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Today I am saying goodbye to WordPress, a place that was a home to me for almost three years. I have spent so much time on here writing posts, working on makeovers, and chatting with you all that I can hardly believe that I found the time to do it. I’ve really loved getting to know all of you and I know WordPress wouldn’t be as special to me without all the other bloggers I’ve come to love over the years.

I would love to write letters to every one of you telling you how I enjoyed chatting and collaborating but that would take forever because I’ve gotten to know so many bloggers on here. Instead, I’d like to just give shout outs to the few that I will never forget and have always been there for me. Not all of you are still here but that doesn’t matter 🙂

Thank you for making WordPress so amazing and for being so wonderful to me.

As I go, I’ll be leaving behind 74,500 views, 3,272 comments, and 112 posts. Thank you so much for making all that possible and supporting me since day one. I wish I had the time to keep blogging because I enjoy looking back on all the time I spent building MBL. I think that’s why it took me a couple months to write this post, nothing was ever good enough. I could never find the courage to say goodbye because I knew that once I left, I wouldn’t come back. I am so happy to see so many new beautiful bloggers taking over WordPress and I wish the best of luck to all of you. I hope you find a love in WordPress just like I did. If you’d like to keep up with me, feel free to email me as I will still occasionally check it.

Thanks for being ah-mazing.

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post 19

Massie Block flipped her covers off her warm legs and grabbed her iPhone to check for messages, not truly wanting to wake up from the deep sleep she had been lingered in all night. It had been one week since she had arrived in the Hampton’s which meant the Pretty Committee would be driving down today and she could hardly wait to see them. Massie knew the girls had been non-stop hanging out in Westchester which didn’t make her feel so bad about spending most of the week with Lilly. The day after Massie had run into Lilly shopping, the girls had gotten together for lunch and shopping which led to tanning at the beach every day and going to parties with Lilly’s friends every night.

Massie didn’t want to admit to herself she was wrong, but she was starting to see how quick she was to judge Lilly last summer. With the girls not arriving until the afternoon, Massie had made plans to tan this morning with Lilly. After sending her a quick text, Massie sat down with a cup of hot tea on her balcony and started brainstorming ideas for Kristen’s upcoming birthday party. If she was going to do anything to show her friends how much she missed them, she had to make sure the party was perfect.

Ten minutes later, she was changed into her bikini and lounging poolside.

“What time are your friends getting here?” Lilly asked Massie, peering up at her beneath the brim of her sun hat.

“I think this afternoon,” Massie took a long sip of her Grapefruit IZZE.

“I bet you’re excited to see them,” Lilly said.

“Yeah, Kristen’s birthday is next weekend so I’m really looking forward to her party,” Massie replied.

“Well you’ll have to tell me how it goes! I hope she likes everything,” Lilly said as she flipped over in her lounge chair.

“What do you mean? Aren’t you coming?” Massie knitted her eyebrows together.

“I wasn’t planning on it… I get how it is with them, ya know? You’re their ‘Alpha’ or whatever,” Lilly smiled playfully.

“You make that sound like a bad thing. And that still doesn’t mean you can’t come! You’re my friend,” Massie stared off at the waves crashing into the sandy beach.

“That’s okay. You should be paying attention to Kristen, not hanging out with me,” Lilly turned her head away from Massie and grabbed her phone, pretending to be checking her Facebook.


Massie couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that neither of her friends would ever approve of each other. She tried to relax and soak up the warm sun that was beating overhead. The Pretty Committee would be here in a matter of hours and once they reunited it would be like old times. Massie kept repeating that to herself, hoping it would be true, but all it did was leave a sour taste in her mouth.

post 19 2

“I’m here to pick up my order,” Massie told the sales clerk behind the desk at Crumbs.

“Just a second,” the girl said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Crumbs was the Pretty Committee’s favorite bakery in East Hampton. Massie couldn’t help but remember all the times they used to come here just to grab a cupcake, even when they were on the strictest diets they couldn’t help themselves. Massie smiled as she pictured how surprised the girls would be when they arrived at her house to find their favorite cupcakes, smoothies, and movies awaiting them for a girls night.

Massie paid for her cupcakes, got into her convertible, and drove back to her house with the top down, carelessly letting her hair toss around in the humid wind. As soon as she pulled into her garage, her phone dinged with a text message from Alicia.

Alicia: almost to your house!

Massie smiled as she ran inside, placed the cupcakes on a giant platter and set a spot at the kitchen island for each of the girls. She quickly changed into a red ruffle dress, her favorite Tory Burch sandals, and her brand new monogram earrings.

By the time she was walking down the steps, the door bell was ringing and she could hear her friends laughing outside.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyy!” Massie squealed as she opened the door, her arms wide open for a Pretty Committee hug.

Alicia ran into her arms and gave her a huge hug while the other girls tittered behind her.

“EMG, Massie. You’re acting like we’ve been separated for years,” Kristen chortled as she gave Massie a quick half-hug and wandered off into the kitchen. Alicia stepped back and followed Kristen, Dylan and Claire into the kitchen.

Massie stood in the foyer in shock, taking a moment to comprehend what had just happened. The girls hardly seemed to miss her at all and acted like spending an entire week apart was no big deal! Massie walked toward the kitchen even though she felt like running up to her room, throwing herself onto the bed, and crying.

The girls had already dug into the cupcakes and while Massie usually sat in the middle in the middle of the group, she found herself squished onto the end.

“So, how have you guys been?” Massie asked nervously.

“We’ve been good,” Alicia said, grinning at Massie.

“Well, I’ve really missed you guys!” Massie said, hoping to get a reaction out of them.

Alicia and Claire smiled back at Massie while Kristen and Dylan stared into their cupcakes.

I’m sure you have,” Massie heard Kristen whisper sarcastically to Dylan who tried to hide a laugh.

“What, Kristen?” Massie asked her innocently.

“Nothing! These cupcakes are delicious,” Dylan said as she took a big bite out of hers.

While Massie watched everyone drink their smoothies and eat their cupcakes, she couldn’t help but feel like something was terribly wrong. She wondered if something had happened in Westchester while she was away but she hadn’t heard of anything other than the usual pool parties and pre-summer break ups.

“So, I hope you guys are excited for Kristen”s birthday party! I’ve come up with some really great ideas,” Massie told the girls.

“Uhm, that’s really sweet Massie but I’ve actually already planned my party,” Kristen said, not even making eye contact with her.

“Oh, okay. What are we doing?” Massie asked.

“I think a bonfire at the beach. You’ll find out all the details when you get your invitation,” Alicia shot Massie a fake smile, one she knew all too well.

“Well, this was so much fun but we have to go,” Kristen said, hopping up out of her chair.

“I thought we were hanging out?” Massie asked, her stomach doing flip flops.

“Sorry but we have other plans. Thanks for the cupcakes!”

The girls were up and out of the door before Massie could even protest. She stood next to her kitchen island that was still filled with half eaten cupcakes and lasting tension that was making the air hard to breathe. Massie grabbed her phone and ran up the stairs to her room, trying to hold back the tears that were about to spill from her eyes. She stepped out onto her Juliet balcony, and dialed her phone.

“Hey Lilly? Can you come over?”

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Goodbye Westchester, Hello East Hampton!

Massie Block turned her brand new iPhone 5 over in her lap, admiring the striped monogram case and contemplating the week ahead of her. Summer had started less than a week ago and she was already headed out to the Hampton’s house for some much needed rest and relaxation.  The six hour car drive from Westchester was almost unbearable without the Pretty Committee which left her thumbs exhausted from her non-stop texting session with them and Derrick. Everyone would be arriving in the Hampton’s next week but she was looking forward to some time to herself, something that rarely happened in the life of Massie Block.

As soon as Isaac pulled up to their cottage, Massie hopped out and dragged her suitcase in the house, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. As soon as she stepped inside, the sweet smell of the ocean water overwhelmed her and she couldn’t help but wander out onto her Juliet balcony that overlooked the seaside. The ocean waves rolled in and out, calming her nerves and putting her heart at peace. There was nothing like the ocean during summer time.

As soon as Massie had unpacked her assortment of flowy dresses, shorts, bright tops, sandals, and colorful jewelry into her large closet, she plugged in her laptop and checked her email and Facebook page. Alicia had just posted pictures of the girls smiling over iced coffee and playing around in the park with their puppies. Massie couldn’t help but miss her friends, after all they hardly went a day without seeing each other and now they would be spending an entire week apart. She quickly closed her laptop and shook out her shoulders.

“Isaac! I need you to drive me somewhere,” Massie called down the stairs as she traded her sandals for a pair of white wedges to match her coral dress and white Chanel bag.

If she was going to spend a week by herself, she may as well do it in style.

Three hours and five shopping bags later, Massie was making her way up Main Street while simultaneously fulfilling her shopping addiction. She had spent most of the afternoon flitting from store to store and only stopping briefly to eat the most delicious fish n’ chips she had ever had. Right as she was about to call Isaac to come pick her up, she spotted one of her favorite stores, The Monogram Shop.

When she stepped inside, she could hardly stop looking at the room around her. There were t-shirts, beach bags, key chains, pillow shams, shoes, hair bows, phone cases, and jewelry all around her, just waiting to be stamped with her initials. After carefully choosing a pale pink chevron beach bag and a pair of Jack Rogers sandals in white, she stepped up to the counter to place her order. The sales girl carefully took down her initials and helped her choose the best monogram font and color.

When she stepped back from the counter, she unknowingly bumped into something behind her.

“Ehmagawd! I am so sorry,” Massie said as she spun around in shock.

A pretty blonde was standing behind her wearing a green and white striped Ralph Lauren dress, brown Tory Burch flats, and a pair of Ray Bans perched precariously atop her head.

“It’s okay. Hey, you’re Massie Block, right?” the girl said as she picked up the bag Massie had clumsily knocked out of her hand.

“Uh, yeah. Have we met before?” Massie was puzzled as she racked her brain for a name to put to the girl’s face.

“Yeah! I met you last year at that bonfire on the beach. I’m Lilly, Sterling’s friend,” Lilly smiled back at Massie.

As soon as she heard Sterling’s name her heart sank. When the Pretty Committee stayed in the Hampton’s last summer, Massie had a brief crush on Sterling but her heart was broken when she found out Lilly was his girlfriend. The worst part of it was that she was still dating Derrick, even though they were at a really rocky point in their relationship.

“Oh right! I can’t believe you recognized me!  How is Sterling?” Massie replied.

“Well, we broke up shortly after you left the Hampton’s last summer and I haven’t really seen him sense,” Lilly said in a bitter tone.

“Aw, I’m so sorry. How long are you going to be in the Hampton’s?” Massie replied, trying to steer the awkward conversation in a better direction.

“For most of the summer actually. I needed a break from school and the city. What about you? Are you here with your friends?” Lilly asked.

“Yeah, they’re coming down next week but it’s just me until then!” Massie replied.

“Do you want to get together sometime? I know we didn’t necessarily leave things on good terms last year but I’d like to change that,” Lilly said with a smile.

“Sure, I’m free this whole week,” Massie replied as she typed her name and number into Lilly’s contacts list on her phone.

“Great! Well, I’ll see you soon!” Lilly gave Massie a hug goodbye.

When Massie reached the street, she was surprised at how nice and normal Lilly seemed. She only remembered her as the crazy-jealous girlfriend but maybe she had been too quick to judge. Massie thought all about their talk on the way home and as soon as she had deposited her bags in her room, she went for a walk on the beach.

The second she stepped into the sand, the wind blew her hair all around her face. Massie quickly shook out her curls and let the cold ocean water wash over her legs and feet. Summer was always Massie’s favorite season but every year it seemed more and more bittersweet. In only a few short years she and the Pretty Committee would be headed off to college and their lives would totally change.

She couldn’t help but relive all of the moments spent in the Hampton’s; swimming in the ocean, shopping on the boardwalk, flirting with cute boys. A smile spread across her lips and she couldn’t help but quietly laugh to herself at how young and silly they had been. She slowly sipped her raspberry lemonade as she watched the tide come and go across her cold, sandy feet. She could only hope that this summer would be as unforgettable as the rest♄

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“I Got This Feeling On The Summer Day When You Were Gone”

post 16

Massie Block leaned back onto the white leather chaise as she twirled one of the gems hanging off her bauble necklace. She was wearing a floral sundress and hot pink wedges to show off her tanned skin from The Pretty Committee’s week long cruise in the Caribbean. The girls had arrived back in Westchester on a Sunday night and had immediately started back at school for their last couple weeks of sophomore year.

Massie’s iPhone dinged with a text from Alicia and as she read about her and Josh’s recent date, she was interrupted by a knock on her door.

“Come in!” She locked her phone and set it on the small coffee table beside her.

“Hi Honey! This was just delivered to you and I thought you’d want to open it right away,” Massie’s mother dragged a huge garment bag through her door and carefully laid it down on Massie’s bed.

EEEEEEEEEEE!” Massie squealed as she ran-slash-hobbled over to the bed in her four-inch wedges.

“Be careful! You don’t want to rip the fabric!” Kendra chided Massie, helping her slowly unzip the bag.

As soon as the zipper reached the end, Massie let out a huge breath of relief. A soft layer of mint green chiffon fabric tumbled out of the bag and revealed soft layers of ruching across the bust and a beaded band to cinch her waist. Massie could hardly speak as she admired her custom-made prom dress that was shipped to her home all the way from Paris. No one in the entire school would have a dress like hers and that made it all the more special.

“Ehmagawd,” Massie breathed as she rubbed the fabric between her fingers.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” Massie’s mom put an arm around her.

“I have to text the girls a picture!” Massie grabbed her phone and quickly messaged a picture to the Pretty Committee. Within seconds they were replying an array of compliments that was only a small preview of what people would be saying about her Saturday night.

“Good choice, darling,” Massie’s mom kissed her forehead and slowly padded out her door, leaving her alone to admire the beautiful creation that was only a sketch on a piece of paper weeks ago.

Massie slowly zipped up the bag and hung her dress safely in her closet. With only four days until her sophomore prom, she could hardly wait to experience what should be one of the best nights of her High School life.

post 16.2

“Now when you open your eyes, just pick. Don’t think, just pick! I want your first instinct,” Alicia demanded.

“Okay! Can we open our eyes now?” Dylan sounded annoyed.

“Seriously, I just want to see your dress. I’m sure you will look beautiful in all three of the ones you purchased,” Massie added sarcastically as she heard the other girls giggle beside her.

“This is important people! Now, open your eyes!” Alicia was standing in a soft pink dress that had a cinched waist, an elegant one-shoulder strap, and subtle sparkles intertwined in the fabric as it cascaded to the floor.

AHHHH 10!” Massie screamed. Of the three dresses Alicia had purchased, this one was by far her favorite.

“Massie is one hundred percent correct. This is sooooo your dress,” Kristen smiled back at Alicia who was beaming from all the praise.

“Yay! I have my dress!” Alicia did a happy-dance as the soft fabric swirled around her tanned legs.

“Josh is totally going to drool over you,” Claire teased Alicia.

“Isn’t that the point?” Alicia winked back at the girls, sending them all into a fit of giggles.

“Where do you think the guys are taking us for dinner?” Dylan asked as she chewed on a piece of hair.

“I hinted to Cam that we would just loveeee to go to the Russian Tea Room,” Claire told them.

“That would be so much fun! Plus it’s right down the street from The Plaza which means minimal walking in heels. Definitely a plus,” Dylan pointed out.

“I am so excited, our first prom together!” Massie beamed.

“We need to toast… To our first – but not last – prom!” Alicia said as she raised her iced coffee to the center of the group. The other girls  clinked their plastic Starbucks cups against hers.

post 16.3

Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire all smooshed together, colorful fabrics overlapping each other and locks of hair tumbling in the wind behind them. The five girls smiled brightly at the cameras in Josh, Cam, and Derrick’s hands. After a couple of flashes, the girls broke away and looked over the pictures.

“Ehmagawd, we look ahdorable!” Alicia told the rest of the girls as she flipped through the pictures.

“We are so pretty!” Claire said, as she examined the photograph and readjusted her pale blue dress.

“Alright, let’s head over to The Plaza!” Massie sang as the girls grabbed their dates, picked up their dresses so they wouldn’t drag on the ground, and attempted to treck the sidewalks of the upper east side.

Massie could hardly believe that they were already sophomores when it felt like eighth grade was just yesterday. They had always talked and dreamed about this big day but it was hard to comprehend it was already here. By the time the girls reached The Plaza, they were jittery with nerves and excitement. When they entered the grand ballroom that overlooked Central Park, they literally had to stop and catch their breath. There were large circular tables surrounding a dance floor and each table was adorned with a tree of flowers, candles, and beautiful china for their dinner. After the Pretty Committee took in the beautiful room, they chose the best table and they all settled into their seats, next to their dates.

The entire room was swirling with colors as girls passed by with elegant long dresses, their dates by their sides with matching bow-ties. Just as the Pretty Committee had a chance to greet all of their friends, it was time to sit down for dinner. After a long three course meal that included Dylan stuffing her face, Alicia trying to hide the fact she was actually eating from Josh, and Claire and Cam working on their “photography” skills by taking pictures of every course they were eating, it was time for everyone to line up and watch the prom King and Queen be crowned.

Half of the candidates were Junior and Senior cheerleaders the Pretty Committee had known from their time on the squad and the girls couldn’t help squealing with delight when the squad’s co-captain was crowned Queen. As soon as the King and Queen shared their first dance, the girls heard “I Love It” by Icon Pop come on the surrounding speakers.

“Ehmagawd I love this song! Let’s dance!”

The girls crowded around the cramped dance floor and let loose. After shimmying and shaking for a couple of their favorite songs, the DJ turned on a slow one which left the girls singling off with their dates.

Massie wrapped her arms around Derrick’s broad shoulders and smiled up at him.

“Are you having fun?” Derrick asked.

“Of course,” Massie laughed.

“Your dress is beautiful by the way, but still not as beautiful as you,” Derrick kissed her forehead softly.

Massie grinned up at him and right as she was about to plant a kiss on his soft lips, she heard a terrible ripping noise from behind her. By the time she turned around, she felt a cool breeze on the back of her legs, something that made her stomach drop. She saw Olivia Ryan standing right behind her with a horrified, wide-eyed look on her face as she slowly removed her tacky, golden heel off the corner of Massie’s dress.

The Pretty Committee instantly rushed to her side, grabbing the mint fabric and holding it up to her back as they rushed her into the bathroom. Once they were inside the bathroom with the door locked behind them, Massie tried to look at her back even though she was still in shock.

“Now don’t freak out, we can fix it!” Dylan said with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Yeah! I brought a needle and some thread just in case…” Claire pulled the tools out of her silver clutch.

When Massie glanced at the back of her dress, she tried not to let the big teardrops that were now forming in the corner of her eyes fall. She could see a gross brown stain on the hem where Olivia had stepped on it and a huge rip at her waist where the bottom half of her dress met the bodice. When she thought about how much effort she had put into designing the dress and how excited she was when it arrived in Westchester, she couldn’t help letting the tears flow.

“Awww, it’s going to be okay!” Alicia said as she hugged Massie.

Massie smiled weakly back at Alicia as she dabbed her face with a cotton pad, trying not to smudge her professionally applied makeup.

“I don’t even get why Olivia was that close to you, your dress hardly touches the floor,” Kristen pointed out.

“Wait, what are you saying, Kris?” Claire looked up from her needle and thread.

“I don’t know…. It just seems like she did it on purpose….” Kristen looked around at each of the girls.

“I swear to god, if we can’t fix this dress Olivia is dead,” Massie’s usual voice was laced with hatred. She was remembering the weird texts and peanut-allergy incident that had happened less than two months ago. The messages had stapled off but the fact that Olivia was caught ripping her dress made her feel sick.

“Well, we can fix it!” Claire said with a sewing needle sticking out of her mouth.

Massie stood there as the girls pulled, tucked, and threaded her dress back together. Ten minutes later they stepped back and told her to look. She carefully examined the back of her dress, trying to find a reason to give Olivia what she deserved. But she couldn’t find a single thing wrong. Even the stain at the hem of her dress had been washed out with seltzer water.

“Thank God,” Massie hugged them and let out a huge breath of anxiety. As soon as the girls finished admiring Claire’s handy-work, they gathered up their bags and headed back to the ballroom, hoping to enjoy the rest of the night Olivia-free.

“Massie! Massie! I’m so sorry!” Olivia came rushing up to Massie with a guilty look splashed on her face.

“Don’t come any closer! I’m going to let you off with a warning but that means you do not, and I repeat do nawt, come within ten feet of me the rest of the night,” Massie said with a raised eyebrow.

“I won’t, promise! I’m so sorry!” Olivia said as she backed up, letting the Pretty Committee walk past her.

“Someone’s feeling guilty, aren’t they?” Dylan asked the girls.

Massie smiled back at Dylan even though she was steaming inside. She vowed that starting Monday, the girls would look into what Olivia was doing when she had received those text messages.

As soon as the girls made it back to their table, Derrick was waiting for her.

“Are you okay? How bad is it?” he asked her worriedly, which only made him cuter.

“I’m okay. Thanks to Claire here, you can’t even tell it was ever ripped,” Massie said as she showed Derrick the perfectly sewn back.

“Well, that’s a relief.” He hugged her tightly, “Do you want to dance or are you not in the mood for it?”

“Let’s go,” Massie said with a smile.

Soon Derrick was weaving her in and out of other dancers, the rest of the Pretty Committee already dancing with their boyfriends and dates. When they reached the group, she let him twirl her around, her dress catching the wind and twirling in the air as she did. Derrick pulled her close and she nestled her head into his shoulder. She watched her friends dancing and laughing with each other and she couldn’t help but smile. Even though her prom didn’t turn out as she had expected, she wouldn’t have changed a thing♄

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