“Staring at Your Perfection”

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Massie Block skipped down the steps, her nude Tory Burch flats hardly connecting with the dark hardwood floors beneath her feet and her navy blue Jack Wills dress was billowing out behind her. In the five seconds it took for her to skid across the kitchen and arrive at the garage door, her mother had somehow managed to intercept her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Kendra asked, a raised eyebrow indicated she was in one of her “moods” today.

“I know I’m supposed to help you today but this is seriously a life or death emergency!” Massie called out to her mother as she grabbed her keys, started up her car, and quickly pealed down the driveway.

After slowly merging onto Main Street, she fished her cell phone out of her Top Shop navy blue bag and dialed Alicia’s number. After three lengthy rings, she heard her friend’s voice greet her with the usual “Hola!”

“You are so lucky I took acting classes in eighth grade or I would have never gotten out of there,” Massie said with a frazzled sigh.

“You’re still coming, right?” Alicia asked, her voice tense.

“Duh. See you in five.” Massie hung up her phone and tossed it back in her bag.

As she glided her car around the curves of the asphalt beneath her tires, Massie couldn’t help but feel her stomach tighten. She had only been out of the hospital for a couple weeks but her life felt like a jumbled mess. She spent a couple days in the hospital and then a week off of school recovering from her allergic reaction to peanuts. Even though OCD High still claims they weren’t serving any food with peanuts that day, Massie’s stomach flip-flopped every time she thought about how a peanut landed in her salad. The Pretty Committee was determined that someone was out to hurt her but Massie had quickly shot down any mention of it. She would not let herself think that someone had purposely tried to poison her.

As soon as she walked into the warm, coffee scented cafe she ordered a Caffe Mocha and a Strawberry Granola Parfait. She then spotted the Pretty Committee and slid into the large booth next to Alicia.

“Why did I get an SOS text this morning? You know those are only for emergencies,” Massie glared at Alicia as she took a sip of her steaming coffee.

“This is an emergency! We finally brainstormed a list of people we think had the ability to poison you,” Alicia whisper-hissed with a serious look on her face.

Massie felt the coffee sink a little bit deeper in her stomach as she tried not to let the fear show on her face. She quickly covered up her nerves by letting out a laugh and taking a bite of her yogurt.

“What’s next? Is someone going to tie my shoelaces together in hopes I fall down and break my face? Hide behind comers and jump out at me, hoping I would die of fright? You guys are seriously over-thinking this.”

“No we’re not! The school is launching an investigation into who placed the peanuts in your salad. We’re not the only ones who thinks someone’s out to get you,” Alicia defended herself.

“The school is only doing that because they legally have to. Your dad’s a lawyer, shouldn’t you know that?” Massie eyed her friend as she took a bite of her yogurt.

Alicia bit her lip, hesitating. Massie was only going to continue to shoot down her friends suspicions and she glared back at them with determination until everyone finally fell silent. She had her suspicions of course, but she wasn’t about to discuss it in the middle of Panera where anyone and everyone could hear them.

Anyways, has everyone booked their flights for spring break?” Massie’s face lit up every time she thought about the trip she had planned for the girls.

“Of course,” Alicia rolled her eyes as Claire and Dylan nodded beside her.

“Well…. I haven’t actually asked my mom yet….” Kristen mumbled.

She was staring into her murky coffee as she made swirls with her straw nervously awaiting Massie’s reaction Massie felt a prickle of annoyance as she thought about the beyond ahmazing trip she had worked her butt off to plan during her week off of school. She had scoured the internet’s best travel websites to find the perfect place for the girls to relax during their week off of life’s stresses.

“Did you forget you had a psycho-obsessive mother who needs a minimum of one month’s notice for out-of-country trips?” Massie asked Kristen sarcastically.

“No I didn’t forget! I just haven’t found the right moment, I swear,” Kristen pleaded with her large saucer eyes.

“You’re asking her today. Got it?” Massie grabbed her satchel off the back of her chair with her free hand as she balanced her yogurt and coffee in her other.

“Are we going somewhere?” Claire asked Massie as she scrambled to grab her things.

“No, I’m going to the club. You may have forgotten but I told my mom this meeting was a life or death emergency. She’s going to be beyond pissed when she finds out I blew her off for breakfast. I’ll see all of you tonight,” Massie reminded the girls.

Tonight, one of Massie’s cousins, Lauren, was getting married and she was supposed to be at the country club over an hour ago to help decorate for the reception. The Pretty Committee was invited after Massie had begged Lauren for 4 plus ones and even volunteered to help her plan and decorate in exchange for their invites. Before she had reached her car, she received a call from the frantic bride.

“Where are you? Your mother has been helping set up for an hour and you were supposed to be with her! I invited your friends because you said you’d help, not ditch me at the last minute,” Lauren’s voice blared through the phone.

“Calm down, everything is okay! I’m on my way now,” Massie quickly pealed out of Panera’s parking lot and started driving toward the club.

As she pulled onto the highway ten minutes later, she could have sworn the black Hummer behind her had been parked next to her at Panera. Massie shook her long locks out and tried to concentrate on driving instead of silly superstitions.

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“Ehmagawd this place looks ahmazing,” Dylan told Massie through a bite of crab cake.

The girls were standing in the middle of the reception hall at the Westchester Country Club and Massie had to say, the place looked gorgeous. The stuffy room had been transformed into an elegant nightclub with the help of Massie, her mother, and two of Westchester’s best wedding planners. They had spent all afternoon directing the assistants as they hung lights and sheer fabric along the ceiling that draped softly to the floor and arranged the beautiful centerpieces on the large circular tables.

“Thanks! It was seriously so hard. This places always looks like old-people heaven, not somewhere you’d want to get married,” Massie said with a giggle.

“Well it turned out beautiful. Hey, your lipstick smudged,” Alicia pointed to the corner of Massie’s berry stained lips.

“Crap. I’ll be back,” Massie grabbed her purse from her chair but left her pale pink Chloe blazer draped over the back that had her cellphone nestled in it’s pocket.

As soon as she was standing in front of the mirror, she noticed her makeup was quite a mess from the afternoon’s work and quickly touched it up. She gave herself one last once-over and after deciding it was better to leave her hair slightly tussled, she went to open the bathroom door but instead of gracefully pushing it open, she ran right into it.

“Ow! What the hell?” She jiggled the handle hard, hoping it would break free at any minute.

Once she realized the door had been locked from the outside, she could feel her skin turn ice cold and a cold sweat started to break out across her back and face. Her stomach flip flopped each time she tried to dislodge the handle, the panic slowly creeping up her throat. Once she realized the lock was not going to open, she quickly searched her purse for her phone.

When she couldn’t find it, she dumped her purse out onto the counter and watched her makeup, jewelry, some change, and her planner spill out everywhere. As soon as she realized she had left her phone in her blazer pocket, she couldn’t help but scream. She banged on the door loudly, desperate that someone passing by would realize she was trapped.

“Help! I’m locked in here!” her voice trembled as she felt her pulse racing faster and faster, kind of like when she had realized she had eaten that peanut.

For a second she considered trying to climb out the window, even though they were on the second floor of the club. However, she heard the door handle jiggle slightly and then saw it being thrust open by Alicia and Kristen. Their eyes traveled from her hysteric face to her purse contents spilled on the counter to the chair pushed up to the window.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Alicia asked as she eyed up Massie.

“Ehmagawd, I was locked in here!” Massie’s voice shook as she tried to explain to her friends what had happened, all the while holding onto them tightly with her cool clammy hands.

“Maybe the door was just stuck?” Kristen asked skeptically.

“No it was locked. I seriously put all my weight into it,” Massie insisted as she quickly grabbed her things.

“Okay… Are you alright?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, just get me out of here,” Massie worried face forced her eyebrows into a tight V as she quickly strode back to the table.

As soon as she made it back, she swiped her phone out of her pocket and typed in her pass-code to unlock it.

“I left my phone out here and I couldn’t even call you guys,” Massie held up her phone to the girls.

“Hey, who texted you?” Alicia asked.

Massie opened the text message and noticed it was from a blocked number. As soon as she read past the first sentence her stomach dropped and she couldn’t help but let out a loud gasp.


"In The Daylight, We’ll Be On Our Own"

Hello Beautifuls!

As you can tell from my lengthy post, I am finally back on WordPress! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I had so much fun writing it 🙂 I know I won’t have another anniversary on WordPress so I really appreciate everyone’s sweet comments. They truly made my day!

I won’t be posting weekly, I’ll be posting whenever I feel like it, probably once a month or so. However, I’ll be checking my email regularly. Keep emailing me! I loved how many of you kept up with me during my hiatus!

I hope you like my Pretty Little Liars inspired post! I figured a little bit of mystery was exactly what my blog needed 😉

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video in the beginning of my post, I strongly suggest you take a moment to! The Daylight Project created by Maroon 5 is truly an amazing project that I believe deserves some attention. With all the hate that is common in bullying whether it be at your school or on the internet, it’s important to realize that the things those people say shouldn’t have an affect on you! You never know what is happening in other people’s lives, even your best friends, and it’s important to show the same compassion to others that you want others to show for you. Every person in that video is beautiful in their own way and I think we should celebrate our differences rather than try to hide them 🙂

Ahdorable Alphas:



Stay Beautiful,


33 thoughts on ““Staring at Your Perfection”

  1. Hey girlie,

    EMG! I’m glad that you’re okay. I bet that it had to do with someone from that hummer. Thank gawd that the PC was there. Make sure that there is someone with you wherever you go. That way you’ll be safe. Hope you find out who it is so you can get that person to stop.

    I heart u!
    – FG<3

  2. HI MBL,
    Glad to see your back and posting. (:
    It’s great that your back at OCDH.
    However, whoever locked you in there is absolutely insane.
    Thank gawd the PC was there to help get you out.
    The text message sounds a little creepy, but don’t worry too much.
    On another note, your outfit is totally cute.
    Thanks for the shoutout, darling.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  3. Great post! Ehmagawd! I am so sorry about the person who did that and texted you meanly! Thank goodness for TPC! I am guessing it had been the person in the black hummer. I’m glad that you weren’t hurt! I love this PLL post! The Daylight Project is so inspiring and such a great message! Thanks for sharing it with us! I’m glad you’re back! Welcome back to WordPress!


  4. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Even though you don’t want to think about it, the school investigating the peanut situation is pretty beneficial, that way you’ll be able to put your mind at rest once and for all.
    Your Spring Break plans sound totally fabulous, all that needs to happen now is that Kristen tells her mum and her mum obliges. Fingers crossed!
    The decorations for Lauren’s wedding sound totally fantastic, you did such a good job. If only the evening went that way. Whoever locked you in the bathroom sure needs to watch their back.
    Glad to see you back and posting, thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy post and The Daylight Project is incredible indeed!
    Want to get to know my current ♚Blogger Of The Month? Be sure to check out my most recent post ♚Yearning Yaw!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  5. MBL,
    I’ll admit, I teared up quit a bit watching The Daylight Project. :3
    The PLL theme is really mysterious! Especially when someone locked you in a bathroom..and that text! Eeep! Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it soon!


  6. M,
    Wonderful post!
    I’m deathly allergic to nuts too, and so I know how awful of an allergy it is! I’m always worried that somehow I’ll get a peanut in something I’ll eat. Before I was old enough to realize I was allergic, I ate a Snickers from my brother’s Halloween candy, which was baddd.
    Hopefully Kristen’s mom will let her go on Spring Break with you all! She needs to ask soon.
    The blocked-number text and being locked in the bathroom completely reminded me of PLL. That’s so creepy! I hope you’re not too shaken.


  7. MBL,

    Loved the post and so glad your back on WP! Love the outfit too!

    So sorry to hear that someone put peanuts in your lunch and locked you in a bathroom! And that text was beyond scary! Maybe your friends aren’t as crazy as they seem…..


  8. Hey Massie
    So glad you posted!
    I loved the whole thing, it was very PLL as you said at the end and that is pretty cray cray which is one of the reasons I don’t watch the show because I would freak out and overthink too much about girls our age out to get one another. Also the outfit is completely adorable too.
    xx Karen.

  9. Hey MBL!
    So glad to have you back, girlie! I absolutely love this post! I know you’re trying to play it cool about the whole incident, but at least the PC is there for ya. I’d be beyond freaked out if that would have happened to me. I hope you figure out who’s trying to hurt you soon!


    • Hey Kristen! Awww thank you 🙂 Haha I know, right? Thank you! I totally wanted to do a mystery post so I figured I’d try out a PLL theme with the season finale coming up so soon 🙂 Thanks for the comment girlie!

  10. Massie,
    Amazing post! You’re such a gifted writer. I can’t wait to find out who Massie’s own A-esque person is!


  11. Dear MBL,

    Oooh, talk about mysterious. Although there were some punctuation errors here and there (truth be told), I have to say I enjoyed this post. You should keep it going, it could potentially become even more exciting.

    I wasn’t here when your blog’s anniversary happened, but I wish you a Happy Belated Blog Anniversary! May many more years of blogging come, darlin’.


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