Goodbye Westchester, Hello East Hampton!

Massie Block turned her brand new iPhone 5 over in her lap, admiring the striped monogram case and contemplating the week ahead of her. Summer had started less than a week ago and she was already headed out to the Hampton’s house for some much needed rest and relaxation.  The six hour car drive from Westchester was almost unbearable without the Pretty Committee which left her thumbs exhausted from her non-stop texting session with them and Derrick. Everyone would be arriving in the Hampton’s next week but she was looking forward to some time to herself, something that rarely happened in the life of Massie Block.

As soon as Isaac pulled up to their cottage, Massie hopped out and dragged her suitcase in the house, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. As soon as she stepped inside, the sweet smell of the ocean water overwhelmed her and she couldn’t help but wander out onto her Juliet balcony that overlooked the seaside. The ocean waves rolled in and out, calming her nerves and putting her heart at peace. There was nothing like the ocean during summer time.

As soon as Massie had unpacked her assortment of flowy dresses, shorts, bright tops, sandals, and colorful jewelry into her large closet, she plugged in her laptop and checked her email and Facebook page. Alicia had just posted pictures of the girls smiling over iced coffee and playing around in the park with their puppies. Massie couldn’t help but miss her friends, after all they hardly went a day without seeing each other and now they would be spending an entire week apart. She quickly closed her laptop and shook out her shoulders.

“Isaac! I need you to drive me somewhere,” Massie called down the stairs as she traded her sandals for a pair of white wedges to match her coral dress and white Chanel bag.

If she was going to spend a week by herself, she may as well do it in style.

Three hours and five shopping bags later, Massie was making her way up Main Street while simultaneously fulfilling her shopping addiction. She had spent most of the afternoon flitting from store to store and only stopping briefly to eat the most delicious fish n’ chips she had ever had. Right as she was about to call Isaac to come pick her up, she spotted one of her favorite stores, The Monogram Shop.

When she stepped inside, she could hardly stop looking at the room around her. There were t-shirts, beach bags, key chains, pillow shams, shoes, hair bows, phone cases, and jewelry all around her, just waiting to be stamped with her initials. After carefully choosing a pale pink chevron beach bag and a pair of Jack Rogers sandals in white, she stepped up to the counter to place her order. The sales girl carefully took down her initials and helped her choose the best monogram font and color.

When she stepped back from the counter, she unknowingly bumped into something behind her.

“Ehmagawd! I am so sorry,” Massie said as she spun around in shock.

A pretty blonde was standing behind her wearing a green and white striped Ralph Lauren dress, brown Tory Burch flats, and a pair of Ray Bans perched precariously atop her head.

“It’s okay. Hey, you’re Massie Block, right?” the girl said as she picked up the bag Massie had clumsily knocked out of her hand.

“Uh, yeah. Have we met before?” Massie was puzzled as she racked her brain for a name to put to the girl’s face.

“Yeah! I met you last year at that bonfire on the beach. I’m Lilly, Sterling’s friend,” Lilly smiled back at Massie.

As soon as she heard Sterling’s name her heart sank. When the Pretty Committee stayed in the Hampton’s last summer, Massie had a brief crush on Sterling but her heart was broken when she found out Lilly was his girlfriend. The worst part of it was that she was still dating Derrick, even though they were at a really rocky point in their relationship.

“Oh right! I can’t believe you recognized me!  How is Sterling?” Massie replied.

“Well, we broke up shortly after you left the Hampton’s last summer and I haven’t really seen him sense,” Lilly said in a bitter tone.

“Aw, I’m so sorry. How long are you going to be in the Hampton’s?” Massie replied, trying to steer the awkward conversation in a better direction.

“For most of the summer actually. I needed a break from school and the city. What about you? Are you here with your friends?” Lilly asked.

“Yeah, they’re coming down next week but it’s just me until then!” Massie replied.

“Do you want to get together sometime? I know we didn’t necessarily leave things on good terms last year but I’d like to change that,” Lilly said with a smile.

“Sure, I’m free this whole week,” Massie replied as she typed her name and number into Lilly’s contacts list on her phone.

“Great! Well, I’ll see you soon!” Lilly gave Massie a hug goodbye.

When Massie reached the street, she was surprised at how nice and normal Lilly seemed. She only remembered her as the crazy-jealous girlfriend but maybe she had been too quick to judge. Massie thought all about their talk on the way home and as soon as she had deposited her bags in her room, she went for a walk on the beach.

The second she stepped into the sand, the wind blew her hair all around her face. Massie quickly shook out her curls and let the cold ocean water wash over her legs and feet. Summer was always Massie’s favorite season but every year it seemed more and more bittersweet. In only a few short years she and the Pretty Committee would be headed off to college and their lives would totally change.

She couldn’t help but relive all of the moments spent in the Hampton’s; swimming in the ocean, shopping on the boardwalk, flirting with cute boys. A smile spread across her lips and she couldn’t help but quietly laugh to herself at how young and silly they had been. She slowly sipped her raspberry lemonade as she watched the tide come and go across her cold, sandy feet. She could only hope that this summer would be as unforgettable as the rest♥

Bonjour Beauties,

I hope you all adore my new makeover!! All of my pages are completely updated and I’m hoping now that it’s summer I will be able to post a lot more 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Goodbye Westchester, Hello East Hampton!

  1. Hey MBL!
    The Hampton’s sound ah-mazing!
    Haha, I love getting my things monogrammed. (:
    Lilly sounds really nice, she’ll be a really good friend to have while waiting for the PC to join you on your vacation!

    Je t’aime,

  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Glad to see you back and posting.
    Your trip to the Hamptons for the Summer sounds fabulous, especially since you get a week freezone before the Pretty Committee come. How lovely, you’ll be able to catch up with Lilly!
    Adore the Summer makeover also, beyond perfect.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

  3. Hey, MBL!
    First of all, gorgeous makeover as always! I love the color of the background, it’s very summer-oriented.
    I’m glad that you and Lilly are on better terms, it seems like the week should allow enough time to catch up with her!
    Thank you for the shoutout.
    Stay Classy,

  4. Hey Mass!
    Awh, we miss you to. 😦 I can’t wait to join you in the Hamptons! We’ll have such an amazing time together!!
    The Monogram Store sounds really cool. I still have my clutch from last summer. 😉
    Lilly sounds ah-lot sweeter this year, and getting to know her better will be really nice. It’s always great to meet some GLUs.
    Thanks for the shoutout, love.

    Kisses from Kris<3

    • Kris!! I know 😦 I can’t wait for you all to join me! Haha I know, right?! They have such cute stuff 🙂 I hope so, I can’t wait for everyone to hang out with her and catch up! No problem 🙂

  5. M,
    Wonderful post!
    It’s good that you and Lilly made up for the tension of last year. I love monogram shops! They’re so much fun, and personalized items are so unique.
    I hope you have fun at the Hamptons!


  6. MBL,
    The Hamptons sounds like so much fun. Everyone needs a tiny bit of alone time every now and then, I agree.
    The Monogram Shop sounds adorable. I adore monograms. If it can be monogrammed, it should be monogrammed.
    It’s nice that you and Lilly could possibly be friends and that the two of you are on better terms. I’m sure hanging out with her will be fun!


  7. Hey Massie!
    I heart your blog!
    Hmmm. I wonder why Lily has changed…. At least it’s for the better!
    I am soooo exited to see what happens next!

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