All Your Little Things♠

Massie Block cringed as the sharp knife in her hand scratched against the china dish, her hair bunching up around her face and untangling her curls.

“Ehhhhhhhhh! I hate that sound!” Alicia squealed as she tried to shake the shrill sound out of her ears.

“Sorry! It’s your fault, you know? I told you this pumpkin pie would be easier to cut in my Martha Stewart pie pan but you insisted on using this one,” Massie chuckled back.

“I know, I’m a horrible person. Cut my pie faster will ‘ya?” Alicia was tittering on her feet, waiting with a spoonful of cool-whip in hand.

Massie smiled back at her friend as she placed a perfectly browned slice of pumpkin pie on each of their plates. It was only a couple days after Thanksgiving but Massie was still feeling the holiday spirit. Her family had spent the day eating at Alicia’s and the evening eating at her grandmother’s, ensuring there was plenty of delicious turkey to go around. She could still remember the smell of the baked turkey, crisp cranberries, and roasted vegetables, her favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

“Have you put away any of your Black Friday clothes yet?” Alicia asked as they climbed the stairs to Massie’s bedroom.

“Not yet, I still need to get rid of last season’s stuff to make room,” Massie giggled as she eyed the overwhelming pile of boxes and bags next to her closet door.

“You better hurry! We’re not going to have any room to put your decorations,” Alicia opened a box and pulled out a string of Christmas lights.

Massie smiled, putting up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving was almost her favorite thing in the entire world. Nothing was more exciting than pulling out strings of lights, hanging ornaments, listening to your favorite carols, and spending time with the people you love. Massie grabbed her six foot Christmas tree box and dragged it over to bay window. She always set up her Christmas tree in front of her three-pane window for all passer-by’s to admire.

“Help me get this thing out of the box,” Massie attempted to pull out the thick evergreen-smelling branches.

Alicia giggled and helped Massie lay out all three tree pieces on her hardwood floors. Massie couldn’t help but feel excited for the challenge in front of her. The sad, pathetic looking tree would soon be tangled up in lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments.

An hour later, the girls had the tree set up and strung with lights, Christmas lights bordering all of Massie’s windows, and gold pillar candles covering every surface.

“Massie, it looks like Christmas threw up all over your room,” Alicia giggled into her hand.

Massie laughed loudly as she surveyed the mess of decorations.

“It’s a little much, isn’t it?” She crinkled her nose as she tried to control her smile.

“Just a tiny bit,” Alicia pinched her thumb and ring finger together, trying not to tease Massie too much.

The girls laughed as they tried to hang the last couple ornaments on the tree. Right as Massie was reaching to put the star on top, her phone beeped from her desk. She padded across her bedroom and quickly read the text from Derrick.

Derrick: I bet you three kisses you can’t guess what your Christmas present is….. (;

Massie smiled at the text message and quickly fired one back. Her five day weekend was quickly ending and school tomorrow was not something she was looking forward to after the whole Victoria-Landon situation. The girls had been ignoring Victoria as best as they could which wasn’t that difficult considering Victoria had been vacant from lunch and all social events since their run-in at brunch a week ago.

“I’m glad Victoria is no longer in the Pretty Committee…” Massie said to Alicia quietly.

“Me too, Mass. She just didn’t fit,” Alicia said as she hung another ornament.

Massie nodded at Alicia’s statement, surprised at how the truth had been before her this whole time, but she had never faced it.

The Pretty Committee gracefully excited Massie’s BMW and started walking toward OCDH, their new outfits catching everyone’s attention. Massie pretended not to notice as she listened to Dylan tell a tragic story involving her mom, her sisters, and a Christmas tree.

“Like honestly, who doesn’t secure the stupid tree to it’s base?! I swear, I will be stepping in glass for the next month,” Dylan flipped her hair behind her shoulder, visibly pissed.

“Sorry Dylan,” Massie pouted her bottom lip out in sympathy.

“It’s alright. I should have taken you up on decorating your room yesterday,” She replied.

“You should have! It was so much fun,” Alicia gushed, obviously pleased about her bragging rights as the only one who attended.

“I wish I could have but I was studying for finals,” Kristen said with a yawn, obviously exhausted.

“Finals are two weeks away! You have plenty of time to study,” Massie teased Kristen.

“Yeah but that’s only two weeks to bring up my grades! I have two B’s and I seriously need to bring them up ASAP,” Kristen grumbled.

“Hey! Why doesn’t everyone come over to my house to study this weekend? We can get all of our studying out of the way together,” Alicia suggested.

“That sounds amazing, I’m starting to feel like a hermit!” Kristen giggled.

The girls laughed at Kristen who had spent almost every night studying for the final tests of the year.

“A study party sounds amazing! I’ll need to study sooo much if I’m going to pass my classes,” Victoria responded as she approached the group from the left. The five girls just stared back at her with blank expressions.

Why is she talking to us? Massie thought.

“Sorry, my bedroom only fits five,” Alicia responded with a hand on her hip.

“What are you talking about? I slept over there earlier this month with you guys,” Victoria’s voice sounded strangled and bitter.

The Pretty Committee eyed Massie, unsure of what to say.

“Sorry Victoria, there’s just not enough room for you,” Massie responded coldly and signaled for the girls to follow her.

After all five of them had walked past Victoria and into the large wooden double doors, they couldn’t control their giggles. As they walked over to the Starbucks kiosk, Alicia questioned the group, “Did she not understand what we meant when we said ‘You’re out of the Pretty Committee’?”

“Apparently not, I don’t get why she expected to come over,” Massie said as she payed for a cappuccino.

“Yeah, that was beyond weird. Maybe she wants back in?” Claire asked.

“I doubt it. According to Derrick, she’s been hanging out with Olivia Ryan,” Massie took a sip of her scalding coffee, hoping it would calm her nerves.

“Ew….” Dylan replied with a scrunched up face.

“Thanks disgusting,” Kristen added.

“I know. Oh well, all of that drama is long behind us!” Massie said with a smile as she led them to their lockers.

“Given,” Alicia said with a grin.

Massie took a couple deep, calming breaths as she shoved her heavy text books into her locker with one hand and balanced her coffee in the other. Just then her phone beeped and she struggled to pull it out and unlock it.

Derrick: What did you say to Victoria? I thought you said the PC would be nice to her…

“Who is it?” Alicia asked.

Massie handed over her phone and let the girls read as she adjusted her Phase Eight sequined top underneath her burgundy blazer. Her eyebrows were forming a tight v as she tried to figure out why Derrick was  mad at her. Victoria didn’t even care when they asked her to leave the Pretty Committee so why would it be a problem now?

“That’s odd….” Claire said as she handed Massie back her iPhone.

“I know, Derrick knew we had asked her to leave,” Massie said, her face splashed with worry.

“It’s okay, Mass. We’ll explain the situation to him and everything will be okay,” Alicia said as she rubbed Massie’s back.

“I guess so,” Massie shut her locker door and started walking toward class.

Massie felt the girls looking at her, worry and confusion etched into their faces as they tried not to press any further. She smiled warmly to show that she was okay, even though she could feel her nerves pulsing throughout her body. She silently wished that Victoria would leave Westchester forever because unlike Claire, this house guest was far from Pretty Committee potential.

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34 thoughts on “All Your Little Things♠

  1. Hey girlie,
    Ah-mazing post as always! J’adore Little Things and One Direction!!! I knew right away that it was Little Things by your post title 🙂 It sounds like u had an ah-mazing Thankgiving. Decorating for Christmas sounds so fun. I’m probably going to do it in the first week of December.
    Derrick’s text was kind of weird. Maybe Victoria told him something that’s not true? I hope everything turns out alright 🙂
    Congrats on you 60,000 views!!! BTW, thx for the shout out 😀
    I heart u!
    – FG<3

  2. heyyy, sorry i havent commented in soo long ive been so busy!!!!
    but amazayn post!!! ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have u heard take me home?
    i love festivals!!!! the lights, excitement and happiness and lets not forget the presents! but it sounds like ur room is really decorated and it sounds beautiful!
    pumpkin pie, i love baking too! victoria sounds really weird, wonder y derrick had a problem wid u avoiding victoria, anyway hope u resolve that!!!
    congrats on the 60,000 views!!! thats is amazayn, brilliam, phenomniall, extroadniharry, fablouis!!!! no but seriously thats awesome!!
    much love,
    annie :*

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Thanksgiving seems to have gotten everyone in the festive mood, spending time with Alicia and decorating for Christmas sounds like a ton of fun even if the rest of the Pretty Committee couldn’t make it.
    Victoria has some nerve inviting herself to the study gathering, especially after everything that’s happened. Its strange that Derrick got somewhat mad about it though, especially since you explained to him already that Victoria was out of The Pretty Committee.
    Congratulations on the 60,000 views! Very well deserved, I can definitely see why you have so many.
    Beyond excited about the return of OCDO and AliciaRiveraHeartsYou, I’ll be sure to check out your new Seventeen page.
    Fancy a little update on my life? Be sure to check out my ♚Kempt Keen post.
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. MBL,
    Wonderful post!
    I love “Little Things”. 🙂
    It sounds like you’re full of holiday cheer! I just got my four-foot-tall Christmas tree up in my room, and I’m waiting on my dad to put up the family tree so I can help decorate it.
    That’s crazy that Victoria expected an invite. After all, she’s no longer in the PC… I hope everything turns out the way you hope, with Derrick asking about Victoria and all!

    MB x
    P.S. Thank you very much for the advertisement for LIC!
    P.P.S. I responded to your e-mail about the Beauty’s Bulletin. Sorry it took so long!

  5. Hey Massie! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas as well! I recently set up all of my decorations. 🙂
    I can’t believe Victoria still thought you two were friends, but I’m sure that Derrick will understand.
    Congratulations over 60,000 views! Gorgeous post!
    Hearts, Leesh

  6. MBL,
    I’m glad you had a fun Thanksgiving!
    Your bedroom sounds super cute, you should upload a picture if you get a chance 😀
    I can’t believe Victoria would expect you to invite her to Alicia’s house!
    She obviously can’t take a hint.
    Hopefully things work out with you and Derrick(:
    I heart you,

  7. Hey, MBL!

    Sounds like decorating for Christmas was a ton of fun! My sister and I had a similar experience this year as well! Our rooms are right next to each others, so we were calling across to each other to get opinions, help and advice!

    Okay, Victoria’s seriously got some nerve! I mean, what happened to the sweet, innocent girl you first met? Gosh… Hopefully things work out with you and Derrick, as well!


  8. Hey Massie,
    Love that song 🙂
    Decorating sounds like a ton of fun! I love doing that after Thanksgiving too.
    Victoria is kind annoying how she acts like she is still apart of the PC.
    I wonder why derrick sent that text. hopefully everything is okay!
    Congrats on your views!
    Check out my new post?
    Heart U,

  9. MBL,
    Your room sounds like it’s all ready for Christmas! Wow, that’s strange that Victoria got upset over not being able to hang out with you girls considering she didn’t mind being out of the Pretty Committee. Well, I’m sure everything will work out. I ah-dore your winter makeover by the way :]

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  10. Congratulations on all your views! 60000 is definitely an accomplishment that you should be proud of!
    I must say that I had to go back a few posts to understand what was going on but Victoria seems a bit odd… perhaps just the idea of someone new in the Pretty Committee is bizarre to me! I hope things work out, though!


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