The WordPress Awards — Round 2

Bonjour ma Chéries!

Thank you so much to all the girlies who voted in the polls this past week and congratulations to all the girls who are now in the top of their categories. This week’s polls have been narrowed down to the top bloggers in each category and this time you may only vote for one blogger.

The winners will be posted on September 8th at the beginning of Massie’s birthday post 🙂

May the best bloggers win!

Congratulations to for winning Best Claire! There was a mistake in the first poll, the opposing blogger was her old Claire blog. Congrats girlie!

Congratulations to the Best Fashion Blog:

Congratulations to the Best Group Blog:

I am still looking for a Claire! Email me or comment on my TCPC page if you are interested.

Check out Natalie’s blog renovations! They are super gorgeous!

Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend girlies 🙂

Alpha-Worthy Blogs:

Stay Beautiful,


11 thoughts on “The WordPress Awards — Round 2

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  2. Hey Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Congratulations to those who have already been crowned winners, very well deserved!
    Can’t wait for the big reveal on September the 8th of who has won the WordPress Awards!
    Thank you so much for giving my blog renovations a shoutout too!
    Much Appreciate.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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