All Summer Long♥

Massie Block smiled at the ground and then flicked her eyes up to Derrick’s, her vision changing from a pair of red flats to the gorgeous grin that belonged to her boyfriend. Massie breathed a heavy sigh, happy she could still call Derrick her boyfriend after the week they had. As soon as she spilled, he did something she had never expected; dropped everything and met her in the Hampton’s. When he had arrived, only 5 hours after her initial phone call, they started talking. After being honest with him about how she was feeling, she was shocked to find out he felt the same way.

While girl’s week had been ruined, the Pretty Committee decided to stay in the Hampton’s another week. It had been five days since their original fight and Massie’s cheeks were actually sore from smiling so much. While they still had to work on things, Derrick had been taking her out to her favorite restaurants, treating her to walks on the beach, and spending every moment working on their relationship. Luckily for the Pretty Committee, Derrick was accompanied by the rest of the crushes, turning their girls week into a couple’s week.

Massie had felt guilty at first that the girl’s special time together was ruined by the boys, but seeing her best friends having such a fantastic time quickly changed her mind. She wasn’t the only one being treated to fancy dinners and romantic dates which made her feel ten times better when she ditched everyone for an afternoon of frozen yogurt and splashing in the ocean.

Derrick twirled Massie’s fingers in his as they walked down Massie’s favorite boulevard that was filled with gorgeous little clothing boutiques, bakeries spilling the aroma of fresh bread, and trinket stores overflowing with nautical accessories. Massie’s eyes lit up as they passed her favorite clothing store, Everything But Water, a cute shop filled with beach wear and preppy sundresses.

“Awww I love this place! Let’s go in,” Massie grinned at Derrick, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Alright,” Derrick said hesitantly as they stepped inside the girly boutique.

Massie tried on a couple rings and bracelets, wiggling her hands at Derrick and asking what he thought. After turning ten different rings down, he finally studied the counter, pulling out a small golden ring with a starfish on it. It had four diamonds in an oval pattern and the rough gold was beautiful, it reminded Massie of Derrick’s personality. A little rough around the edges but once you dug deep enough, there was something that sparkled.

He slipped the ring onto her finger.

“Perfect,” He whispered as he smiled at her.

Massie felt her heart flip as his amber eyes stared back into hers. He quickly pulled the ring off her finger and walked away.

“Hey! I wanted that,” Massie put her hand on her hips, cinching her lace Lilly Pulitzer dress.

“I know,” He said with a gleam in his eyes as he walked up to the cashier’s counter and handed over six twenty dollar bills. As soon as he had the receipt in his pocket he was back at Massie’s side, slipping the ring onto her finger.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Massie pouted out her bottom lip, even though she had almost swooned at the sweet gesture.

He responded by kissing her lightly on the forehead and leading her back out onto the street. They meandered down to Scoop DuJour, an ice cream shoppe, where he bought them each a cone of ice cream. Massie kept licking her ice cream and catching small glimpses of the beautiful ring now adorning her finger, a smile spreading across her lips each time.

They eventually found themselves at the end of the boulevard, only the beach ahead.

“Do you want to walk on the beach?” Derrick asked her.

“I have flats on,” Massie shrugged.

“Take them off,” He giggled back at her.

“I just got a pedicure! I don’t want to mess it up,” Massie said eyeing her pretty pink toenails.

Derrick seemed to be considering the situation for a second as Massie stared up at him, waiting for him to respond. All of a sudden he smiled and lunged at her, picking her up and carrying onto the warm sand.

“Ehmagawd, noooo!” Massie screamed, flailing her legs and arms.

“Want me to drop you in the ocean?” Derrick joked as they got closer to the incoming tide.

“Fine, fine, fine! Put me down!” Massie giggled as she kicked off her flats, the warm sand burning her feet. She ran down to the ocean, letting the cool water flow over her feet. She looked back at Derrick, grinning, as he slipped off his Sperry boat shoes and walked down to her. When he grabbed her hand, his fingers found the ring as he twirled it around her dainty knuckle. He slowly leaned in and kissed her for real this time, Massie’s stomach swooping.

All of those friendship-only feelings were slowly disintegrating as they found the right beat to their relationship. With the beach, the sun, and their ice cream melting in their hands, the moment couldn’t have been more perfec-

“Massie! Hey!” Massie heard a familiar voice and jerked her face away from Derrick’s.

She turned to see Claire, Cam, Alicia, and Josh striding down the beach, clad in bikinis, cover-ups, and sandals in hand. Claire’s pale cheeks had turned a bright red, slightly resembling Dylan’s fiery red hair. Alicia on the other hand, looked like a beach goddess with her beachy waves hanging halfway down her back and her tan skin making her teal bikni the perfect pop of color.

“Hey! What are you guys doing over here?” Massie asked, happy to see familiar faces.

“Isaac drove us over a couple hours ago,” Claire smiled.

“It’s almost five o’clock by the way, do you guys want to head back to the house and then we can all get dinner?” Alicia asked Massie and Derrick.

“Yeah, I’m getting pretty hungry,” Derrick said grinning at Massie.

Massie took one last look at the ocean, the expansive blue waves seemed overwhelmingly beautiful under the hot, white sun.

“Let’s go,” Massie said as she headed up the beach, holding her dress down against the wind.

As the girls walked up the beach together, Claire and Alicia discussed their day on the beach, apparently Josh and Cam had been ogling other girls in micro-bikinis. Massie glanced at Derrick behind her as she brought her hand up to her face, trying to calm her amber hair that wouldn’t stop whipping in the wind.

“Woah! What is that,” Alicia asked as she grabbed Massie’s hand, inspecting her new ring.

“Oh-la-la!” Claire singsonged as she eyed the diamonds.

“Did Derrick get this for you?” Alicia asked, pretending to make kissy faces at her.

“Yeah, yeah he did,” Massie said as she stared at the gold metal that made her pulse race and her lips involuntarily smile every time she looked at it.

For once in her life, she wasn’t going to be humble. Actually, she would rather stand up on the tallest dune in the Hampton’s and shout to all of New York she had finally figured her life out. And for once, she was far from alone.

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14 thoughts on “All Summer Long♥

  1. This was really and truly sweet!
    The starfish ring and how it symbolizes Derrick’s personality, ( A little rough but once you dug deep enough, there was something that sparkled) was very lovely.
    Your best post to date!
    I wish you and Derrick the very best.

    ♥ Madeleine

  2. Massie,
    This is such a great post! I love how you and Derrick are really working on your relationship and that he didn’t take your feelings in the wrong way. It’s so sweet that he bought you that ring, too! I love how you made the connection between him and the ring.
    Can’t wait for your next post!


  3. M,
    Great post lovely!
    It sounded like you and Derrick really bonded during your time in the South Hamptons. He is so sweet to you,and you two are so cute! I will totally check out DAFA and thanks for Beuty Bulletin!

    Sydney xx

  4. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sounds like you made the right decision with Derrick. How sweet of him to buy you a Starfish ring, especially with the hidden symbolisation, that makes it all the more personal.
    By the way, new post with an important message on my blog, please could you check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  5. Hey Massie!
    asdfghjk; Derrick is so sweet omg. Especially with him giving you that ring<3
    And I checked out the page with all that outfits and holy jesus they are all sooo cute, I'm in love! haha (:
    Kelsey xx

  6. Ah-dorable post MBL! Derrick is soo sweet for buying you the ring and flying with the boys to see you! So glad that he felt the same way and wants to fix that! (: Can’t wait to hear more about everything!

    xoxo, Leesh

  7. Your day with Derrick sounds like it was perfect. That’s so sweet that he bought you the starfish necklace! The outfit you wore is ah-dorable. Dial A For Alpha is a great blog, I ah-dore it!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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