That Magic We Got, That Nobody Can Touch♥

“Ehmagawd, are you kidding me?” Massie Block asked, her mouth slightly ajar. She was sitting on her teal-blue bed cover with cotton balls between her toes with a bottle of nail polish remover in one hand and a Starbucks pumpkin latte in the other.

“No! I swear,” Victoria answered Massie and looked around nervously at the other girls.

“Word for word, what did he say?” Alicia demanded.

“Okay. He came up to me and introduced himself. Then he asked me how I was liking my classes, the Pretty Committee, Westchester, you know, the basics. Then he said quote ‘I’m going to this party on Saturday night. Do you want to be my date?’ End quote,” Victoria answered, trying to remember the foggy details.

“Ehmagawd. Do you think he asked just to make you jealous Massie?” Kristen asked as she popped a grape into her mouth.

“Well obviously. He knows were best friends and he knew you’d tell me,” Massie countered.

“So what should we do?” Claire asked Massie.

“Oh, Victoria’s going to that party,” Massie replied as she hopped up from the bed to grab a new nail polish color. She plucked up “Lacy Not Racy” by Essie.

“What!?” Victoria spat.

“Calm down, we’ll be there too,” Massie said as she blew on a nail.

“But what if Landon sees you?” Dylan pointed out.

“We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t,” Massie said with a wink. “Now let’s get ready, we have less than 24 hours to pick out killer outfits.”

Massie settled onto her bed as she watched her friends raid her closet. Victoria had been in Westchester for less than one week and the Pretty Committee was already treating her like family. When she stepped into Massie’s house last Saturday, she wasn’t sure if the girls would like Victoria or not, but after 5 hours of baking, painting pumpkins, and laughing ’til their abs hurt, Massie knew it was fate.

On Monday morning Massie picked up Victoria before school and she ate lunch at table eighteen. While almost everyone already knew who Victoria was due to the Pretty Committee’s obsessive Facebook tagging, everyone spent the day swarming them to officially introduce themselves.

While Massie normally adored being the center of attention, but she was sick of people following them, texting Massie and asking her to share Victoria’s phone number, and guys that usually focused on all five of them now only had their eyes on ‘the new girl.’

Apparently Landon Crane felt the need to ask out Victoria and Massie wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to remind Landon it was nawt cool to ask out her friends, whether they be new or old.

“Do you think this outfit says ‘I love you Landon’ or is it too tame?” Alicia asked as she held up a sequined dress and wedged heels.

“Perfect,” Massie said with a smirk.

“She’s in his car!” Claire hissed into Massie’s ear, her hot breath sending a shiver down Massie’s spine.

“Ehmagawddddd! You gave me goosebumps!” Massie squealed as she held her arm out to the vent that was blowing warm cinnamon scented air around her car.

“Follow them!” Dylan said as she turned up Massie’s speakers.

“Okay, okay,” Massie chided her friends as she pulled out and followed Landon’s grey Hummer down his street.

“Whose party is Landon taking her to?” Kristen asked.

“A senior’s right?” Claire responded.

“Who cares? We’ll be there all of five minutes. Don’t forget that Josh is throwing a party tonight,” Massie looked in the mirror at Alicia.

“Yeah, we have to go,” Alicia demanded.

“Are you guys good after your meetup the other day?” Massie grinned slyly at Alicia, hinting at Josh’s latest text asking her to meet up for a kiss.

“Maybe…” Alicia winked at the girls and laughed, trying not to give too much away.

The girls drove along for a couple minutes until Landon’s car pulled up to a crowded street. After they spotted the house that was overflowing with their classmates, Massie parallel parked and the girls got out, trying to steer clear of any Landon sightings.

“Victoria just texted me and said they’re inside in the living room,” Massie told the girls as they wove their way through hoards of people.

The girls pushed their way into the house and found their way to kitchen which was caddy-corner to the living room. They glanced over everyone there, trying to find Victoria. Finally the sparkle of her sequined dress caught Massie’s eye and she locked in on her and Landon.

Landon was shamelessly flirting with her, obviously pleased that he was the first boy Victoria has said yes to all week.

“Ugh. He’s disgusting,” Massie shouted over Ke$ha’s “Die Young.”

“I know, right? He’s only dating her because no one else has yet,” Alicia said with a smug look on her face.

“Well, not for long,” Massie smiled.

She turned to the guy next to her and put on a big smile.

“Can you get me a drink?” She fluttered her eyelashes a couple times and the boy was quickly running away.

The girls behind her cracked up as they watched the boy pour her a drink and rush back to the group.

“Thanks!” Massie said, taking the red solo cup from him.

The boy stood there awkwardly for a minute until Massie turned her back on him.

“Are you guys ready?” She asked the girls.

They nodded back at her.

Massie linked her arm with Alicia and the five of them took off through the crowd, slowly making their way to Landon and Victoria. When they were right behind him, the girls started dancing and trying to look natural. Massie tuned around and locked eyes with Victoria who smiled at her. They were ready.

Massie took a step back and “accidently” bumped into Landon. Hard.

“Ehmagawd!” Massie squealed loudly as she turned around, pretending to be pissed.

“Massie?” Landon’s mouth hung open in a perfect o and she could see all the color drain from his face.

“Landon? What are you doin….. Victoria?” Massie feigned surprise as she knitted her eyebrows together. “What is going on? Are you guys like on a date?”

“Yeah! Do you know him?” Victoria asked Massie in a perfectly innocent voice.

“Of course I know him, he’s my ex-boyfriend,” Massie replied with a hand on her hip.

“Ohmygosh Massie! I didn’t know! I’m so sorry!” Victoria said as she ran to Massie, pretending to beg for forgiveness.

“Oh, it’s okay, sweetie,” Massie said as she hugged her friend.

“What were you thinking asking out one of Massie’s best friends?” Alicia fired off at Landon.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Dylan asked accusingly.

“I didn’t know! I swea-” Landon tried to say but Massie cut him off.

“Yeah because it’s not like we haven’t been hanging out all week. I can’t believe you would cross that line and ask out one of my friends. How desperate are you?” Massie said as she took her drink and poured it over Landon’s head.

The girls took a step back to avoid the sloppy spill but they almost couldn’t stand they were laughing so hard. Eventually the crowd around them realized what was happening and started to giggle at Landon who was completely drenched. The girls took one last look and walked right past Landon.

“Victoria! Wait!” Landon cried out.

“Sorry, I don’t date my friend’s ex’s,” She said with sweet-smile and followed the girls out.

Once they were back in Massie’s car, they were howling with laughter and tears were streaming down their faces.

“That was absolutely hilarious!” Dylan giggled as she sipped a Redbull.

“Seriously Massie, that was awesome,” Kristen laughed.

“Thank you, I owe it all to Victoria who played her part beautifully,” Massie said as she gestured to Victoria who was laughing in the passenger’s seat.

“You are very welcome,” Victoria said with a smile. She melted her face into ‘surprised Victoria’ and said, “I can’t believe you are Massie’s ex-boyfriend! Ehmagawddddd!!!”

Massie started her car and pulled away from the crowded house as the girls retold the story in her backseat. Through all the giggling and laughing she could hardly understand what they were saying but she could feel her body buzzing from the excitement. As she looked in her rear-view mirror, she could have sworn she saw a tall, handsome guy drying off with an old towel next to a grey Hummer.

“Josh’s house next, right?” Alicia whispered in Massie’s left ear.

She smiled at Alicia and winked.

When she looked back in the mirror she saw nothing but the empty road behind her as they were onto the next adventure of the evening.

Bonjour Lovelies!

I hope you enjoyed my revenge post, I normally don’t throw too much evil-Massie into my stories but it was fun 🙂

I have an exciting announcement to make! I have opened a new group blog with MKX and GMB. It is called Spotlight On The Socialites and it is completely dedicated to WordPress News and Gossip. Now I know you’re thinking “OMG Not another gossip blog!” but you have nothing to worry about. This blog is all about positive WordPress gossip. For example: new bloggers, contests, girls reaching record breaking views, blogging anniversaries, bloggers that are leaving, etc. Everything on SOTS will be about embracing WordPress and the Clique community, not about destroying it. Please visit and take a look and submit any information about your blog that you want us to mention in our first official post!

Check out the latest Beauty’s Bulletin, AliciaRiveraHeartsYou, and her amazing Bulletin Board! Also, I have changed the format so there are now 2 beauty bloggers every month so please check the calendar to see when you’re up!

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I hope you all like my new makeover 🙂 Thanks to ARHY for helping me decide on pictures for the header!

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34 thoughts on “That Magic We Got, That Nobody Can Touch♥

  1. Hey Massie!
    That was hilarious! EHMAGAWD Landon’s face was to die for! He’s so done. I ah-dore Victoria!! Thanks for the shout outs:) and congrats on the new blog! I’m happy it’s positive and not negative stuff like GG! Haha:) love ya bye!


  2. Hey MBL,
    Victoria sounds absolutely wonderful! And the Landon thing was totally hilarious!
    I’m definitely looking to the new group blog that you’ve opened with GMB and MKX. 🙂

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Landon most definitely got what he deserved in the end, talk about LBR trying to make your jealous going for Victoria, not to mention disobeying the rule of not to date any of your besties.
    Bumping into him, acting innocent about him and Victoria, then pouring your drink over him definitely showed him.
    Intrigued for Spotlight On The Socialites, would it be possible for my new contest to gain an honourable mention? Much appreciated.
    I’ll be sure to check out the updated Beauty’s Bulletin!
    “Will you walk into my parlour?”
    Be sure to check out my most recent post to enter ♚Gruesome Goolies!
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. Hey Massie,
    Beautiful post (: I loved what you girls did to Landon! He totally deserved it. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to date your ex’s friends.
    I love the idea of your girls’ new blog! And it’s gorgeous.
    Kelsey x

  5. MBL,
    I have to admit, I quite enjoyed this revengeful side of Massie haha. 🙂 You and the Pretty Committee got back at Landon perfectly and even managed to humiliate him in front of everyone at the party. Great job. 😉 Victoria seems to be fitting into the Pretty Committee very well! I am so excited about SOTS, and I am so happy that it is open to the public now! We should meet on AIM sometime to plan out our first post! And thank you for the shout out darling! 🙂

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  6. Massie,
    Great post!
    It’s great that the PC accepted Victoria so quickly, and took her in as if she were there all along!
    I love what you did to Landon! I like seeing Massie’s meaner side, and your write it so well!
    It’s great that you’re making a positive news blog! I’ll check it out now!


  7. I love your blog, very unique as I’m sure thats what you aim for. I just opened my blog today, so I was hoping you could come by and help spread the word! Its kind off ironic you MKX and GMB are opening such a site, perf for me, hehe :). Anyways, enjoy your day!

    XO – Massie

  8. Hey Massie! Ah-mazing post 🙂
    That’s great that you and Victoria have become friends! 🙂
    The revenge idea was so clever and funny! Landon totally deserved it! I can only imagine the shocked look on his face, LOL!
    The SOTS blog is a great idea! Nice to finally have a GOOD gossip blog on WP.
    Love the header! Also, thanks for putting me on the list!
    Hearts, Leesh

  9. MBL,

    Sounds like Victoria is a really great girl! Hope I’ll be seeing her in other posts?

    Great revenge on Landon! He really deserves it! What will you do if he begs for you back, ’cause he most likely will 😉


  10. Wonderful, wonderful post!
    I loved seeing a bit of revenge from Massie, and Landon completely deserved it for asking out one of your friends!
    I visited the new blog, and it’s lovely! Great idea!

    Lauren x

  11. Hey MBL,
    Loved this post!
    Your makeover is gorgeous(:
    The revenge was hilarious! Landon totally deserved all of that, and it sounds like you and Victoria did an amazing job at it. 😀
    I adore the new blog, I was just looking at it now!
    Looking forward to the next post xx
    xoxo- Juna∞

  12. MBL,
    Your blog was one of the ones I missed the most in my absence.
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts(:
    Victoria sounds so sweet, I’m glad you are enjoying her visit!
    I can’t believe you poured your drink on Landon!
    That’s hilarious x 10!
    I hope his reputation is ruined & that he learned a lesson 😉
    I heart you,
    Alicia Rivera
    PS: Check your email when you get a chance!

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