Dying to know what’s behind the doors of Massie’s Closet? You’re in luck 😉 See all the fabulous outfits worn by M. herself!

Serving Up Cupcakes and a Slice of Drama
Hampton Happenings

Hampton Happenings by massieblockluv
Worn to: Shopping In The Hampton’s
Theme: Resolutions
Featured Items: Pull & Bear Coral Dress and White Chanel Shoulder Bag

Worn to: Prom
Theme: Personalized From Paris
Featured Items: Mint Dress and Chanel Clutch

"In The Daylight, We’ll Be On Our Own"

“In The Daylight, We’ll Be On Our Own” by massieblockluv
Worn to: Breakfast with The Pretty Committee and Lauren’s Wedding
Theme: Thoroughly Creeped Out
Featured Items: Tory Burch Flats, Jack Wills Dress, and Top Shop Bag

Christmas Day

Christmas Day by massieblockluv
Worn to: Christmas Dinner
Theme: Giving and Getting
Feautured Items: Gold Monogram Bracelet and Tory Burch Flats

Derrick's PartyDerrick’s Party by massieblockluv
Worn to: Derrick’s Party
Theme: Love is in the air
Featured Items: Statement Necklace and Red Sweater Dress
First Day of School After Thanksgiving Break

First Day of School After Thanksgiving Break by massieblockluv
Worn to: School After Thanksgiving Break
Theme: Icy Cold
Featured Items: Phase Eight Sequined Top & Burgundy Blazer

Mall Trips and Broken Hearts

Mall Trips and Broken Hearts by massieblockluv
Worn to: The Westchester
Theme: Fishing for Information
Featured Items: Cole Haan Sathcel & Chiffon Bow Top

Barbie Halloween Costume

Barbie Halloween Costume by massieblockluv
Worn to: Massie’s Halloween Party
Theme: Barbie!
Featured Items: D&G Barbie Dress & Barbie necklace

Victoria's Outfit For Her Date With Landon
Victoria’s Outfit For Her Date With Landon by massieblockluv
Worn to: Victoria’s Outfit for her date with Landon
Theme: Revenge (:
Featured Item: Republic Sequin Dress & Modcloth Wedged Heels
Meeting VictoriaMeeting Victoria by massieblockluv 
Worn to: Derrick’s House to Meet Victoria
Theme: Being The Alpha
Featured Item: VPL Knit & Tory Burch Boots

School by massieblockluv
Worn to: OCD High
Theme: Falling into Fall
Featured Item: Longchamp Tote Bag & Alica + Olivia Sweater

Massie's Sweet 16

Massie’s Sweet 16 by massieblockluv
Worn to: Massie’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party
Theme: Sweeter than Sweet
Featured Item: Lipsy Gold and Black Dress

Meeting With The Cheerleaders

Meeting With The Cheerleaders by massieblockluv
Worn to: Meeting with the Cheerleaders
Theme: Casual and Cute
Featured Items: Mint Dress and Kate Spade Earrings

Date With Derrick

Date With Derrick by massieblockluv
Worn to: A Date with Derrick in the Hampton’s
Theme: Hampton Nautical
Featured Item: Lilly Pulitzer Lace Dress, Starfish Ring

Hampton's Poolside

Hampton’s Beach-side by massieblockluv
Worn to: The Beach Party
Theme: Beachy-Cute
Feautred Items: Steve Madden Sandals and Teal Tank

Shopping At The Westchester

Shopping At The Westchester by massieblockluv
Worn to: The Mall To Tell the Girls Her Cheerleading Decision
Theme: Cute and Casual
Featured Item: Vila Celle Sundress and Coral Essie Nail Polish

Cheerleading Graduation Party

Worn to: Cheerleading Graduation Party
Theme: Pink, Black, and White
Featured Item: Tory Burch Clutch

Outfit Worn to Alicia's

Worn to: Alicia’s House to Make Up
Theme: Pool Side Cute
Featured Item: Jack Rogers Sandals


28 thoughts on “Mannequin

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  5. Hey Beauty! With love massie in hiding here! I was wondering, I’ve seen these types of pictures alot now, how did you find that picture of the closet and girl? Thanks!

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