One You’re Saving For A Rainy Day

Massie Block padded across her warm bedroom floor, iPhone in one hand and Bean in the other. She opened her closet door with her foot and stepped into her 8×9 foot slice of heaven, avalanching a pile of shoes, sweaters, and jeans she was ‘donating’ to Claire in the process. She set Bean down on her plush chaise and then quickly sent off two texts, one to the Pretty Committee and one to the cheerleading squad. They were all meeting at Panera in one hour to get breakfast and “chat” about Cheerleading.

Massie’s stomach had been twisting all morning with the thought of telling the team she no longer wanted to be head cheerleader and that the Pretty Committee was quitting the squad. After spending the past two weeks in the Hampton’s, she didn’t even want to think about going back to school.

Massie slid her fingers over her casual day dresses, debating which outfit said “I’m-so-sorry-I’m-no-longer-your-captain-but-please-love-me!” the best. Massie looked over at her mannequin that no longer held day-to-day outfits, not because she no longer loved fashion but because she quickly realized that obsessing over appearances was a waste of time, she looked fabulous no matter how ‘perfect’ her outfit was.

 Her mannequin was currently adorned in a shimmery dress that made her smile every time she looked at it. Massie Block’s birthday was coming up, August 31st to be exact, and she was lucky enough to have landed her birthday on a Friday which meant everyone would be celebrating her at her birthday party.

Massie shook her head, trying to focus on the present and quickly selected a mint button up dress and black Kate Spade spade earrings. After slipping on simple black flats, she was out the door and on her way, wishing she had left her worries behind.

When Isaac pulled up at Panera, she saw the cheerleaders sitting at a couple tables pushed together outside on the patio with her four best friends at the head. When she stepped out of the Range Rover a wave of warm air washed over her, pulling at her curls and flicking at the hem of her dress. She quickly strode over to the group, smiling at the Pretty Committee as they were the only ones who noticed her approaching.

Alicia clapped her hands twice and gathered everyone’s attention as Massie sat down and took a sip of her pre-ordered caramel iced coffee.

“Hello everyone! Thanks for being able to make it to our first meeting of the year!” Massie smiled, trying not to throw-up.

“Why are you here? I heard you quit,” a Junior cheerleader asked her, giggling at the group of three girls around her.

“Yes, well, we have decided to quit the squad which means we need to elect a new captain to manage tryouts,” Massie said, her smile feeling faker by the minute. “Any nominations?”

About a dozen hands rose and Kristen dutifully copied the names down into Massie’s Kate Spade notebook. Once the nominations were over, she had everyone write their nomination on a piece of paper and hand it in. Once all the names were tallied, Massie held up the name of the girl who was to replace her.

“Congratulations Alicia Rivera?” Massie said, her eyebrows forming a tight v in confusion. “We quit, she can’t be captain. Vote again,” Massie said as she dumped all of the votes into a nearby trashcan.

“Actually Massie, I’ve decided to stay on the team….” Alicia said, her mouth forming a guilty frown.

“Uhhhhh, okay,” Massie said, stunned and speechless as she stepped aside.

“Thank you everyone for electing me! I’ll send out all of the details about tryouts so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for coming and I’ll see you next week!” Alicia said, turning back to the Pretty Committee.

Massie eyed her best friend, the girl she thought she knew everything about. Even though she was trying to focus on the moment, she kept thinking about how Alicia had stolen the Socc-hers back in eighth grade, it felt so long ago. While Massie knew the girls had grown so much since that day, she couldn’t help but feeling the same punch-in-the-stomach feeling she had back then.

“Massie, I’m really sorry. I thought I wanted to focus on dance again but after a few practices I realized that I enjoyed cheering more. I didn’t try to become captain, I just mentioned before you got here that I was still going to cheer and I guess people jus-” Alicia was cut off by Massie clearing her throat in a phlegmy cough.

“It’s alright Alicia, I understand that this is your dream. I’m glad I’m leaving it to you,” Massie said, touching her friend’s arm lightly.

Alicia enveloped her in an Angel-musked hug and Massie squeezed back. She tried to be happy for her but she was having a hard time accepting it. Alicia had always been her best friend and her biggest competition, but wasn’t all that behind them? Massie sighed and smiled at Alicia.

“Let’s go shopping, I still need decorations for my birthday party!” Massie stepped into the Range Rover.

The girls hopped in behind her and chatter filled the cool air. Massie pressed her forehead against the slick window, staring at the familiar streets of the town she knew so well. Even though she truly was happy that Alicia was taking over, a part of her was questioning if quitting was the right thing to do after all. She closed her eyes and let “Three Wishes” by The Pierces wash over her as she tried to let it go.

One day she’d stop being surprised by her friends but unfortunately, today would not be that day.

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14 thoughts on “One You’re Saving For A Rainy Day

  1. Massie,
    Great post!
    Your outfit sounds so adorable and simple.
    I honestly think that’s really terribly shady of Alicia! I can’t believe she didn’t tell Massie beforehand. I’m really surprised about Massie’s maturity concerning the whole ordeal, though! I don’t think even I could have handled that as classy as Massie did.
    Can’t wait for your next post, gorgeous! Thank you tons for the shoutout!


  2. Hey Massie=) Love the post! I think quitting was for the best. I hope Alicia does an ah-mazing job as captain. I also am going to email you some info, so check it ASAP!

  3. Hey Massie,
    I love the sound of your outfit, it sounds gorg (:
    Well that’s weird with what happened with Alicia :\\ I hope she only has pure intentions and really was truthful when she said that she liked cheer more than dance…
    Congrats on finding a Dylan and thank you for the shout out! (: xx

  4. Cute outfit! Comfy and stylish.
    I hope the squad will still love you!
    I love Panera. It is a fabulous place to eat.
    Congrats to Alicia but I cannot believe she ditched you guys like that! I hope everything is well with your friendship.
    Congrats to Dylan being back!
    Thank you for the shoutout!

    New post xoxxo

  5. Oooh. Alicia’s going back to her old sneaky ways, m?
    I’d like to see how Massie is going to handle this – maybe some lying like snakes in long grass action again? Or is Mass too mature for childish people like Alicia now?

  6. I feel so sorry for Massie 😦 There’s nothing worse than thinking that you know something about someone and then not knowing it after all and being made a fool in the end.
    A random side note: I love the picture of the flowers on the side! It’s so pretty.

  7. Hey Massie!
    That is strange that Alicia decided to stay on the cheerleading squad without telling you before hand, but I’m sure she had the best of intentions. Give her the benefit of the doubt and I’m sure things will turn out fine! 🙂

    ♥ Madeleine

  8. Hey Massie,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sincere apologies for the delayed response, having been in Portugal it meant I was unable to post, comment and such. If you could spread the word I’m back I’d highly appreciate it.
    Even though Massie is second thinking her choice to quit the Cheer squad, it could be worse, the squad could have been handed down to an .L.B.R. so its in safe hands with Alicia. Even if it is quite risky with the whole back-stabbing thing.
    Thank you ever so much for the shoutout!
    By the way, very important notice in my new post on my blog right now, please could you check it out when you get chance?
    Much appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  9. Quitting the cheerleading squad is quite a bold decision, but if that’s what you think is best for the new school year then you’re probably right. I’m sure Alicia will do a great job being the new head cheerleader. I understand how you felt when you found out that Alicia was going to be the head cheerleader. Just like what happened in the eighth grade with the Socc-Hers, but maybe this was meant to be. Maybe you’ll find an activity you like even more than cheerleading for the new school year. Wonderful post!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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