“Staring at Your Perfection”

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Massie Block skipped down the steps, her nude Tory Burch flats hardly connecting with the dark hardwood floors beneath her feet and her navy blue Jack Wills dress was billowing out behind her. In the five seconds it took for her to skid across the kitchen and arrive at the garage door, her mother had somehow managed to intercept her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Kendra asked, a raised eyebrow indicated she was in one of her “moods” today.

“I know I’m supposed to help you today but this is seriously a life or death emergency!” Massie called out to her mother as she grabbed her keys, started up her car, and quickly pealed down the driveway.

After slowly merging onto Main Street, she fished her cell phone out of her Top Shop navy blue bag and dialed Alicia’s number. After three lengthy rings, she heard her friend’s voice greet her with the usual “Hola!”

“You are so lucky I took acting classes in eighth grade or I would have never gotten out of there,” Massie said with a frazzled sigh.

“You’re still coming, right?” Alicia asked, her voice tense.

“Duh. See you in five.” Massie hung up her phone and tossed it back in her bag.

As she glided her car around the curves of the asphalt beneath her tires, Massie couldn’t help but feel her stomach tighten. She had only been out of the hospital for a couple weeks but her life felt like a jumbled mess. She spent a couple days in the hospital and then a week off of school recovering from her allergic reaction to peanuts. Even though OCD High still claims they weren’t serving any food with peanuts that day, Massie’s stomach flip-flopped every time she thought about how a peanut landed in her salad. The Pretty Committee was determined that someone was out to hurt her but Massie had quickly shot down any mention of it. She would not let herself think that someone had purposely tried to poison her.

As soon as she walked into the warm, coffee scented cafe she ordered a Caffe Mocha and a Strawberry Granola Parfait. She then spotted the Pretty Committee and slid into the large booth next to Alicia.

“Why did I get an SOS text this morning? You know those are only for emergencies,” Massie glared at Alicia as she took a sip of her steaming coffee.

“This is an emergency! We finally brainstormed a list of people we think had the ability to poison you,” Alicia whisper-hissed with a serious look on her face.

Massie felt the coffee sink a little bit deeper in her stomach as she tried not to let the fear show on her face. She quickly covered up her nerves by letting out a laugh and taking a bite of her yogurt.

“What’s next? Is someone going to tie my shoelaces together in hopes I fall down and break my face? Hide behind comers and jump out at me, hoping I would die of fright? You guys are seriously over-thinking this.”

“No we’re not! The school is launching an investigation into who placed the peanuts in your salad. We’re not the only ones who thinks someone’s out to get you,” Alicia defended herself.

“The school is only doing that because they legally have to. Your dad’s a lawyer, shouldn’t you know that?” Massie eyed her friend as she took a bite of her yogurt.

Alicia bit her lip, hesitating. Massie was only going to continue to shoot down her friends suspicions and she glared back at them with determination until everyone finally fell silent. She had her suspicions of course, but she wasn’t about to discuss it in the middle of Panera where anyone and everyone could hear them.

Anyways, has everyone booked their flights for spring break?” Massie’s face lit up every time she thought about the trip she had planned for the girls.

“Of course,” Alicia rolled her eyes as Claire and Dylan nodded beside her.

“Well…. I haven’t actually asked my mom yet….” Kristen mumbled.

She was staring into her murky coffee as she made swirls with her straw nervously awaiting Massie’s reaction Massie felt a prickle of annoyance as she thought about the beyond ahmazing trip she had worked her butt off to plan during her week off of school. She had scoured the internet’s best travel websites to find the perfect place for the girls to relax during their week off of life’s stresses.

“Did you forget you had a psycho-obsessive mother who needs a minimum of one month’s notice for out-of-country trips?” Massie asked Kristen sarcastically.

“No I didn’t forget! I just haven’t found the right moment, I swear,” Kristen pleaded with her large saucer eyes.

“You’re asking her today. Got it?” Massie grabbed her satchel off the back of her chair with her free hand as she balanced her yogurt and coffee in her other.

“Are we going somewhere?” Claire asked Massie as she scrambled to grab her things.

“No, I’m going to the club. You may have forgotten but I told my mom this meeting was a life or death emergency. She’s going to be beyond pissed when she finds out I blew her off for breakfast. I’ll see all of you tonight,” Massie reminded the girls.

Tonight, one of Massie’s cousins, Lauren, was getting married and she was supposed to be at the country club over an hour ago to help decorate for the reception. The Pretty Committee was invited after Massie had begged Lauren for 4 plus ones and even volunteered to help her plan and decorate in exchange for their invites. Before she had reached her car, she received a call from the frantic bride.

“Where are you? Your mother has been helping set up for an hour and you were supposed to be with her! I invited your friends because you said you’d help, not ditch me at the last minute,” Lauren’s voice blared through the phone.

“Calm down, everything is okay! I’m on my way now,” Massie quickly pealed out of Panera’s parking lot and started driving toward the club.

As she pulled onto the highway ten minutes later, she could have sworn the black Hummer behind her had been parked next to her at Panera. Massie shook her long locks out and tried to concentrate on driving instead of silly superstitions.

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“Ehmagawd this place looks ahmazing,” Dylan told Massie through a bite of crab cake.

The girls were standing in the middle of the reception hall at the Westchester Country Club and Massie had to say, the place looked gorgeous. The stuffy room had been transformed into an elegant nightclub with the help of Massie, her mother, and two of Westchester’s best wedding planners. They had spent all afternoon directing the assistants as they hung lights and sheer fabric along the ceiling that draped softly to the floor and arranged the beautiful centerpieces on the large circular tables.

“Thanks! It was seriously so hard. This places always looks like old-people heaven, not somewhere you’d want to get married,” Massie said with a giggle.

“Well it turned out beautiful. Hey, your lipstick smudged,” Alicia pointed to the corner of Massie’s berry stained lips.

“Crap. I’ll be back,” Massie grabbed her purse from her chair but left her pale pink Chloe blazer draped over the back that had her cellphone nestled in it’s pocket.

As soon as she was standing in front of the mirror, she noticed her makeup was quite a mess from the afternoon’s work and quickly touched it up. She gave herself one last once-over and after deciding it was better to leave her hair slightly tussled, she went to open the bathroom door but instead of gracefully pushing it open, she ran right into it.

“Ow! What the hell?” She jiggled the handle hard, hoping it would break free at any minute.

Once she realized the door had been locked from the outside, she could feel her skin turn ice cold and a cold sweat started to break out across her back and face. Her stomach flip flopped each time she tried to dislodge the handle, the panic slowly creeping up her throat. Once she realized the lock was not going to open, she quickly searched her purse for her phone.

When she couldn’t find it, she dumped her purse out onto the counter and watched her makeup, jewelry, some change, and her planner spill out everywhere. As soon as she realized she had left her phone in her blazer pocket, she couldn’t help but scream. She banged on the door loudly, desperate that someone passing by would realize she was trapped.

“Help! I’m locked in here!” her voice trembled as she felt her pulse racing faster and faster, kind of like when she had realized she had eaten that peanut.

For a second she considered trying to climb out the window, even though they were on the second floor of the club. However, she heard the door handle jiggle slightly and then saw it being thrust open by Alicia and Kristen. Their eyes traveled from her hysteric face to her purse contents spilled on the counter to the chair pushed up to the window.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Alicia asked as she eyed up Massie.

“Ehmagawd, I was locked in here!” Massie’s voice shook as she tried to explain to her friends what had happened, all the while holding onto them tightly with her cool clammy hands.

“Maybe the door was just stuck?” Kristen asked skeptically.

“No it was locked. I seriously put all my weight into it,” Massie insisted as she quickly grabbed her things.

“Okay… Are you alright?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, just get me out of here,” Massie worried face forced her eyebrows into a tight V as she quickly strode back to the table.

As soon as she made it back, she swiped her phone out of her pocket and typed in her pass-code to unlock it.

“I left my phone out here and I couldn’t even call you guys,” Massie held up her phone to the girls.

“Hey, who texted you?” Alicia asked.

Massie opened the text message and noticed it was from a blocked number. As soon as she read past the first sentence her stomach dropped and she couldn’t help but let out a loud gasp.


"In The Daylight, We’ll Be On Our Own"

Hello Beautifuls!

As you can tell from my lengthy post, I am finally back on WordPress! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I had so much fun writing it 🙂 I know I won’t have another anniversary on WordPress so I really appreciate everyone’s sweet comments. They truly made my day!

I won’t be posting weekly, I’ll be posting whenever I feel like it, probably once a month or so. However, I’ll be checking my email regularly. Keep emailing me! I loved how many of you kept up with me during my hiatus!

I hope you like my Pretty Little Liars inspired post! I figured a little bit of mystery was exactly what my blog needed 😉

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video in the beginning of my post, I strongly suggest you take a moment to! The Daylight Project created by Maroon 5 is truly an amazing project that I believe deserves some attention. With all the hate that is common in bullying whether it be at your school or on the internet, it’s important to realize that the things those people say shouldn’t have an affect on you! You never know what is happening in other people’s lives, even your best friends, and it’s important to show the same compassion to others that you want others to show for you. Every person in that video is beautiful in their own way and I think we should celebrate our differences rather than try to hide them 🙂

Ahdorable Alphas:



Stay Beautiful,


Another Year Has Come and Gone.

Hello Beautifuls,

Kelsey here♥

Today’s post is going to be a little different as today is a very special day in my book. Exactly two years ago, I sat down at my laptop, went to WordPress.com, typed in the words “massieblocklove”, and created my blog. As you can all see, I’ve come a long way since my blog read 0 views, 0 comments, and donned a post that said “Welcome to WordPress! This is your first post.”

In the past two years, I have experienced more than I ever thought possible. With my blog came a world that was completely different than my own. WordPress is a place where there are sweet girls, crazy girls, down-to-earth girls, amazingly gorgeous girls, and girls who arrived here because they were a little lost but found this place to be something special. WordPress is the biggest collection of the most random people I have ever met and I have to be honest, I love it.

While I enjoy blogging because I like to write and it’s fun to put together bulletin boards and current state of the unions, I always come back for a bigger reason, a bigger picture. The day I joined I commented on Karen’s Massie Blocks Blog (MBB) and was absolutely shocked when she commented back. I couldn’t believe that someone out there had read what I wrote and actually wanted to welcome me into their world that I knew absolutely nothing about.

The fact that I can hop on here and vent about my life, ask people what they did today, and hear about events that are happening a couple thousand miles away from me is so amazing. While my curiosity of the Clique Roleplaying world brought me here, the beautiful bloggers on WordPress is what kept me here. No matter who I talk to – whether it be on AIM, email, or comments – has always been there for me, a shoulder to lean on when I didn’t have anyone else to talk to.

Whether we were screaming about gossip girls, crying over broken hearts, telling stories about our crazy friends, or trying to guess who “A” is on Pretty Little Liars, I will always love the moments I spent getting to know you girlies.

Most of us were brought here by our fascination of The Pretty Committee and their world. I think I can safely say we don’t all live in mansions, ride around in fabulous cars, have a million best friends, and rule our schools with an iron fist, but I like to think that we could. We all love The Clique for the same reason and I love knowing there are other girls out there who adore inside jokes, lame comebacks, and having someone in the world to share our best and most horrendous moments with.

Massie Block and The Pretty Committee embody what every girl has wanted at some point in her life; gorgeous hair, the largest wardrobe money can buy, a loyal pet to help keep you warm at night, and best friends that stand by your side, thick or thin.

Thank you for helping me step into a world where anything is possible and for making that world absolutely ah-mazing.

My Second Year on WordPress has left me with:

70 Posts




I want to say thank you to all of the girls who brought me here, especially my commenters, viewers, and followers. You are all so amazing and I appreciate how much you all have supported me over the two years that I have been here. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

I’d like to do a tag today in honor of my anniversary! I would love to read your answers so feel free to complete this tag and post it on your blog!

Favorite thing about WordPress: All of the beautiful girlies who blog here.

One thing you’d like to change about WordPress: I wish more people knew about our community. I see so many people role-playing on Facebook and Polyvore when there is a whole group right here!

Favorite thing about blogging on WordPress: I love taking an hour out of my week to make a post, it’s kind of like my designated relaxation time.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not on WordPress: Spending time with my friends, family, boyfriend, and pets. Nothing is better than making memories with people you love.

Favorite website other than WordPress: It’s a tie between Tumblr and Pinterest. Both have a special place in my heart because it’s a display of who I truly am, but with an array of pictures (:

Favorite memory of your time on WordPress: There are soooo many so I’m going to give a couple. 1) The day I started my blog/the day I chatted on AIM for the first time. 2) The day everyone was added to the WordPress Chat Room. Hilarity ensued. 3) The day(s) I posted the winners of The WordPress Awards. I absolutely loved seeing everyone’s excited reactions.

Lastly, I would like to say a special thanks to the following girls who have helped me make so many of those special memories.

AliciaRiveraHeartsYou: You’re absolutely amazing. You fall into the can’t-live-without-and-will-never-not-be-able-to-laugh-when-we-talk category. Without all of your support over the past year, I don’t think I’d still be here. You are so up-front and so hilarious, I can’t even believe it. If we were friends in real life, we would cause so much hell, no one would be able to handle us. Stay true to yourself because your personality is absolutely beautiful.

LovelyMassieBlock: You are seriously the nicest girl I have ever met. You are always so helpful, so sweet, and you truly have the best intentions. I love how you try so hard to be nice and courteous to everybody and can still stay true to yourself. Your blog is absolutely amazing and I love how far you’ve grown on here. Having you co-host OCDO with me has been so much fun, I love knowing that when I eventually leave WordPress, you’ll do an amazing job carrying on it’s legacy.

OfficialAuroraBlake: Our talks on AIM have always reminded me of the reason I love WordPress. Because you are so up-front with your feelings, I love talking with you! You’re the kind of friend who will always be honest with me and have my back. I can’t even begin to describe how much that means to me. You are so hilarious and so amazing, keep up the amazing job on OAB!

GlitterMassieBlock: You have been an amazing blogger ever since you started WordPress and I love looking back to all the hilarious times we’ve had together. Opening up SOTS with you and MKX has been so much fun and oh-so hilarious at times. Thank you for always being there for me doll, there are so many times I would have died without your help!

StyleCrumb: Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing world. When I found your blog, I fell in love with your writing and unique take on Massie Block. I still think of you as one of the most creative people to ever grace WordPress. I’m glad you’ve returned and I hope that you never leave, you truly have a knack for blogging.

BeautyOnTheBeach: Even though your blog has been deleted, I couldn’t not include you. I love that I have found my twin, even if we are a million miles apart. You are the kind of person I see in my friends, in my self, and in the kind of person I want to be. You are always so true to who you are and that person is so beautiful. You have always been there for me, even when everyone else wasn’t. Thank you for being such an amazing friends all these years, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t.

MassieKurX: I’ve loved working on SOTS with you and GMB! I find it so funny we hadn’t spoken until recently but I’ve completely loved getting to know you. You are so hilarious to talk with and I love your sense of humor. You have done such an amazing job with MKX and I hope you keep it up because you are really amazing.

ADayInTheLifeOfNatalie: I always find it so amazing that you’ve been here so long! I remember when I first joined WordPress, you had reached out to me and welcomed me in. I love working on OCDO with you and I love that you are the kind of blogger who is always there for everyone. You truly are so sweet and such a wonderful influence on WordPress. I hope you never change because WordPress couldn’t live without a Natalie.

MissKrisSexySportsBabe: I love that you’re my Kristen and until you joined my Pretty Committee, I never thought I’d be able to actually have PC Chats! I love how dedicated you are and you truly are an amazing blogger. I am so lucky to have you in my Pretty Committee and as my friend.

XOAliciaRivera: I am so excited that you have returned to WordPress! When you left all those months ago, I was so upset because your blog has been always been so fresh and so beautiful. I love that you’re back and I love that we’ve been able to catch up lately. I can’t wait to see how far your blog will go.

XOMB: I never thought you’d become a role-play blogger after all your years of blogging as yourself but I absolutely adore your take on Massie. Your blog is so graceful and so elegant, it fits Massie and your own personality so well. I’m really glad you decided to stick around because WordPress would not be the same without you.

Thank you for making the past two years of my life a little bit sweeter.


Love Always, Kelsey

Have A Beautiful Holiday and New Years! ♥

Bonjour Lovelies,

I’m sorry for not posting in such a long time, I have been beyond busy lately! I officially started Christmas break last Monday and I haven’t had a spare moment to post! With Christmas and the new year coming up, I know I’m not going to have any time to post so consider me on a hiatus for the next month or so.  I’ll be busy opening Christmas presents, writing my new years resolutions, enjoying my last official winter break of High School, and ringing in the new year with friends and family!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and get to enjoy the first day of 2013 doing what you enjoy and spending time with people you love.

Stay Beautiful,

We’re Taking It Way Too Far, But I Don’t Want It To End♥

Massie Block quickly shoved her shiny keys into her black leather handbag and ran into Pinkberry, the cold wind literally nipping at her nose. As soon as she stepped inside the warm, sweet-smelling store, she shook out her curls and examined the room for Derrick. Once she spotted him sitting at the booth for two, she ran over.

“Hey cute boyfriend,” she giggled into his ear as she slid in the booth.

Derrick kissed her lightly on the forehead and quickly launched into the story of Victoria’s family’s new home as they walked up the buffet bar and added a variety of toppings to their creamy yogurt. Massie couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world, she had fought off her friend-turned-enemy and won back her boyfriend’s heart in less than a week. Finally the world seemed like it was at peace.

“So they’ll be moving out this weekend!” Derrick finished as he took a bite of vanilla ice cream topped with cookie dough.

“I am sooo excited for you. I can’t even imagine having to live with someone so horrible,” Massie squeezed Derrick’s warm hand.

“It wasn’t too bad. I’m just counting down the moments until you can finally come over again. I’m getting sick of always hanging out at your house!” Derrick teased her.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry,” Massie pouted out her bottom lip, asking for forgiveness.

“It’s alright. You know what? We should celebrate! Victoria is officially not living with me anymore which means it’s time for a party,” Derrick’s mouth turned up into a sly grin as he stared at Massie.

“That sounds fun!” Massie smiled.

“You’re okay with it? I want to make sure you don’t already have plans,” Derrick asked.

Massie swooned at the thought of Derrick confirming all his plans with her first, ensuring he would always be free when she was. She couldn’t help but smile from ear-to-ear as she leaned across the table and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Are you almost ready?” Alicia called through Massie’s closet door.

“Almost!” Massie wiggled into her red sweater dress that hugged in all the right places and slipped a black statement necklace over her large voluminous curls.

As soon as she stepped out of her closet, she was welcomed with “Ohhs” and “Ahhs” from the Pretty Committee. After looking over everyone’s outfit, hair, and makeup, the girls were gathering their phones into their clutches and headed down Massie’s staircase.

“I am so excited that Derrick is throwing this party,” Dylan said to herself as they piled into Massie’s BMW.

“I know, right? Nothing screams ‘party’ like psychos moving out of your house….” Alicia said with a giggle.

Massie tried not to laugh at Alicia’s very true comment, “Ehmagawd Alicia, I can’t believe you said that!”

“Hey, you were all thinking it,” Alicia said with a wink as she plugged in her iPhone to Massie’s speakers and turned up “This Kiss” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

The girls were silent other than the occasional off-key singing and eventually pulled up onto Derrick’s street which was beyond crowded. Massie finally found a spot and glided her BMW in just as the girls scrambled out.

Massie lead them through Derrick’s front door and back to the media room. The girls had to wind through lines of guests and the thumping music made it almost impossible to talk over. After saying hello to a few of the cheerleaders, they finally spotted Derrick and the crushes looking ahdorable in the corner as they tried not to bump into anyone.

“Hey! It is way crowded,” Massie said as she squeezed next to Derrick.

“I know! My parents may be a little pissed when they find out,” Derrick chuckled.

“We should dance but I don’t know if there is any room,” Dylan called out to Massie.

“We can try!” Claire wiggled her hips back and forth which brought chuckles from everyone around them.

“Alright Claire, you can stop shaking it like it’s 1984!” Massie grabbed Claire’s arm and dragged her to the dance floor with the rest of the Pretty Committee in tow.

As the girls spread out into a large circle, Massie spotted Derrick and the rest of the guys coming up to dance with them.  After the girls attempted to sing along, they broke into fits of giggles at their off-pitch voices. Massie wiped a tear from here eye as she tried to regain her breath, Alicia laughing hysterically into her shoulder.

Derrick broke their laughter as he tapped Massie on the shoulder.

“Hey, Victoria left this here for you,” Derrick handed her a piece of stationary that was folded into a small square. Massie stared at it for a second before quickly putting it in her purse, not wanting to think of what it contained.

“Sorry if this wasn’t the time to bring it up, I just didn’t want to not say anything about it,” Derrick shouted into her ear.

“It’s okay, I appreciate you telling me right away,” Massie smiled at how honest he was.

“You okay?” he asked, his eyebrows showing worry.

“Of course! Honestly, I’m so over the whole thing,” Massie rolled her eyes lightly at the thought of all the drama.

She turned back to the girls who were showing off some pretty crazy dance moves, each one trying to outshine the last.

Massie couldn’t help but pause and smile at these people that she chose to surround her life with, everyone bringing something special to their clique. Massie shook the feeling of stillness from her shoulders and threw her head back in a laugh, knowing that no matter how many times she blinked, she’d always open here eyes to see these girls by her side.

Christmas Crafts

With the giving-season approaching, I know I’ve been swamped with Christmas lists as I try to pick out the perfect gifts for everyone I adore. However, it can get so expensive trying to buy everything I think they will like! If you want to do something a little bit more personal, check out some of these easy crafts that are perfect gifts for your besties to help their bedrooms look oh-so gorgeous 🙂


Framed Initial
Pick out a gorgeous frame (or paint one) and grab some cute fabric to go beneath the letter. Attach the fabric to a piece of cardboard using hot glue and frame it. Next, you need to design the letter. You can either buy a wooden or metal letter from the store or you can make one out of small objects like bows, buttons, sequins, rhinestones, or bells. Be creative and make sure it matches her room colors!


Jewelry Display
This is very similar to the craft above.  Pick out a frame, some cute fabric, and a thin, flat piece of wood to fit into the frame. Hot glue the fabric onto the piece of wood and then attach the wood to the frame using either hot glue, nails, etc. Just make sure your parents are assisting you if you are getting out the power tools 😉 Once you’e done this, you can buy what’s called a “cup hook” and screw them in at various lengths! As a bonus, add a couple pieces of jewelry to get her collection started!


Magnet Board
This is as easy as crafts get. Buy a flat cookie baking sheet, cute fabric, and matching ribbon. Hot glue the fabric onto the cookie sheet (do this by wrapping it around and hot gluing it to the back). Then, hot glue some ribbon to the top of the non-fabric side so it forms a loop. This is so your friend can hang it on a nail. Then take the ribbon, and form a cute bow on the front and hot glue it in place! Don’t forget to add some cute magnets!

Bonjour Alphas!

I hope you all love my winter-themed makeover 🙂

If you haven’t lately, check out my beautiful PC:

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Stay Beautiful,

All Your Little Things♠

Massie Block cringed as the sharp knife in her hand scratched against the china dish, her hair bunching up around her face and untangling her curls.

“Ehhhhhhhhh! I hate that sound!” Alicia squealed as she tried to shake the shrill sound out of her ears.

“Sorry! It’s your fault, you know? I told you this pumpkin pie would be easier to cut in my Martha Stewart pie pan but you insisted on using this one,” Massie chuckled back.

“I know, I’m a horrible person. Cut my pie faster will ‘ya?” Alicia was tittering on her feet, waiting with a spoonful of cool-whip in hand.

Massie smiled back at her friend as she placed a perfectly browned slice of pumpkin pie on each of their plates. It was only a couple days after Thanksgiving but Massie was still feeling the holiday spirit. Her family had spent the day eating at Alicia’s and the evening eating at her grandmother’s, ensuring there was plenty of delicious turkey to go around. She could still remember the smell of the baked turkey, crisp cranberries, and roasted vegetables, her favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

“Have you put away any of your Black Friday clothes yet?” Alicia asked as they climbed the stairs to Massie’s bedroom.

“Not yet, I still need to get rid of last season’s stuff to make room,” Massie giggled as she eyed the overwhelming pile of boxes and bags next to her closet door.

“You better hurry! We’re not going to have any room to put your decorations,” Alicia opened a box and pulled out a string of Christmas lights.

Massie smiled, putting up Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving was almost her favorite thing in the entire world. Nothing was more exciting than pulling out strings of lights, hanging ornaments, listening to your favorite carols, and spending time with the people you love. Massie grabbed her six foot Christmas tree box and dragged it over to bay window. She always set up her Christmas tree in front of her three-pane window for all passer-by’s to admire.

“Help me get this thing out of the box,” Massie attempted to pull out the thick evergreen-smelling branches.

Alicia giggled and helped Massie lay out all three tree pieces on her hardwood floors. Massie couldn’t help but feel excited for the challenge in front of her. The sad, pathetic looking tree would soon be tangled up in lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments.

An hour later, the girls had the tree set up and strung with lights, Christmas lights bordering all of Massie’s windows, and gold pillar candles covering every surface.

“Massie, it looks like Christmas threw up all over your room,” Alicia giggled into her hand.

Massie laughed loudly as she surveyed the mess of decorations.

“It’s a little much, isn’t it?” She crinkled her nose as she tried to control her smile.

“Just a tiny bit,” Alicia pinched her thumb and ring finger together, trying not to tease Massie too much.

The girls laughed as they tried to hang the last couple ornaments on the tree. Right as Massie was reaching to put the star on top, her phone beeped from her desk. She padded across her bedroom and quickly read the text from Derrick.

Derrick: I bet you three kisses you can’t guess what your Christmas present is….. (;

Massie smiled at the text message and quickly fired one back. Her five day weekend was quickly ending and school tomorrow was not something she was looking forward to after the whole Victoria-Landon situation. The girls had been ignoring Victoria as best as they could which wasn’t that difficult considering Victoria had been vacant from lunch and all social events since their run-in at brunch a week ago.

“I’m glad Victoria is no longer in the Pretty Committee…” Massie said to Alicia quietly.

“Me too, Mass. She just didn’t fit,” Alicia said as she hung another ornament.

Massie nodded at Alicia’s statement, surprised at how the truth had been before her this whole time, but she had never faced it.

The Pretty Committee gracefully excited Massie’s BMW and started walking toward OCDH, their new outfits catching everyone’s attention. Massie pretended not to notice as she listened to Dylan tell a tragic story involving her mom, her sisters, and a Christmas tree.

“Like honestly, who doesn’t secure the stupid tree to it’s base?! I swear, I will be stepping in glass for the next month,” Dylan flipped her hair behind her shoulder, visibly pissed.

“Sorry Dylan,” Massie pouted her bottom lip out in sympathy.

“It’s alright. I should have taken you up on decorating your room yesterday,” She replied.

“You should have! It was so much fun,” Alicia gushed, obviously pleased about her bragging rights as the only one who attended.

“I wish I could have but I was studying for finals,” Kristen said with a yawn, obviously exhausted.

“Finals are two weeks away! You have plenty of time to study,” Massie teased Kristen.

“Yeah but that’s only two weeks to bring up my grades! I have two B’s and I seriously need to bring them up ASAP,” Kristen grumbled.

“Hey! Why doesn’t everyone come over to my house to study this weekend? We can get all of our studying out of the way together,” Alicia suggested.

“That sounds amazing, I’m starting to feel like a hermit!” Kristen giggled.

The girls laughed at Kristen who had spent almost every night studying for the final tests of the year.

“A study party sounds amazing! I’ll need to study sooo much if I’m going to pass my classes,” Victoria responded as she approached the group from the left. The five girls just stared back at her with blank expressions.

Why is she talking to us? Massie thought.

“Sorry, my bedroom only fits five,” Alicia responded with a hand on her hip.

“What are you talking about? I slept over there earlier this month with you guys,” Victoria’s voice sounded strangled and bitter.

The Pretty Committee eyed Massie, unsure of what to say.

“Sorry Victoria, there’s just not enough room for you,” Massie responded coldly and signaled for the girls to follow her.

After all five of them had walked past Victoria and into the large wooden double doors, they couldn’t control their giggles. As they walked over to the Starbucks kiosk, Alicia questioned the group, “Did she not understand what we meant when we said ‘You’re out of the Pretty Committee’?”

“Apparently not, I don’t get why she expected to come over,” Massie said as she payed for a cappuccino.

“Yeah, that was beyond weird. Maybe she wants back in?” Claire asked.

“I doubt it. According to Derrick, she’s been hanging out with Olivia Ryan,” Massie took a sip of her scalding coffee, hoping it would calm her nerves.

“Ew….” Dylan replied with a scrunched up face.

“Thanks disgusting,” Kristen added.

“I know. Oh well, all of that drama is long behind us!” Massie said with a smile as she led them to their lockers.

“Given,” Alicia said with a grin.

Massie took a couple deep, calming breaths as she shoved her heavy text books into her locker with one hand and balanced her coffee in the other. Just then her phone beeped and she struggled to pull it out and unlock it.

Derrick: What did you say to Victoria? I thought you said the PC would be nice to her…

“Who is it?” Alicia asked.

Massie handed over her phone and let the girls read as she adjusted her Phase Eight sequined top underneath her burgundy blazer. Her eyebrows were forming a tight v as she tried to figure out why Derrick was  mad at her. Victoria didn’t even care when they asked her to leave the Pretty Committee so why would it be a problem now?

“That’s odd….” Claire said as she handed Massie back her iPhone.

“I know, Derrick knew we had asked her to leave,” Massie said, her face splashed with worry.

“It’s okay, Mass. We’ll explain the situation to him and everything will be okay,” Alicia said as she rubbed Massie’s back.

“I guess so,” Massie shut her locker door and started walking toward class.

Massie felt the girls looking at her, worry and confusion etched into their faces as they tried not to press any further. She smiled warmly to show that she was okay, even though she could feel her nerves pulsing throughout her body. She silently wished that Victoria would leave Westchester forever because unlike Claire, this house guest was far from Pretty Committee potential.

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