You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.

Massie Block dabbed her Essie nail polish brush onto a color-stained paper towel and slowly brushed the coral hue onto her nails while “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction filled the room. Her iPhone dinged with yet another message from the Pretty Committee. Massie sighed and continued to paint her fingernails even though Bean was obsessively barking at her now blinking phone. The girls had been sweet and helpful at the sleepover after the party and they had been trying to give Massie advice for the past week on what to do, but Massie didn’t know what she truly wanted which made their advice overly annoying.

As soon as all the cheerleaders left and the Pretty Committee was back in Massie’s room, she admitted she wasn’t sure if she wanted to dedicate three hours a day for the next year to cheerleading. Sure their teammates were great, the games were fun, and being able to say you were a cheerleader was confidence-boosting x 10, but did they really need the sport to keep all that? The Pretty Committee had been ah-mazing since Day 1 of High School and that would never change, cheerleaders or not.

“Ughhhhhhh” Massie groaned as she slumped into her navy sheets, looking like a newly crowned Miss America as she flapped her hands in front of her face, hoping her nail polish would dry before she needed to go get the girls. She tugged on the floral sundress she wore, the once silky cotton feeling constricting and tight.

They had scheduled one last shopping trip to The Westchester Mall before they jetted off to the Hampton’s for their annual re-lax and re-connect week. Massie normally looked forward to the trip as she imagined flirting with boys on the white sand beaches, brunching and shopping in her favorite town center, and spending hours pool-side as she made one last attempt to preserve her tan for the following winter months. However, with this whole cheerleading-dilemma hanging over her perfectly curled head, it felt like her own personal hell.

Which is why she would tell the girls her final decision tonight.

“Mmmmmmm,” Alicia hummed as she sipped her Iced Passion Tea.

“I can’t believe my legs can still move,” Dylan said, rubbing her thigh muscles with a disgruntled look on her face.

“But it was worth it, right?” Massie said with a grin as she eyed their shopping bags that were surrounding their table, making it difficult for people to walk by.

“Yes! Thanks by the way, I love my new suit,” Claire said patting the J. Crew bag next to her that held a retro-looking two piece that Massie bought for her, insisting it was too cute to pass up.

The girls sipped their drinks for a minute, blissfully unaware that Massie was about to drop a bomb the size of Texas in about three seconds.

“So Massie, what are you going to do about captain?” Kristen asked.

Maybe not.

“I actually wanted to tell you guys today. I’ve made my decision and while I hope you decide to stick with me, I will nawt be hurt if you don’t,” Massie eyed her friends.

“We’ll do what you do, no matter what!” Alicia said with a reassuring smile.

“I’ve decided to step down from the squad,” Massie spat out, relieved she’d finally been able to say it.

“We figured,” Dylan said.

“I’m not ready to spend all 4 years of High School in a stinky gym. I love cheering but it’s become my entire life. I’d rather spend every afternoon doing what I want to do,” Massie said with a shrug as she sipped her Iced Chai Tea.

“Agreed! My grades were seriously suffering,” Kristen laughed.

 The girls laughed for a few seconds as they all considered their lives without 3-hour practices every single night. Massie considered all the possibilities and smiled, knowing she made the right decision.

“Ehmagawd, Monica’s going to freak out! She just lost five members!” Massie cackled as she imagined her cheerleading-obsessed friend hearing that her squad was being handed down at random the next fall.

“Wait, does that mean you’ll have to be the temporary squad leader until they elect a new one?” Alicia asked, her face suddenly serious.

“I guess so,” Massie’s eyebrows formed a deep V as she considered being at the next election, seeing who her legacy was handed down to.

“We should probably schedule that before tryouts. Maybe when we get back from the Hampton’s?” Kristen suggested.

“Perfect! We’ll do it the day before school starts. Now, let’s get out of here! We need to pack, stat! We have a week of tanning awaiting us,”
Massie said with a wink as she loaded up her arms with her shopping bags and led her best friends out the door.

Anyone looking onward would see five best friends- beautiful, graceful, and enigmatic- but something they would never get the privilege of witnessing up-close. Massie smirked as she realized they would never need a label to be considered special. They did that all on their own.

I want to quickly say thank you to all the girls who commented on my last post and made me feel sooo much better. Even though Skye is still choosing to use my image after everything, I love that you guys took the time to read my side and see things through my eyes. I hope I didn’t sound rude or mean in my post, but I was really upset about the things Skye said about me. I’ve cut off all contact with her so she can no longer upset me and cause drama with me and my blog. Thank you so much for the support, I truly truly appreciate you guys and your sweet x 10 comments.

Two of my favorite bloggers are back! Yay 🙂 Kaddie and ARHY are finally back on their blogs so go visit them immediately! For Kaddie’s blog, request to be added and she will add you as soon as she can. Alicia is actually looking for a PC so tell her if you’re interested, she’s an ahmazing role player!

I’ve created a new page called Massie’s Mannequin that features the outfits that I see Massie wearing in my posts, I hope you like them and I hope it helps you envision my story a bit better (:

I’m in need of a new Dylan! Contact me if you’re interested!

Every Friday night I’ll be hosting a “Friday Night Sleepover” chat starting at 2pm Pacific Time, 3pm Mountain Time, 4pm Central Time, and 5pm Eastern Time! Come join me and other WordPress bloggers to chat about everything and anything 🙂

Lastly, I have reopened my Real Life blog! AKeyToKelsey is back up and open to everyone so come visit me on there and learn about the real me 🙂

 Ahmazing Bloggers That I Ah-dore:

Stay Beautiful,


15 thoughts on “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.

  1. Finally, this post has arrived! I was so antsy when we were chatting! LOVE THIS POST X 10. So detailed. Hope you guys have fun!♥ Thanks soo much for the shout out! I’m super pumped to be back! Missed you so much.
    New post(:
    xo, ARHY

  2. Thanks for the shoutout mass! It was fun AIM-ing you! I think it was a good move stepping down from cheerleading! Glad the PC supported you!
    Love Always

  3. Hey Massie!
    Excited to see what you’ll end up doing with the cheerleaders.
    Gorgeous posts, they’re always very entertaining to read so great jawb sweetie.
    ex oh Karen.

  4. Hey M!
    Great Post!
    I totally agree with your desicision to step down from the squad. It shows you have maturity and enough confidence to not need to be a cheerleader. Love the post!

    Sydney xx

  5. Hola Massie! I totes agree with your decision to step down from captain, it’ll give you more time to do what you want and more time to hang out with the PC. Can’t wait to rerad your next post. I had fun IM-ing with you and the other girls tonight!

    Thanks for the shout out, Mass! (:


  6. Hey, Massie! That’s good that you stopped cheerleading, because you didn’t want it taking over your life anymore. Also, I am glad TPC didn’t become angry, but instead agreed with you that it was too much. Hopefully Monica will take it okay, though! 🙂 That’s too bad that Skye is continuing to use your image, but at least you two aren’t totally arguing about it anymore. Thank you for the shoutout, chicka!
    Hearts, Leesh

  7. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Seems like a weight has finally been lifted off of Massie concerning the whole cheerleading thing. At least TPC understand!
    Sounds like you’re going to have a total blast at The Hamptons!
    Glad to hear you’ve sorted things out with the whole Skye situation, hopefully you’ll be able to put it behind you and move on.
    Looking forward to the next Friday night chat!
    By the way, new post, check it out when you have time?
    Much appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  8. Massie,
    Great post!
    I like that Massie decided to quit the squad and that you had her even cnonsider it – it’s really something Massie would do!
    I love your writing style so much! Just like Lisi.


  9. I love the way you write your posts. It’s definitely a bit different than Lisi’s, because it connects us with Massie. I like the way you brought Massie to life. Good for Massie for doing what she wants to do! 🙂
    The chats sound like so much fun and a way I could meet other bloggers! I’m still a WordPress newbie, after all. Unfortunately, I’m on vacation right now and the time would work out for me as 6AM on Saturday morning. When I get back, though, I’d like to join. Please 🙂
    Is there any way I can contact Kaddie and ask her to be allowed to view her blog? Thank you!

  10. Hey Massie,
    I think you totally made the right decision to step down from the team 🙂 Its soo much stress. Now you can just have fun with TPC.
    I hope things with Skye get better. And it was good to see things in your Point of View!!


  11. Ah, I love What Makes You Beautiful!
    I love the Miss America referance! Very clever!
    I understand! Cheerleading can be very tough! Poor Monica though!
    KADDIE IS BACK!! WHAT IS HER BLOG URL? Please would you mind telling me? I got so much inspiration from her!
    I am totally checking out your RL blog!

    Mind dropping me a comment? xoxxo

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