Become a Blogging Beauty

Dear WordPress,

While I normally write about my glamorous life as Massie Block, today I will be writing to you all with some beautiful tips on blogging, writing, and keeping your blog as perfect as it will ever be.

When I’m not spending time with the Pretty Committee or Derrick, I am working on my next post or makeover. I absolutely adore how much creativity you can put into your blog’s overall “atmosphere” through makeovers and writing. The color combinations can make your blog feel warm and cozy or vibrant and exciting. Your header can make your blog feel professional and polished or fun and fresh. Whichever vibe you choose to give your blog, the following tips will help you achieve the feeling you are looking for.


Always start with your header. It is ten times easier to get a gorgeous header and then find a background to compliment it.  While many of you use pictures of yourselves or the Pretty Committee, some choose to use face claims and models. Find a picture that you feel is unique and can convey the vibe of your blog’s overall look.

For example, if you are going for a fun and fresh look, you should be looking for a picture of you laughing or smiling. If you are going for a more professional look, you should be looking for a picture where you have a more serious face.

Now that you have your picture, you can either paste it directly onto the header or you can Photoshop your body onto a solid colored background. For doing these, I use a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Paint Net.

To download Paint Net onto your Windows-running PC, click this link.   Note: This program does not work on MAC’s.

Once you have either cropped your picture or your body onto your header, you can start adding touches like text or other elements. Keep in mind that your header should match the overall theme of your blog!


When choosing a background you can find one with a pattern or choose a single color. If you are going for a more professional and simple looking blog, I would suggest doing a color. This can be done under the background page on your WordPress Dashboard.

However, if you are looking for a beautiful background to convey your vibe, google is now your best friend. Start at google and search some key terms. Now, if you have ever googled anything, you know there will be a  LOT of crappy images to sort through. Some will be fantastic but others will not even be close to what you are looking for. Below are some key words I use to sort out the crappy ones.

Key Terms to Add to Your Search:  Wallpaper, Fabric, Pattern, and Blog Background

There are many wallpaper and fabric patterns that available and normally they are seamless which is really important! If you are looking for a damask pattern and aren’t loving the ones you’re getting, try searching for “Damask Wallpaper” or “Damask Fabric.” If you are searching for specific colors, add that to your search as well.

Examples of Makeovers

AliciaRiveraHeartsYou’s current blog makeover is very rich feeling. Her chandelier background feels very eloquent and vibrant. Her header is filled with fun and silly pictures of Alicia Rivera which give the blog a more approachable look. The ARHY text in the middle reflects the background perfectly.

LovelyMassieBlock’s current blog makeover is the definition of royalty. When I think of the luxurious feel of Massie’s purple bedroom, this is what I imagine. The picture of Massie Block is pretty and refined and the purple background feels luxurious and professional.

XOXOAliciaHeartsYou’s current blog makeover is exactly what I think of when I think of Fall. The warm tones she used says “I still love Summer but I realize that Fall is now here” and is the perfect in-between-season look. Her picture in the header is so perfect for the chilly weather and the font she used even feels cozy and Fall-like.

XOMB’s current blog makeover is what I think of when I think of Halloween and Thanksgiving. The background has tints of orange and tan which is perfect for a Fall look. The pictures in her header are full of rich textures and Fall colors. Her whole makeover feels very refined and very delicate.

Hopefully some of those analysis’s helped you see what I mean when I say makeover vibe.


When coming up with pages for your blog, try to think of ones that are unique and different! Everyone’s blog normally has some sort of fashion page, beauty page, contact me page, mannequin/outfit page, and a Pretty Committee page. Step outside the box and do something totally unique and different!  Make a page that has an idea no one has ever seen before, people will flock to read it because it’s unusual.

When writing your pages, make sure the name of the page appropriately reflects the pages purpose. Also, make sure your page reflects your blog’s overall vibe so try and use similar colors and formatting styles as you would use on a post.


While a beautiful makeover is really important, your post is the main point people visit your blog. If they aren’t spectacular, your blog will flop faster than you can say “WordPress.” To make sure your posts are beyond gorgeous, you need to first choose a writing style. Will you write in third person where you are writing as your character but never using “I” or will you be writing in first person where you use “I” describe everything? My blog is normally written in third person and just because I’m writing “she” and “they” does not mean you can’t understand what’s going on in my head.

Once you’ve chosen your style or writing you will need to decide how to format your posts. Many bloggers write their stories like Lisi Harrison would and many write from Massie’s perspective, kind of like how this post is written.

Your story line is also going to be a major part of your blog.  The Pretty Committee has many different things happening to them so don’t forget to add problems and how they overcame them. You also need to keep in mind there shouldn’t be a crisis in every post. No one’s life is that difficult  😉

Lastly, make sure you are writing with correct grammar. Nothing bothers me more when I spot a million mistakes when reading a post. If know you suck at writing, start in Word, they will always tell you when your words don’t make sense! You can also use to help you come up with better words. There a million different ways to say something and the words you choose can tell two completely different stories.

Don’t forget to add detail! Describe the room the Pretty Committee is standing in, describe how funny someone looks by comparing them to something else, describe how she felt when she found out something horrible or something exciting, and describe everything in a way that adds to the story, not detracts from it. Say your words out loud and you would be absolutely shocked how un-lifelike they sound. Try and make changes so that you could actually imagine someone else saying them.

I hope that all of my tips for blogging help whether you’re new to WordPress or already know the drill. Your blog always needs to be updated and changed to keep it unique and beautiful  🙂

This post was inspired by ADayInTheLifeOfNatalie’s recent post which contains a blurb on how to make beautiful headers.

I am looking for a new Dylan! Email or comment on TCPC to apply.

I have a new Kristen! Visit her blog 🙂

Beautiful Bloggers:

Stay Beautiful,


34 thoughts on “Become a Blogging Beauty

  1. MBL,

    I really can’t say how great of a post this is! Being a new writer and all on WP, it really helps to hear tips from WP bloggers who have been on longer and have more experience! This is such great help and I can’t thank you enough!

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! It means so much to hear it from you!


  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your tips and tricks for blog makeovers, thrilled I was somewhat of an inspiration for you. That means a lot coming from you!
    Good luck finding a new Dylan and congratulations on finding a new Kristen!
    By the way, new post, check it out?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  3. MBL,

    I fell off my chair when I scrolled down the list of shout-outs and mine was one of them! I think this was a wonderful post and it really helps me, since I started out on WP about only a month and a half ago.

    Pugs and Disses Not Hugs and Kisses,

  4. Hey Mass,

    I’m new so I think this will help me a lot. Thank you for sharing this especially for the new people like me! Can you maybe advertise me in your next post? Thanks!


  5. Hey Massie! Amazing post! I think it’s very helpful to new bloggers to understand what they need to focus on in their blog! And even for experienced bloggers because I think we all forget to check our punctuation, or mess up on a header at one point 🙂
    Hearts, Leesh

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