Breakfast In New York & I Know That We’re Dreaming ♠

Massie Block stepped back from the three-way mirror that was reflecting her long, lean figure in a nude top, dark-wash skinnies, and an oversized heather-grey knit cardigan. After uploading a quick picture to Instagram of her “Outfit Of The Day”, she grabbed her keys off her desk and started walking toward the garage.

She tried to slip through the kitchen undetected but of course, her mom noticed her passing by.

“Massie! Do you have plans for the day, dear? I was hoping to bake a gorgeous display of cupcakes for the charity auction tomorrow and thought you’d like to help,” Her mom said as she examined a cook book.

“I would love to but I can’t. I was just on my way to pick up the girls,” Massie said, feigning dissapointment.

“Oh, well, I don’t want to keep you! Have fun!” Kendra replied as she went back to peering in cabinets, obviously looking for the baking materials.

Massie chuckled to herself at her mom’s ignorance in the kitchen as she started up her BMW and drove toward Alicia’s estate. Right as she was pulling up, she received a text from Derrick.

Derrick: Hey, just talked to V. She says she isn’t dating him…

Massie sighed and slipped her phone back into her nude Cole Haan satchel and rang Alicia’s doorbell. As soon as Alicia opened the door to reveal a stunning shirt-dress paired with leggings and leather boots, Massie rated her a 9.7 for old time sake and they were back in the car and on their way to pick up the other girls. Twenty five minutes later, the girls pulled up to The Westchester with Starbucks in hand.

“I loveee shopping on Saturdays, it leaves the whole weekend open to show off my new ensembles,” Dylan giggled.

“Well I need more cute tops for Fall, it seems like everything looks like a muumuu right now and that is one trend I refuse to follow,” Victoria joked.

Massie grinned back at Victoria’s joke but her lips were tight and only upturned the slightest. She was finding it harder and harder to be around the girls with Victoria after she knew about her and Landon. She hadn’t told a soul other than Derrick about what she saw and the secret was slowly eating her from the inside out. Massie was giving Victoria the opportunity to tell them herself, however that was looking unlikely as the days passed by. Victoria spent most of her time texting with an “anonymous” boy that she wouldn’t name because it was “too soon to know anything definite” which only frustrated Massie more. The truth was right there yet her friend felt like she had to hide everything.

The funny thing is, Massie would let Victoria date Landon if it meant keeping her as a friend. After their prank, Massie regretted embarrassing Landon a little bit, but all that guilt was erased when she thought about how he had purposely snuck behind her back to ask Victoria out. The whole situation could have been avoided if Victoria and Landon had approached Massie and told her how they honestly felt.

After all, Massie would never have forbidden them from being together, she just wanted them to care about her feelings as much as she did theirs.

“Ehmagawd, those studded loafers are to die for,” Kristen whined through the pink-tinted glass of the Juicy Couture display window.

“Then buy them!” Dylan rolled her eyes.

“I want to but I’m saving up for Christmas gifts! Just because I finally have money to spend doesn’t mean I want to spend it all in one shopping trip,” Kristen eyed the case longingly.

“Let’s go in!” Alicia dragged them inside.

Massie was almost through the pink doors when she noticed Victoria lagging behind. Glued to her phone, of course.

“Hey, Ms.-I-cant-put-my-phone-down-for-five-minutes! Who is getting in the way of our shopping?” Massie joked as she pretended to look at Victoria’s flashing screen.

Victoria dropped her phone in her bag and took a step away from Massie in under a second.

“No one,” She said sarcastically as she followed the girls inside.

Massie watched her friends laughing as they held up an array of loafers, wondering when her life would return back to normal.

“I’m feeling guilty,” Kristen said with a frown on her face.

“Why? That dress is so cute and totally worth the money. Besides, didn’t you say that cute-Halloween-party boy would be here?” Massie asked as she popped a chocolate covered strawberry into her mouth.

“Yeah but I don’t see him yet and it’s been, like, half ‘n hour,” Kristen glanced at the door for the seventh time in the past five minutes.

“Stop looking! You’re making the rest of us look desperate,” Alicia snapped at Kristen as she smoothed out her lace skirt.

Massie glared at Alicia for a minute, peeved that her friends were being so childish. Brunch at the club was her new favorite Pretty Committee tradition and they were more concerned about checking out potential-boyfriends than gossiping over crepes, fresh fruit, and lattes. Almost all of the Pretty Committee’s friends were at Westchester Country Club this morning and it was essential that Massie reign in the conversation to something more important since Victoria had texted them an hour ago saying she would be a little late.

“Okay, I need everyone to focus on me for a second,” Massie demanded, all other chatter dying immediately.

“What’s up?” Alicia asked as she slathered another layer of lip gloss on.

“I have something really important I need to tell you guys but you’re not going to like it,” Massie said bluntly.

“Tell us!” Claire hopped up and down in her seat.

“It’s about Victoria. As of right now, this conversation needs to stay between us,” Massie eyed up her friends, hoping they were willing to comply.

They all nodded back at her.

“Okay. At my Halloween Party, Landon showed up,” Massie stated and the girls gasped in response.

“I didn’t see him!” Dylan asked.

“I know. That’s because Derrick asked him to leave the second he arrived. However, when we asked him to leave, he was with Victoria. When I asked her why she hadn’t kicked him out, she said that she was the one who invited him,” Massie let out a deep breath.

“Oh…” Alicia said, her mouth a perfect circle.

“I don’t understand,” Kristen said.

“Yeah, why would she invite him? That was really insensitive,” Claire added.

“I know. But, there’s more….” Massie replied.

“More?” the girls all asked at once.

“Yes. After I confronted her, she left. I saw her get into Landon’s car,” Massie’s voice got quieter.

The table was silent for a moment as the girls ate their brunch and tried not to say what they were all thinking.

“Do you know why?” Alicia asked.

“I’m assuming they’re together,” Massie said, her voice breaking.

“I’m so sorry Mass,” Claire said as she tried to comfort her.

Massie smiled at them, trying to show she was alright. After all, if Landon and Victoria were meant to be, who was she to stand in their way? The girls would just have to accept him back into their group and Derrick would have to get over his hatred of the guy. Massie used her cloth napkin to dab at her mascara, hoping it wasn’t running when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Victoria had finally arrived for brunch but she wasn’t alone…. Landon was holding her hand and staring at Massie, obviously pleased she noticed them together.

“Eh…Ma…Gawd….” Alicia’s voice trailed off.

“What is she doing?” Dylan asked, her face scrunched into a scowl.

“I don’t know but you guys better smile and act like nothing’s wrong or you will all be sorry,” Massie snapped as she planted a huge smile on her face.

As Landon and Victoria approached the table Massie could tell they were gauging her reaction. She kept her smile strong and proud and even waved them over to their table.

“Ehmagawd, look at you two! Aren’t you guys just the cutest couple in Westchester?” Massie said with a smile that stretched from ear to ear but feigned general happiness for her friend.

“Thanks Massie,” Victoria said quietly, obviously expecting a different reaction.

“Are you sure you’re okay with us?” Landon asked with a smile.

“Of course! It’s like me and Derrick, when you find the right person you can’t not be together,” Massie said dreamily, hoping to throw it in Landon’s face how happy she was without him.

“Well I’m glad you’re okay with everything. We’re going to go eat, so I’ll talk to you later,” Victoria said with a weak smile as she led Landon off.

As soon as they left the Pretty Committee turned to Massie, waiting to see if she would laugh, cry, or call for a revenge plan. Massie smiled at the girls and told them they would discuss everything later but for now, they had better things to talk about. She turned the conversation over to the last Twilight movie, Christmas gifts, and the charity auction tomorrow. Fifteen minutes later she had practically forgotten about the entire Landon-Victoria thing.

Nothing cures a broken heart as well as the sound of laughter, especially when it’s coming from your best friends♥

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33 thoughts on “Breakfast In New York & I Know That We’re Dreaming ♠

  1. Hey girlie!
    EMG!!! I can’t believe it! I totally get that it would feel awkward with Victoria there after u knew that she and Landon were together. It’s was great that u could take ur mind of it with the rest of the PC 🙂 I hope it helped!
    I heart u!
    – FG<3

  2. MBL,
    I can’t believe that Victoria would do that!
    You handled the situation very well though!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. 😉
    I will make sure to check out your Massie’s Mannequin page!
    Can’t wait until your next post(:
    I heart you,
    Alicia Rivera

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The whole situation with you and Victoria and Landon sounds pretty awkward, but in my opinion you’re dealing with it well. It’s all the more difficult considering you don’t want to hurt Derrick by falling out with Victoria. Sigh. I can’t believe Victoria would even think about doing that though, what happened to girl code?!
    Want to know all about the current Blogger Of The Month, LovelyMassieBlock? If so, be sure to check out my ♚Joyous Jane post!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. MBL,
    Wonderful post!
    It’s crazy that Victoria would be that insensitive. Doesn’t she know that bringing Landon to brunch would just make it worse?
    It’s completely against the Girl Code to do something like that!
    Your outfit was gorgeous! I love the Tory Burch flats.

    Lauren x

  5. MBL,
    That’s strange that Victoria didn’t tell you that she was dating Landon. I wonder why she felt that she needed to keep it a secret. I think you definitely made the right decision by showing that you were fine with them dating. I’m pretty sure it got to Landon considering he probably wanted a different reaction from you. Wonderful post as always! And thank you for the shout out :]

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  6. Massie,
    I hate when friends try to keep secret over little things that could have been worked out with easily if they told you..
    It seems quite interesting that both of them expected a jealous reaction from you, and that Victoria snuck around you to date Landon.
    Your outfit was gorgeous btw!
    Love, C. ♥

  7. hey massie 🙂
    i am a previous clique blogger turned new type blog. wondering if you would check mine out? I love your new style of writing, its great 🙂 still one of my favorite blogs! Also would you mind if i used your idea of a song before the post. i kind of did that on my first post, hope you dont mind 🙂 if you do i can remove it, no biggie 🙂

  8. Hey MBL,
    I can’t believe Victoria would keep her dating Landon from you, It’s sweet that you told them you were completely fine with it. I still hope you teach her a lesson!

  9. Hey MBL,
    Amazing post!
    Oh my god, I can’t believe Victoria is actually going out with Landon! But you definitely did a great job on keeping calm and stuff. (: Maybe Victoria should be taught a lesson…. :-/
    xoxo- Juna∞

  10. Hey Massie,
    I loved this! You were very brave to smile through it all and I honestly think that the laughter of your best friends seriously gets you away from all the downers 🙂
    x Karen.
    ps: well written, I like how you seem to be Lisi Harrision esque but you’ve elminated the childish language since the girls have grown up and also, the thing about rating Alicia for old time’s sake made me nostalgic for some reason haha.

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