My Side of Things

Hey Lovelies,

I hate making these kinds of posts. I really really really didn’t want to make this. But now I have no choice.

Skye Astrid Hamilton made an entire post dedicated to saying I was wrong when I know I’m right. Here’s the story from my perspective and the proof I have.

I made my post on July 21st. I made my cute date and time pictures earlier that week and I put them in my post. I was a little worried someone might steal them as I mentioned to XOMB in the comments on that post, but I was going to give WP the benefit of the doubt. A few days later, I am reading new posts when I notice Skye’s. Her post was posted on July 24th. I open it up and low and behold, my idea was stolen.

Looking at it, I can tell she’s altered the picture making her corners different and making the text larger but in the end, it’s still my idea splashed all over her blog. I politely asked her to take it down and she had the nerve to say I was copying her. Do you know why? Because she changed the date on her post. You can do that btw, under your post it says publish immediately and you can change that to any date you want. It’s simple and sneaky and she did it.

I was going to drop it, move on and forget and just stay clear of her in the blogging world after she emailed me a pretty nasty email last night. But when I woke up this morning to log on and check my email, I saw she has posted lies about me on her blog. She claims some weird story about how she went on vacation so the date was changed but what she didn’t realize is that WP Emails don’t lie. They are sent the moment you publish a post and it is impossible to change them no matter how many times you edit a post.

She also claims that it’s Lisi’s idea so she should be able to do it, but let me just say this. Every single blog on WordPress is a copyright from Lisi. Every little thing we do isn’t truly ours but we have the respect for the other bloggers by coming up with our own ideas, not going around and making a blog that is simply a bunch of other blogger’s idea. Remember Karen’s Charmed and Dangerous game? That’s the name of a Clique book but no one would dare copy it because she was the one who thought of using it on her blog. OMEB’s charm braceletes? No one would think of using it even though it’s in the book.

I understand that it’s from the book but I was the first one to put it on my blog therefore it’s copyrighted under my name.

Below is the proof.

Skye’s Post Email Above, the date is located in the upper right hand corner and says June 24th. She also has June 24th in her date pictures which seems like that would be the time she made them.

A screen shot of my post being posted on the 21st.

You may have to click on the images to see the dates on them, sorry they’re kind of big!

As you can see, her post was published on the 24th, not the 1st like she changed the date to be.

I really didn’t want to make this fight public but apparently Skye wanted the sympathy vote so she did. I don’t really care if you guys believe me or her, but I just wanted to be able to say my side of things which I wasn’t able to do on Skye’s post since she’s deleted all of my comments.

This post will be taken down in a week or so and the post I made right before this one will be back up.

Stay Beautiful (and moral)


27 thoughts on “My Side of Things

  1. You girls are both ah-mazing blawggers, and I hope that everything will turn out fine, and you girls will be back to liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

  2. Hey ^_^ I read her post too, I hope you and Skye work everything out. But she was wrong to say you were the one copying her….cause you did post it first. But you’re right that everything Clique-inspired is pretty much copyright of Lisi Harrison.

    • Thanks Edralyn! Yes, all I wanted was for her to take it down since I had posted it first! Yeah, that’s why the whole thing is kind of complicated but I just try and respect bloggers wishes and if someone asks me to change something, I would because I understand how horrible it feels to have someone steal your ideas. Unfortunately it happens way too often to me but most bloggers are respectful and mature enough to take it down and handle everything in private. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

  3. Its a shame that this happened, but I hope everything works out 🙂
    Gorgeous blawg girlie. But I can’t wait for the next post.


  4. I hope that you two get everything worked out soon, because it is very irritating to someone if another person was to to copy their idea, picture, or post and Skye was very rude to do that. We all know you’re such a kind Massie, so I hope everyone understands why you posted this. I hope everyone gets the facts straight and clears the drama, because you and Skye are two great blogs and it would be terrible if one of you got a bad reputation!
    Hearts, Leesh

  5. Ugh I’m sorry that happened ! Copiers are the worse..
    I’m going to try and stay out of it, but if I remember correctly she has copied before sooo…
    Kelsey xx

    • Thanks Kelsey 🙂 Yes, I’ve had a couple bloggers come to me lately and say they’ve been in the same situation with her. Frustrating isn’t it? It’s mind-blowing how one blogger can cause so many problems.

  6. Hey Kelsey!
    I’m so sorry to here about this whole copying ordeal. I know from firsthand experiance how annoying it can be but in my case, the copying was solved immediately with no harm done. I hope the same will go for you.
    Either way, I know you had the idea first, so I stand by your side of the story.
    I hope things work out though. 😉

    ♥ Madeleine

  7. Hey Massie.
    Well that’s LAME.
    Skye Hamilton has always annoyed me anyways.
    She copied my iPhone csotu once and claimed she started it first too.
    And her pathetic advertisements on people’s blogs? People should just wipe them off.
    x K

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