
    Kelsey xx

  7. MBL, I love the post 😉 You should definitely get the captain spot next year, you should bring your case forward. Glad your party went almost perfect, except for Monica’s little slip up. ❤

    And the people copying, it happens. If they aren't taking the warnings then just ignore it, cause us loyal fans will always know you started it ;). And I can't believe I missed your 50 000 view chat. But congrats you definitely deserve all the views ^_^

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