“I Got This Feeling On The Summer Day When You Were Gone”

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Massie Block leaned back onto the white leather chaise as she twirled one of the gems hanging off her bauble necklace. She was wearing a floral sundress and hot pink wedges to show off her tanned skin from The Pretty Committee’s week long cruise in the Caribbean. The girls had arrived back in Westchester on a Sunday night and had immediately started back at school for their last couple weeks of sophomore year.

Massie’s iPhone dinged with a text from Alicia and as she read about her and Josh’s recent date, she was interrupted by a knock on her door.

“Come in!” She locked her phone and set it on the small coffee table beside her.

“Hi Honey! This was just delivered to you and I thought you’d want to open it right away,” Massie’s mother dragged a huge garment bag through her door and carefully laid it down on Massie’s bed.

EEEEEEEEEEE!” Massie squealed as she ran-slash-hobbled over to the bed in her four-inch wedges.

“Be careful! You don’t want to rip the fabric!” Kendra chided Massie, helping her slowly unzip the bag.

As soon as the zipper reached the end, Massie let out a huge breath of relief. A soft layer of mint green chiffon fabric tumbled out of the bag and revealed soft layers of ruching across the bust and a beaded band to cinch her waist. Massie could hardly speak as she admired her custom-made prom dress that was shipped to her home all the way from Paris. No one in the entire school would have a dress like hers and that made it all the more special.

“Ehmagawd,” Massie breathed as she rubbed the fabric between her fingers.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” Massie’s mom put an arm around her.

“I have to text the girls a picture!” Massie grabbed her phone and quickly messaged a picture to the Pretty Committee. Within seconds they were replying an array of compliments that was only a small preview of what people would be saying about her Saturday night.

“Good choice, darling,” Massie’s mom kissed her forehead and slowly padded out her door, leaving her alone to admire the beautiful creation that was only a sketch on a piece of paper weeks ago.

Massie slowly zipped up the bag and hung her dress safely in her closet. With only four days until her sophomore prom, she could hardly wait to experience what should be one of the best nights of her High School life.

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“Now when you open your eyes, just pick. Don’t think, just pick! I want your first instinct,” Alicia demanded.

“Okay! Can we open our eyes now?” Dylan sounded annoyed.

“Seriously, I just want to see your dress. I’m sure you will look beautiful in all three of the ones you purchased,” Massie added sarcastically as she heard the other girls giggle beside her.

“This is important people! Now, open your eyes!” Alicia was standing in a soft pink dress that had a cinched waist, an elegant one-shoulder strap, and subtle sparkles intertwined in the fabric as it cascaded to the floor.

AHHHH 10!” Massie screamed. Of the three dresses Alicia had purchased, this one was by far her favorite.

“Massie is one hundred percent correct. This is sooooo your dress,” Kristen smiled back at Alicia who was beaming from all the praise.

“Yay! I have my dress!” Alicia did a happy-dance as the soft fabric swirled around her tanned legs.

“Josh is totally going to drool over you,” Claire teased Alicia.

“Isn’t that the point?” Alicia winked back at the girls, sending them all into a fit of giggles.

“Where do you think the guys are taking us for dinner?” Dylan asked as she chewed on a piece of hair.

“I hinted to Cam that we would just loveeee to go to the Russian Tea Room,” Claire told them.

“That would be so much fun! Plus it’s right down the street from The Plaza which means minimal walking in heels. Definitely a plus,” Dylan pointed out.

“I am so excited, our first prom together!” Massie beamed.

“We need to toast… To our first – but not last – prom!” Alicia said as she raised her iced coffee to the center of the group. The other girls  clinked their plastic Starbucks cups against hers.

post 16.3

Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire all smooshed together, colorful fabrics overlapping each other and locks of hair tumbling in the wind behind them. The five girls smiled brightly at the cameras in Josh, Cam, and Derrick’s hands. After a couple of flashes, the girls broke away and looked over the pictures.

“Ehmagawd, we look ahdorable!” Alicia told the rest of the girls as she flipped through the pictures.

“We are so pretty!” Claire said, as she examined the photograph and readjusted her pale blue dress.

“Alright, let’s head over to The Plaza!” Massie sang as the girls grabbed their dates, picked up their dresses so they wouldn’t drag on the ground, and attempted to treck the sidewalks of the upper east side.

Massie could hardly believe that they were already sophomores when it felt like eighth grade was just yesterday. They had always talked and dreamed about this big day but it was hard to comprehend it was already here. By the time the girls reached The Plaza, they were jittery with nerves and excitement. When they entered the grand ballroom that overlooked Central Park, they literally had to stop and catch their breath. There were large circular tables surrounding a dance floor and each table was adorned with a tree of flowers, candles, and beautiful china for their dinner. After the Pretty Committee took in the beautiful room, they chose the best table and they all settled into their seats, next to their dates.

The entire room was swirling with colors as girls passed by with elegant long dresses, their dates by their sides with matching bow-ties. Just as the Pretty Committee had a chance to greet all of their friends, it was time to sit down for dinner. After a long three course meal that included Dylan stuffing her face, Alicia trying to hide the fact she was actually eating from Josh, and Claire and Cam working on their “photography” skills by taking pictures of every course they were eating, it was time for everyone to line up and watch the prom King and Queen be crowned.

Half of the candidates were Junior and Senior cheerleaders the Pretty Committee had known from their time on the squad and the girls couldn’t help squealing with delight when the squad’s co-captain was crowned Queen. As soon as the King and Queen shared their first dance, the girls heard “I Love It” by Icon Pop come on the surrounding speakers.

“Ehmagawd I love this song! Let’s dance!”

The girls crowded around the cramped dance floor and let loose. After shimmying and shaking for a couple of their favorite songs, the DJ turned on a slow one which left the girls singling off with their dates.

Massie wrapped her arms around Derrick’s broad shoulders and smiled up at him.

“Are you having fun?” Derrick asked.

“Of course,” Massie laughed.

“Your dress is beautiful by the way, but still not as beautiful as you,” Derrick kissed her forehead softly.

Massie grinned up at him and right as she was about to plant a kiss on his soft lips, she heard a terrible ripping noise from behind her. By the time she turned around, she felt a cool breeze on the back of her legs, something that made her stomach drop. She saw Olivia Ryan standing right behind her with a horrified, wide-eyed look on her face as she slowly removed her tacky, golden heel off the corner of Massie’s dress.

The Pretty Committee instantly rushed to her side, grabbing the mint fabric and holding it up to her back as they rushed her into the bathroom. Once they were inside the bathroom with the door locked behind them, Massie tried to look at her back even though she was still in shock.

“Now don’t freak out, we can fix it!” Dylan said with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Yeah! I brought a needle and some thread just in case…” Claire pulled the tools out of her silver clutch.

When Massie glanced at the back of her dress, she tried not to let the big teardrops that were now forming in the corner of her eyes fall. She could see a gross brown stain on the hem where Olivia had stepped on it and a huge rip at her waist where the bottom half of her dress met the bodice. When she thought about how much effort she had put into designing the dress and how excited she was when it arrived in Westchester, she couldn’t help letting the tears flow.

“Awww, it’s going to be okay!” Alicia said as she hugged Massie.

Massie smiled weakly back at Alicia as she dabbed her face with a cotton pad, trying not to smudge her professionally applied makeup.

“I don’t even get why Olivia was that close to you, your dress hardly touches the floor,” Kristen pointed out.

“Wait, what are you saying, Kris?” Claire looked up from her needle and thread.

“I don’t know…. It just seems like she did it on purpose….” Kristen looked around at each of the girls.

“I swear to god, if we can’t fix this dress Olivia is dead,” Massie’s usual voice was laced with hatred. She was remembering the weird texts and peanut-allergy incident that had happened less than two months ago. The messages had stapled off but the fact that Olivia was caught ripping her dress made her feel sick.

“Well, we can fix it!” Claire said with a sewing needle sticking out of her mouth.

Massie stood there as the girls pulled, tucked, and threaded her dress back together. Ten minutes later they stepped back and told her to look. She carefully examined the back of her dress, trying to find a reason to give Olivia what she deserved. But she couldn’t find a single thing wrong. Even the stain at the hem of her dress had been washed out with seltzer water.

“Thank God,” Massie hugged them and let out a huge breath of anxiety. As soon as the girls finished admiring Claire’s handy-work, they gathered up their bags and headed back to the ballroom, hoping to enjoy the rest of the night Olivia-free.

“Massie! Massie! I’m so sorry!” Olivia came rushing up to Massie with a guilty look splashed on her face.

“Don’t come any closer! I’m going to let you off with a warning but that means you do not, and I repeat do nawt, come within ten feet of me the rest of the night,” Massie said with a raised eyebrow.

“I won’t, promise! I’m so sorry!” Olivia said as she backed up, letting the Pretty Committee walk past her.

“Someone’s feeling guilty, aren’t they?” Dylan asked the girls.

Massie smiled back at Dylan even though she was steaming inside. She vowed that starting Monday, the girls would look into what Olivia was doing when she had received those text messages.

As soon as the girls made it back to their table, Derrick was waiting for her.

“Are you okay? How bad is it?” he asked her worriedly, which only made him cuter.

“I’m okay. Thanks to Claire here, you can’t even tell it was ever ripped,” Massie said as she showed Derrick the perfectly sewn back.

“Well, that’s a relief.” He hugged her tightly, “Do you want to dance or are you not in the mood for it?”

“Let’s go,” Massie said with a smile.

Soon Derrick was weaving her in and out of other dancers, the rest of the Pretty Committee already dancing with their boyfriends and dates. When they reached the group, she let him twirl her around, her dress catching the wind and twirling in the air as she did. Derrick pulled her close and she nestled her head into his shoulder. She watched her friends dancing and laughing with each other and she couldn’t help but smile. Even though her prom didn’t turn out as she had expected, she wouldn’t have changed a thing♥

Hello Beautifuls!

My blog has been completely updated! I updated all of my pages and I hope you all adore my new makeover 🙂  If you didn’t notice, the Beauty’s Bulletin is only booked up to July so if you want your own custom bulletin posted, head on over there and sign up!

As some of you may know, Lilly Pulitzer passed away on April 7th. In honor of her amazingly beautiful and colorful life, I have changed my background to one of my favorite Lilly patterns! I encourage you all to do the same! Make your blogs colorful to honor such an amazing woman who truly touched the hearts of many.

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Gorgeous Girlies:

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32 thoughts on ““I Got This Feeling On The Summer Day When You Were Gone”

  1. MBL,
    Great post like always! Olivia should know to not mess with an Alpha like you. Even though she ruined your dress I’m glad you still had fun at your Prom. It sounded ah-mazing!
    The Alpha,
    P.S.-New post! Check it out?

  2. MBL,

    Great post! I’m sorry that Olivia messed up your dress! Thankfully Claire was there to the rescue! I love the makeover! It sounds like you had a great time at prom and your boyfriend, Derrick is ah-dorable! I can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

    Dance Forever, Skye

  3. Hey MBL,
    Ah, prom was ah-mazing! We definitely had a fun time! I cannot wait for the future years. (:
    It’s so sad Olivia had the nerve to rip your dress! Thank gawsh, Claire is a miracle worker with needles!
    Lovely makeover, Mass!

    Kisses from Kris<3

  4. MBL,

    Your dress sounds absolutely gorgeous! My Ring Dance dress was the same color! I love your latest post and idea of a Lily Pulitzer Bg. Prom sounded amazing. Check out Peeling of a Sunburn post? Can’t wait to read more.

    Sun-Kissed Kisses,


  5. MBL,
    Wonderful post! I’m glad to see you back and posting.
    Your dress sounds absolutely gorgeous! I loved the picture of it at the bottom. Too pretty!
    It’s awful that Olivia stepped on it, but hopefully she didn’t mean to. She does seem apologetic, at least, and Claire seems to have sewn it up pretty well.
    You and Derrick are adorable. 🙂

  6. Hey MBL!
    I loved the post! Your blog is perfecto!
    Aw! you and Derrick are adorbs.

    I’m a new blogger, and I was wondering If you would be able to give me a shoutout on your next post? I really want to get my blog out there!

    Love you! x

  7. MBL,
    Ah-mazing post! :]
    I can’t believe Olivia did that to your dress. Thank gawsh for Claire though, right?
    PS. New post, check it out? (:

  8. Hey girlie,

    EMG! The dress is ah-dorable! But I can’t believe that Olivia ripped your dress!!! How could she do that! Good thing that Claire had the thread and needle. But other than that, I’m glad that you had an ah-mazing prom! Thx for the shoutout!

    I heart u!
    – FG<3

  9. OMG I love your dress, MBL=)
    I cannot believe that Olivia did that! Seems like she did it on purpose.
    Good thing Claire was there though! Hope you enjoyed your prom.
    Do you mind checking out my new post?

  10. Massie,
    Love the post like always! ❤
    P.S. I was originally Kristin (personal figure skating blog) (my real name is Kristin) now I'm back to a fictional character figure skating blog! Just thought I'd let you know I'm making new pages and posts coming soon

  11. Massie 🙂
    I left wordpress again haha but I decided to stop by your blog today to see if there was anything new! I love this post so so much! Even though you said Massie’s dress was mint green which is my favourite colour, I’ve stumbled upon that picture on tumblr before and I think the green is actually so pretty. It’s such an unexpected prom colour but I bet it would have looked ah-mazing in the pictures so great choice! Claire is so smart for bringing a needle and thread and I’m glad you still had an amazing night despite the small mishap. I’m so glad you and derrick are together, I always thought he was perfect for you even in the eighth grade though he’s gotten a little mature now. Cheeky is always hot 😉 xx Karen

    • Karen!! Hi 🙂 I’m so glad you stopped by and I’m so happy you loved the post!! Thank you! Same here, I reblogged it on Tumblr and I knew I had to use it for my post haha 🙂 Aww thank you! 🙂 I love all the cute&creative pictures you’ve been instagramming lately! They’re always so adorable!

  12. Hey, MBL!
    Fabulous post as always.
    It sounds like your prom went just about perfect, minus the dress mishap with Olivia. Luckily you could fix your dress in a pinch!
    I actually wan’t aware that Lily Pulitzer had passed away. I think I’ll try to find one of my favorite prints to use in a background soon!
    XO, KLS

    • Hey KLS! Aww thank you 🙂 I know, right? Claire is such a lifesaver! I know, I was so upset when I heard. She had a very long and wonderful life though 🙂 Aww that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it up 🙂 I thought it would be really nice for everyone who truly loved her prints to do something for her this month!

  13. Hey x

    You dress looks gorgeous!! I am serious it’s so amazing x I am 100% sure Duh-livia did it on purpose, because I remember ways she looked at you, so no further information is needed to be provided:) Waiting for your next post darling 🙂

    Eva xx

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