Under The Mask; Gossip Girl Revealed

Bonjour Lovelies!

Today I will be posting a rather unusual post.

My Alicia, AliciaRiveraHeartsYou, has made an outstanding discovery of the true identity of the Gossip Girl who has been harassing bloggers via email, AIM, and her blog, http://wordpressgossipgirl.wordpress.com.

To view the post and learn all of the details, please visit:


Feel free to include her link in your posts to help spread the news and stop the drama revolving this Gossip Girl. It is absolutely ridiculous that people feel the need to make blogs to hide their hate on others. Let’s all grow up, seriously.

Stay Beautiful (And Please Stop The WP-Hate/Drama)


MQ has admitted it was her who was gossip girl and since she was honest and willing to admit it was her, we have all agreed that we can forgive and forget and move on. Even though the drama was upsetting, MQ knows that it was wrong and she is truly sorry for it. Because she was mature enough to do this, we have agreed to forgive her and hope that she continues to be an amazing blogger on WordPress.

Thank you for all of your help girlies.


12 thoughts on “Under The Mask; Gossip Girl Revealed

    • The MSB thing was sooo last week! The proof they had wasn’t even from WordPress, and if you’ve seen ARHY’s blog, our proof comes from WordPress itself! MQ has also claimed that her “BFF” stole her iPod and created the GG blog to just to play a prank on her….. Believe what you want, but I like to believe stories that actually make sense and aren’t completely ridiculous! IP addresses NEVER lie!

    • I totally agree! Plus, MQ just keeps making up more lies about how it’s her friend who stole her iPod and it’s a total mess of a situation and nothing adds up to make any sense. Seriously, people need to grow up, realize what they did is wrong, and apologize for hurting everyone. She definitely did, I am so glad she went undercover!

    • She definitely did! And sorry you have to arrive on WordPress when all of this drama is going on! I’m just glad it’s been resolved so people can stop being harassed by MQ! It’s totally ridiculous to take out your anger by making a blog that’s sole purpose is to hurt people. Thanks for reading!

  1. I’m so glad GG is done and over with! I hate drama and I especially hate how she’d harass other girls. I’m so glad ARHY found out and put a stop to her! 🙂

    MBF ❤

  2. MBL,
    I am so glad that Gossip Girl’s blog is now shut down!
    I was never threatened by her, but I’m glad that things will be drama-free again 🙂
    ARHY did an AMAZING job on finding out who GG was!
    I heart you,
    Alicia Rivera
    PS: Can’t wait until your next post!

  3. MBL,
    So glad that this whole GG drama is done with. Hopefully no one will have to go through something like that again. It’s really great that MQ put awn her big girl panties and apologized.

    Au Revoir, Leesh.

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